Thursday, December 31, 2009

Deuces Up 2009!

I know that I'm not the only blogger or person on the planet inspired to reflect today. Please bare with me while I take a look back at the past year:

Jan 2009: I began this year with my husband, actually! Kevin arrived home 29 Dec 2008 for R&R. This was a huge surprise for me. I made Kevin tell me when he made it to Kuwait. Beyond that I had no idea when I would hear form him again! This was a huge feet for Kevin. He kind of, basically, sucks at keeping any kind of secret. So, for him to keep such a big one filled with so much surprise and excitement was great for him! Thankfully I was able to ring in 2009 (although, in not so much style- there was a lot of sleeping going on, hahaha) with my man!

Feb 2009: I started my lovely blog! My husband was back in Iraq with a long 8 months still ahead. My neighbor deployed to Iraq. :(

"This is the nature of the "beast". This beast being of course the Army. This is my life. I married a soldier, a career soldier. I chose to be where I am. Standing strong and proud, next to, behind, and always faithful to my soldier...." 

A quote from my first ever blog- one of my favs. Check it out

FEATURED FAVS: My thoughts on Distance/Deployments and Fear in his eyes.

March 2009: Brought birthdays: My Hubs (on St. Patty's day) and my Ma! With some important people in my life aging one year more, March also brought about the half-way mark to a 12 month deployment! Wooop Woop. I'll take halfway over just starting anyday! 

I also took a more active role in the FRG, which brought about a new friendship. I also embraced the power of POSITIVITY! Our First Lady stepped out and announced she would be an advocate for military families everywhere, KUDOS! 

Kevin met up with our neighbor in Baghdad! Thankfully, she had her camera and snapped a picture- one of the only ones I have from my husband's deployment! We love Nikki! :) March also brought my first dose of drama in blog-land. Well, I brought it upon myself. That's ok with me though, it wasn't the first time... 

April 2009: I reached a whopping 10 followers! Woop Wooop! I watched Taking Chance for the first time with a fellow army wife. Sorta not smart- while you're soldier is deployed. My husband did the SWEETEST thing! My second dose of blogger drama ensued. OIy... Lets just say it wouldn't be wise to refer to a Marine as a "soldier". It appears Guardsmen, reservists, airmen are still on the fence. Call them soldier, Navy Seal, Marine... whatevs. They apparently have no preference. You learn something new everyday huh? GASP! The drama motivated me to lose my mind/cancel blog for a SHORT period of time! I know it's awful. All's well that ends well! I'm back and here to stay. A friend reminded me of who I am and that just because people are nasty to you, tell lies and attempt to destroy you they can go f%3k themselves because I'm here to stay! If you don't like it MOVE ON! 

Most important event of April 2009: I saw Twilight and was officially sucked into the nonsense!!! lol

May 2009: Began (literally on the 1st... pencil it in- buy me stuff) with a celebration of my birth! :) I reached a weight loss goal! Oprah looked absolutely awful on TV! Military Spouse Appreciation Day ( May 8th). Finally discussed my wedding/ honeymoon with a few pictures with my lovely followers! I complained about the chow my husband was being fed in Basra. KBR passed the buck. 

MOST IMPORTANT event of May: PINKBERRY.... Vaca to San Deigo! 

Man- May was a Big deal! :)

June 2009: Brought sadness with the passing of Kevin's Gramma. Unfortunately Kevin was not granted emergency leave to come home for the funeral. I discovered a VERY important reason why deployments SUCK! June also brought free tequila... "huh," you ask? Mr. Justin Timberlake has his own brand of tequila and after I left a message to their webmaster trying to find out where I could get Kevin a bottle I received this response:

You tell me when and where to send it and we'll do everything possible to get him a bottle. In addition, tell him we are eternally grateful to you, your family and of course him for his service.
Kevin Ruder
President 901 Tequila

By June 16th I'd finished reading the entire Twilight series. I told you I was sucked into the nonsense in May. lol
MOST IMPORTANT EVENT: Levi, my brother-in-law deployed on his 4th deployment, this one to A-stan. :( 
FEATURED FAV:  The Low Down. Confidence. 

July 2009: Found out my sister's round of IVF was successful and I was going to be an Aunt again!!! Woo HOO! I reminded the world I wasn't put on the planet for you to judge. Went to 2 concerts in 2 days and somehow managed to lose a friend. :( Some of you may remember this. While I still can't quite wrap my mind around why this happened I can't fix or change it. I wish her well still, and at times miss her and her family. While I wish it could be different it's not up to me to mend. With that July came and went. 

