Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Want it Wednesday...

I want....

Yes... I have FINALLY found a set of stainless steel pots and pans that are (or at least are available in) non-stick. 
Behold the Calphalon Contemporary set- sold at Bed Bath and BEYOND

I've blogged about wanting an iphone... Well what I really want is a solid no BS answer on whether or not Verizon will be getting one or not- AND when!!! Stop with the games and rumors. 

I want...
Cusinart Blender! 

I want...
Pretty Puma's!

Happy Wednesday All! 
I'm off to the gym and to see an old friend! :) Tootle-lou!

Monday, March 29, 2010


On April 24th I will be walking for 5 miles with my friend Lauren. Why will we be walking, you ask?
We're walking for the BABIES. 
More specifically Lauren's beautiful baby girl, lil' Miss Hannah. 
You see... Hannah was born August 26, 2009 at a mere 3lbs 1 oz. Lauren's water broke at 30 weeks while her hubby was deployed to Afghanistan, and Hannah was born a week and a day later. 
Hannah wound up spending nearly 2 months in the hospital.

We are participating in this March of Dimes event in hopes of raising money for preemies like Hannah!

So if you will be in the Colorado Springs area on the 24th and want to join us please just send me an email and I can help get you in touch with Lauren.
If not please go here and sponsor Lauren/our team! 

On a more somber note:
His proud widow blogged about it as Mrs. P over at A Little Pink in a World of Camo.
This Marine was laid to rest on the 24th in St. Petersburg, FL. 
I post about this now hoping that all of my readers will send donations to his young daughter:
 Donations can be sent to
Aberdeen Proving Ground Federal Credit Union 
ATTN: Collean McKinney for the account of Ariana Ralyn Porto
P.O. Box 1176 
Aberdeen, MD 21001
all checks should be made payable to Ariana Ralyn Porto

I'm thinking that it's the least we can do. I mean, we all dipped into our pockets over the earthquake in Haiti... but here's a real sadness, real close to home; within our military community. 
Show your support for the Porto family, especially Ariana. 

Visit Mrs. P here --- show your support. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Red Eyes

Last year, while Kev was deployed I spent a lot of time with my neighbor Nikki. 
(we love Nikki, all- just FYI)
She took me along to just about everything that she did including watching the UFC fights. Yes, Nikki opened me up to a world filled with superman-punches,men rolling around on the floor looking like they are doing oddly sexual things to each other jiu jitsu and muay thai, where eye-poking is evil and lets not forget the spankies (but we'll get back to that). All the same I came to quite enjoy this UFC fighting, you know minus a-hole losers like Brock Lesnar, as most people do. 
So last night the extremely weird* Brit, Dan Hardy took on the extremely HOT Canadian, Georges St. Pierre in a title Welterweight bout. 
Dan Hardy is known for being sort of outlandish- he does have a red-tipped mo-hawk after all. Non-the-less I was still a wee bit shocked when he showed up to weigh ins prior to the fight with RED EYES. Very Twilight of him, don't you think?
See... Kinda strange, hmmm?
(gotta say I do love his "I Hate Dan Hardy" T-shirt though... it's completely hilarious.

Either way the red contacts didn't give him vampire strength it proceeded to get MANHANDLED by the gorgeous GSP. Don't believe me take a looksy:

Yup... Don't believe THAT'S a UFC fighter... here's proof:

That's what's up! :)

Happy Sunday all. Hope you all enjoying your weekend. 

*Being British doesn't not make Dan Hardy extremely weird.. he just is and happens to be British. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Give-a-way's Galore!

I've said it before and I'll say it again... everyone loves free shit stuff. 
Somehow I never seem to win any of these bloggy-Give-a-ways. :( What's up with that? 
No worries... I'm not bitter or anything.. 

My bud over at The Getts Times is hosting a bloggy-make-over-give-a-way.
Our Guamazing Adventure also has a give-a-way going down. 

I guess Spring is making folks feel generous. Well spread it this way I love free shit stuff. 

Beyond that... I'm having a bit of an issue peeps. 
So lemme know what you think!
And this is very serious so don't go acting all silly... crackin' jokes and such. 
Because we all know Rpatz/Twilight/New Moon is serious business right?
Well I told everyone yesterday about how my newly purchased BluRay of New Moon doesn't work on my downstairs/living room, much newer/nicer BluRay player. But it does work upstairs on my older/junky BluRay player. So here's my issue.. problem... conundrum... bugaboo...predicament... QUANDARY: 
Do I return it or no?
Seriously... it works on one player but not the other? 
it's very confusing. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Want it Wednesday...

I gotta say I love that I started this I Want it Wednesday... one of the best things I've come up with since I started blogging! :)


I want.... to share this great and extremely helpful article with you all about this Healthcare Reform business.

I want...
I think the hubs and I have decided to say farewell to Verizon and get on the iphone bandwagon.

I want...
yea, I still want this... I know you're complaining and wishing I'd just stop yammering on and on about it and just go get one already. Well, I'll have to start saving my pennies because my HP is about to take a dirt nap. :( 

I desperately want... my NEW MOON Bluray to work in our living room! :( for some reason it wouldn't work on the newer Samsung Aquos Bluray player but it worked upstairs on an older Memorex player.. odd. :( 
OOO... that leads me to a horribly embarrassing funny story about the hubby! So New Moon was released on Saturday right? Well, I knew that I'd wind up buying it eventually but I really wasn't in a huge hurry; wasn't going to make a special trip out for it- certainly wasn't going to wait in line at mid-night for it. Kev and I spent most of Sunday with at my sisters with family, playing with the new baby. When we left Kevin INSISTS on going to the Wal-mart to pick up New Moon. I said alright, lets see if they have it on Blu-ray because the one closest to our house didn't have it. :( Surprise, Surprise... Wally-world didn't have it on the Bluray and said that they didn't even have any in their warehouse... OMG! So we proceed to 1 Target and Sears when neither of those had it either we hit up Borders as a last-ditch effort and Borders did finally have it! :) Gotta love Borders (especially since they sponsored my give-away in January for a Sony E-reader)! 
The funny part being, I just wanted to go home after leaving my sisters but Kevin just had to find the movie. 
Yeah, men like The Twilight Saga too! 
Curious... what makes it a "saga" versus a series? 

Anywho... Happy Wednesday all. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I love that people hate Health Care Reform...

... you know because it was working soooo great before. 
Fact: The health care system was/is broken.
Fact: It needs change-- desperately. 
It seems to me: this "new" health care legislation is a lot like our beloved TriCare system. We all pay (even though a pretty minuscule amount) into it... doesn't mean we go to the doctor all the time and have tons of prescriptions. Take me for example... Money is taken out of the hubs' pay EVERY MONTH like clock work for coverage and I rarely go to the doc; I'm hardly ever sick. But doesn't mean I shouldn't have coverage. Doesn't mean I shouldn't pay for coverage. At some point *knock on wood* I may use my fair share of the money being paid to TriCare. I could get hit by a bus later today and be in the ICU for weeks... lucky for me I have health care coverage. huh? Otherwise paying for all of that care, out-of-pocket would really suck. 
I don't have any issues with Health Care reform... I think our lil' TriCare system works. :) 
~~~*** something I forgot to mention: This Bill was only passed in the House of Reps (220-215).. Senate still needs to pass their version and then the two bills need to be reconciled- then signed into law. Interesting people are TRIPPIN' over this still unfinished process