August 2009: Only thing that matters: MY HUSBAND CAME HOME!!!!!!!

While the return of my husband was definitely most important, I can't look back at August without mentioning the birth of "I WANT IT WEDNESDAY"

Sept 2009: Brought on many travels for us! Portland, Jersey and Vegas! We also celebrated our 2 year anniversary! This was our first anniversary together, as Kevin deployed only 13 days before our first anniversary. 
I love him. 

The fall of 2009: We discovered my sister was having a baby girl. Then we discovered during a 3d ultrasound my sister wasn't having a girl but baby boy #2! I made peace with the name Caden. Spent a holiday season with my Husband. I'm a lucky girl. 

I have to highlight these two blogs, I'd love it if you checked them out: ME. I Believe.

OK- I know that was a long post readers. Please check out some of links. Especially some of my newer followers. These posts will give you some insight as to what I'm all about as a person and blogger. 

May you all have a happy, healthy and safe New Year! 

I Want it Wednesday....

I want... my lower back to stop screaming!

I want... two of my favorite bloggers to come back. :(
Hilary where you be??? I. miss. you.
Lola, I. will. miss. you. I'm so glad Matt is home and you're off to Fort Drum.
I'm pissed that Ft. Drum seems to be swallowing all of my favorite bloggers.

I want... to stop nesting on my sister's behalf! My sis is due in just 11 short weeks and the past 4 days we've been preparing the nursery. By "preparing" I mean painting. By "we" I mean, she's made me choose the colors, help tape and paint. I'm pooped people! I'll post pictures of our masterpiece once my sis uploads them. :)

I want... to give two shits about getting boozed up on New Years Eve. I wish I was a person who got all festive and excited for New Years. In truth, I'm not much of a drinker. What else do people do in order to ring in the new year in style? Anything that doesn't involve booze?
I'm being sincere... what do you do on New Years.... BESIDES party??!


PS: I hope everyone had a very blessed holiday and I hope you were all surrounded by loved ones and family.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's NEW YEARS EVE post! I'll be highlighting some of my favorite posts from the past year. :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Counting My Blessings x2; I'm a VERY lucky girl

First, anyone else sad that Christmas has officially came and went? I do really love this time of year and it just really flew by for me! :( Which makes me sad. All the same it comes once a year so the only good thing is that it will come around again in another year... I guess that's the silver-lining but it is entire year away!

Second, back to my being a VERY lucky girl: I know how lucky I am to have family around who love and care for me and with whom to share the Holiday season with. Additionally, I'm hugely blessed to have my husband home for Christmas this year. Last year I wasn't so lucky. 

Third, I was lucky enough to get everything I asked for this year! I guess I've been a very good girl all year! :) Yes, my lovely readers I get my MacBook, InStyler (which works perfectly!), slippers, and a Fabulous new robe (from Target). PS: For all my children of the 80's and Wii owners you MUST go out immediately and get:

This was another gift from my Husband... but he appears to like it more than Call of Duty I picked up for him. That's ok it's something we can play together :)

My hubby also got me PS: I Love You. awwww :) It was perfect for my stocking.

What great gifts did you get? Anything you're super excited about??

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and were good the past year (like I was) because, you know it really pays to be good!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

So I've been complaining for at least a week about the lack of snow around these parts. However I failed to report we did get some decent snow Monday Night! Awww isn't it pretty??? Sadly the forecast doesn't call for any more snow today for the Eve but we should get some more flakes falling come the evening of Christmas (no pun intended- lol Evening of versus Eve. Please disregard I'm sure I'm the only one who was amused by that). 

Whether you are having a White Christmas (which I'm watching as we speak) where you are or not I'm wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and hoping that you are with loved ones. Also, reminding all my readers Milspouses and civilians alike to keep our military in your prayers and thoughts today. They, and the families left behind sacrifice so much, especially this time of year. 

Merry Christmas!

I Want it Wednesday....

I want... to remind everyone Santa that I still want the following for Christmas:

As previously discussed:

NEW Slippers
NEW Robe
Diamond Earrings
The Instyler

However, I no longer want for:

Yup, that's right SANTA brought me an early xmas present in the form of a MacBook! Isn't it pretty?

So.... if you're out and about (which I'd highly discourage) and happen to stumble across one of the first items from above please feel free to pick up on my behalf and email me for my home address.

Thanks and good lookin' out!

I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE, tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


 Etiquette; noun-
1. conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.
2. a prescribed or accepted code of usage in matters of ceremony, as at a court or in official or other formal observances.

For now I'd like to share a lesson in Etiquette with my readers. For those of you who often enjoy going to your local cinema every now and again to watch the newest flick here's a tip:
If the movie you are seeing has less than 10 people in the theater and you show up 5 minutes prior to show-time please do not sit right in front of someone (me) who has their feet on the chair in front of them. If you wanted to sit directly in the center of the theater you should have arrived earlier.

Has this happened to you? Does it tweak your melon (as Hilary says)? Because I can tell you it sure does  tweak my melon! Don't get me wrong I enjoy sitting in the center of the theater as much as the next girl, and I obviously enjoy resting my tootsies on the seat-back of the chair in front of me, as many other movie-goers do. But when I have, in the past walked into a theater with all of 8 people in it the one place I didn't sit was directly in front of anyone else. It's just RUDE.

So please do me a favor the next time you hit up the local cinema:
A) don't sit in front of me.
B) and refrain from sitting in front of others when there are SOOOO many other options.
C) and as ALWAYS keep your mouth shut. I have no desire to listen to your ridiculous ramblings throughout my movie- that I've actually paid to see. I realize this is probably the second or third movie you've seen today and you're more than likely uninterested in the movie's premise but I am. So hush it! Again, it's just RUDE.

Just as a side note: I think unclassy people should not reproduce. I think it shows a lack of concern for others when unclassy people choose to reproduce. Hate me for saying it, if you must but at the end of the day it's how I feel.

'Tis the season huh? 

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ugh... WOW!

Some of you know that I am a huge fan of Winter and the colder things in life. So I'm always hoping for a White Christmas. Some of you may think, "you live in Colorado; white Christmas's are just a given." Nope! I live in Colorado Springs, people! The High Country gets snow, and it lingers. Down here in the foothills/plains. NOT SO MUCH THE CASE. Up until about 3 or 5 years ago it would snow without fail on Halloween but Christmas would be in the 50's. It was pretty ass-backwards if you ask me.

Either way... I still always hope for that White Christmas. Which brings me to this:

Possible snow Tuesday night into Wednesday. I'll take it, don't get me wrong but I would prefer the East Coast share some of this:

C'mon folks. That's too much for one state.... This is from my Aunt in Jersey. I also have peoples in Wash DC that tell me they are also getting their fair share.. So as I said, SHARE THE WEALTH!

Hopefully the above forecast will be enough to satisfy my craving for snow!
Time will tell!
What's going on in your neck of the woods?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I found it.... I ruined it...

I finally found non-stick stainless steel pots and pans. This was surprisingly a difficult feat. All the same here's what I've decided on:

Isn't it pretty?
Tonight began two weeks of leave for Kevin. After getting settled he tells me he wants to rent the most recent installment of Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince. You can read about our first attempt at seeing this movie here. But guess what? I bought this for Kevin for Christmas. Kevin is really big on gifts being surprises. He's a big baby about it but deep down he doesn't want to know what he's getting. All the same... after he says he wants to go rent HP he goes on and on about "maybe we shouldn't rent it.... if i'm getting it as a gift in the near future." I did a fairly good job at playing it off-- like I hadn't gotten this for him as a gift. But I knew he would want to watch it, regardless and really this afternoon I was thinking I'd like to watch some HP too. Not necessarily Half Blood Prince (he has all the other movies) but since I was on board with the HP watching I decided Kevin could have his gift early.
Unfortunately he wasn't on the same page. He was happy to have it so that we could watch it. BUT he wasn't so happy that I ruined the surprise. It isn't Christmas yet, afterall!
Now I feel like I have to replace this gift but I have no ideas or thoughts on what to get him. :(
Any ideas?
What are you getting your hubs'???
Please share I need all the help I can get, especially with only 6 shopping days until the BIG day!

In other news, while watching some HP I proceeded to whoop Kevin's ass at some Dominoes!
Wow... I can't believe I just admitted we're that boring... hmm!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Want it Wednesday


You see I don't really want anything special right now.
NO! That isn't true. I need new pots and pans. I didn't expect to need/want new ones at this time. I've had Anodized Wear Ever pots and pans for about 4 years now. Over the course of the past month (or so) they've started to look awful! They are water stained or something. Just horrible! I'm sorta scared to cook with them, which is more than likely completely assinine but I don't know if heat releases some sort of crazy chemical and is going to kill me.
Okay, that was overly dramatic. But it does give me pause.

So I'm thinking Stainless Steal. What do you have? Do you like it?

I've never had stainless steal cookware before. Because I'm such a genius I know metal conducts heat... so tell me, is it BAD to get a pan like this?:

You see how the handle doesn't have rubber or anything to protect my precious lil' fingers?
So tell me what are your thoughts on stainless steal cookware?


I LOVE our front walkway! The Candy Cane lights are just too adorable for words.

I do have more pictures to take of my table, living room, and kitchen. Oh yes! Christmas Decorations find themselves living all over our home at Christmas time!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some Stuff

Everyone watches Ellen, right?

If you don't...

You need to start.
She's hilarious and amazing!

Anywho... I was watching Ms. Ellen, she had Marie Tillman on the show today. This was Marie's first interview since her husband left the Arizona Cardnals to join the Army after the 9-11 attacks. Pat was tragically killed by friendly fire just two weeks into his second deployment. The Pat Tillman Fountation's main purpose is to support and provide assistance that would otherwise not be available to servicemembers and their families in order for them to attend college and receive their degrees.
Check out our the website here.

I went with my sister today to register for baby BOY necessities! You see we've registered once before but for baby girl thingies. Today was the day to rectify that situation.
It was good times.

PS: Kevin found the battery-charger for the camera. Tomorrow=Christmas decor pictures! Wooooo!

Incase you're crazy and unaware... tomorrow is also PAY-DAY!

Did anyone else hear that Stephen King paid $12,999 to get 150 guardsmen home for the holidays?
I think this is a great gesture.
I am confused why if these men and women were involved in training over the holiday why command is allowing it regardless of who is paying for it.
I know that, for instance, if Kevin were at NTC over the Christmas holiday they wouldn't be coming home for two days. Regardless if Stephen King paid for it.
Read the story here.
I'm just wondering if any of you can explain to me why this was an option for this unit?

See I'm always trying to learn new things. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Mom...


So we were sitting around talking about what she's going to be getting everyone for Christmas. She said she doesn't know what to get me.
(which is partly a lie because I know she reads my blog. Hello! I Want it Wednesday, DUH)
I jump at the opportunity to remind her "MacBook Pro, PLEASE".
She says, "Yes, I know... (laugh) anything more affordable, possibly?"
I said "Nope, MacBook Pro, please." Ha haaa (I giggled but also meant I needed the MacBook Pro).
She said, "Well, I Want it Wednesday said diamond ear rings".
I said "OOO, yes, those are pretty too. See you know what I want just refer to I Want it Wednesday".
This is where my mother proves how hilarious she is:
She says, "Why don't you just put up a link on your blog, so people can buy I Want it Wednesday stuff for you and have it sent to your house?"
Seriously, all of this was a joke people. Please don't think I'm asking for stuff.
On the other hand...
if you want to buy me stuff I do desperately enjoy free stuff!
Don't we all?
I'm pretty sure you can purchase MacBook Pro's on Apple's website.

Happy Friday Readers! I hope you have a hilarious and enjoyable weekend!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Want it Wednesday... Part II

I wanted... to get out of the house.
I did.
I should have trusted when it told me it felt like -15 degrees with windchill and stayed in the MOTHER-LOVIN' house!
For those of you who didn't experience this frigid cold... it gets in your bones and takes route! It sticks with you. Drinking anything cold it out of the question. It only makes it worse. I'll have hot chocolate and/or tea.
PS: Add the Coffee Mate Gingerbread creamer to plain-jane Lipton tea. It's delish!

I wanted... to start my Christmas shopping.
I did.
Guess what? Completing some Christmas shopping required my leaving the house, venturing out into the FRIGID, frigid cold.
Have I mentioned it takes route in your bones?
Hmmm, still cold. But thankfully I did get my mother's gift and few lil' things for my hubbin! Wooop Woop!
PS: Kevin called me and wanted to get my MAC (that I've been wanting for quiet a while now) and a netbook (for transporting to and fro from work) at the PX... He loves his StarCard. I calmly explained to him that more debt is not the answer. And that I'd prefer new slippers.
We'll see if he got the message.

Happy Hump Day, people! :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Want it Wednesday...

I want... the InStyler.
Anyone out there have this?? Is it any good? I know someone who, knows someone who said it was awesome. I'm not so trusting of that though.

I want... to get out of the mother-loving house!
I'm starting to go a little stir-crazy people! So I'm going to give it a shot today and see how far I get in the (feels like) -15 degree weather. hmmm. This should be interesting.

I want... to get some Christmas shopping done!
Please don't tell me that  you've been finished for months. I alway plan to be one of those people, avoid the hords or people and general aggresiveness this time of year. BUT you know I have to pay the mortgage in September and October. That always takes the priority and xmas gifts get pushed to the wayside. I am usually not a LAST minute kind of girl. I'm just starting to feel very rushed.
Hopefully I can get some stuff knocked out today.
*fingers crossed*

I'm excited to possibly be making some new bloggy-friends! :)
New people rock.
Some turn out to be psycho. Unfortunately.
No psycho's here please! :)

A Recipe

The last few months I have been experimenting with new foods; adding to old favorites or mixing in new goodness to create fabulous leftovers! I'm happy to say that a few have been HUGE hits at our house. Kevin raves about this spicy-pasta dish I make with Orzo. He even told his mommy that she would have to try it. Since I know my terrific MIL reads my blog I figured I could post it here, this way she'll get it and if anyone of you are interested you can also give it a whirl!

Just a heads up I cook everything based on taste/eyeing the ingredients. Sorry this may not be super specific! I hope you try it and love it as much as we do!

1 box (lb) Orzo pasta
4/5 stalks Green Onion
Frozen Peas
2/3 Gloves of Garlic
Shredded Parmesan cheese (aprox 3/4 cups)
4 Strips of Bacon
1 (or less) Tspn Crushed Red Pepper
Olive Oil
Salt/Pepper to taste
Garlic Salt to taste
Oregano (aprox 1.5 tbsp)
Mixed Italian Seasonings (aprox 1.5 tbsp)

I recommend cooking the orzo beforehand. I came up with this recipe the first time, because I had made too much Orzo for soup and it turned out great. The second time I made the pasta and dumped it straight into the sauté pan... it was ok but not as good!
Also precook the bacon, chop into small pieces and set aside.
Remove peas from freezer and set aside while you prepare the rest of your ingredients.
Get a large skillet hot coat the bottom with olive oil. Chop Garlic cloves and green onion, sauté once oil is hot. Toss pasta into oil, add seasonings, Parm cheese. *Note: 1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper keeps this spicy, I say start slow and taste as you go. Make it as hot as you like. :) After all the spices are mixed in and everything is getting “happy” (as Emeril says) add ¾ bag of Peas. Lower heat (between low and medium) and let simmer for 10 mins, stirring occasionally.

Ideally we want enough oil to keep this moist, enough cheese to make it sorta sticky but not like glue. Peas should be tender; not mushy. :)


Let me know if you try it, how you like it or if you have any questions!! :)


I'm kicking myself tonight. You see, I wrote a list of Xmas gifts for Kevin last week (possibly two weeks ago) but I can't find it and for the life of me I can't remember what was on it, or anything else to get my husband!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I lost it.

The last three days I've really enjoyed reading all of the comments from my last post. I love when my readers stop reading and speak up!
I did not have an opportunity to see Brothers over the weekend so I still have no idea how everything was portrayed. Stay tuned for that!


So I lost (or at least I think I lost) the battery charger for our digital camera. I still have one more place to check. Our Christmas decorations have been up and looking fabulous for over a week. I've been waiting for my camera to charge in order for picture-taking to be an option. I was hoping the camera would charge from the USB cord... not so much.
Moral of the story: Still waiting for pictures of my beautifully decorated house. :)


I just wanted to take a few minutes to remember that 68 years ago today Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan. I can't really speak for everyone on the planet but I know that for me I just want to be remembered. When I die I just want people remember my life and appreciate the time we shared. With that being said I think it's kind of sad that out of 9 major news websites only one mentioned today's anniversary on their home page. 68 years is a long time. But this is history. I'm flabbergasted that this didn't get more (if any) media coverage today.

In fairness I didn't watch any news today. So it's entirely possible that Pearl Harbor was mentioned on the Television but not online. Who knows? Regardless, I wanted to make it a point of remembering a major event in our countries history.


Other than all of that I'm fighting a head cold today. My sinus' are killing me! Thankfully I found my Dad's recipe for Chili today so I had a nice bit of that this evening.

Also I made Kevin watch Bride Wars! HaaaHA! I have to say I really do find that hilarious. Even though Kevin has made me watch FAR worse movies- FAR WORSE! ;) I'm off to bed early. My head feels like it's going to implode!


PS: Anyone notice my new Christmas/Festive Blogger Background?

I had to share my festiveness with my readers! :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I am having a hard time with this movie.

When I first saw the previews I was.... egh... generally turned off. I kind of recent our military being used as dramatic fuel for movies. Furthermore, I have yet to see a movie post 9-11/OIF/OEF which portrays our military as anything other than mental degenerates. I'm frustrated and concerned that the respect (I assume) the majority of people have for those that have served will (or has already) been replaced with fear, thus making our Soldiers, Marines, Guardsmen, Airmen and Seamen social misfits.

Maybe I'm the only one who jumps to that conclusion?

I don't think so though. November 5th, Army Major, Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire at the SRP on Fort Hood, killing 13. I remember a comment a friend of mine made on facebook: "hopefully this opens up the debate about the well being of our soldiers...too bad it had to come from this."
The assumption being Hasan had been deployed to a combat zone, possibly suffering from PTSD.

Later we learned that wasn't so much the case. In fact he was doing everything he could to avoid deployment.

This is when it first occurred to me people (possibly) viewed soldiers/military as individuals that are destined to be slated, dangerous, mentally-unreliable. While I can't deny the effects war has on those who have seen it, I think the assumptions can be unfair. Based on the Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and former Seamen that I know all of their careers consist of different experiences (duh); just as their deployments have all been different. I think we can all agree some long-term effects deployments are going to be more intense and noticeable than others; based upon their actual experiences.

My point, being that some deploy to Kuwait for 6 months and don't see the kind of combat the Marines faced in Fallujah in 2004. Some soldiers never leave the FOB, others patrol or support missions to disarm road-side bombs. It's too bad the broader public doesn't know the difference. Not all who deploy are infantry... they don't all have the same training or specialty, therefore they don't all see or experience the same things while in country.

This is the source of my frustration and concern. Those who don't know better assume everyone comes back completely jaded and "messed up", as a friend so eloquently put it. I'm sorry but that isn't the case. I wonder why Hollywood has yet to portray (or if they have, please tell me) our military in a positive light?

Another example: In The Valley of Ellah; 2008 staring Tommy Lee Jones, Susan Sarandon and Charlize Theron. "This is a thriller that is both surprising in its development and inexorable in its conclusions and the less I say of the plot the better. The movie is about the terrible things war does to people and the terrible things people do in war. The central thrust is contained in a piece of symbolism. Early on, the national flag is accidentally flown upside down, officially an appeal for help in a situation of danger. At the end, Old Glory is hoisted upside down on purpose."

For those of you who haven't seen this movie, it's DARK. I found it rather unsettling. Kevin and I watched the end of this one together, even he cringed.

With all of my concerns (don't laugh) and frustrations because of movies like Brothers (you remember, where this whole post started???) I am oddly drawn to it. I was originally pissed at the preview and just sick of the implications.... after hearing more and more reviews and of the fantastic performances I'm more and more interested in seeing it.

I guess I really want to see how Toby Maguire portrays returning Marine, Sam Cahill. Maybe it's not as bad I assume it will be? Maybe I've jumped to unwarranted conclusions.....


Sound off!

What are your thoughts???

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Want it Wednesday...

I want... EA Sport's Active for the Wii.

I want... to put up our Christmas Tree!!!

I want... new slippers.

I want... Cinnamin and Sugar roasted Almonds. YUM!

Dear Apple,
I still want...

MacBook Pro.

Thank you.

PS: My Blogger Dashboard situation did manage to rectify itself. Phewww!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Umm... EXCUSE me Blogger????

Can anyone please tell me why all of a sudden Blogger has decided that I no longer follow any (= ZERO) blogs?


This is just enough to make me drop an "Eff" bomb in the middle of the afternoon.

Maybe it's a kink; will work itself out and all will be magically rectified in a few hours?

We'll see.
(she says unbelievably)


Yes, I know it's Wednesday and you're all dying to know what I WANT....

But you'll have to wait. I have to run an errand. Ha...! Gotcha.


The Army & Me=Fighting!!


I'm feeling bitter.
Lately it seems like the Army gets more of my husband than I do. When he's home he's still "working". His Joes call pretty steadily ALL.THE.TIME. throughout the week for random information or to cry about what mistakes they've made. It pisses me off. Tonight Kevin is coming down with something (feeling yucky) and thanks to the cold weather we've been experiencing lately the titanium rod in his leg is causing him pain so he's in the bath....

have I mentioned the fact that my husband thinks a bath will fix anything??? Well, yeah, he does.

.... maybe I'm not actually mad at/fighting with the Army. Maybe I'm just missing my husband.
Or maybe, I'm just pissing and moaning.
No, that couldn't possibly be right- doesn't sound like a thing I'd do.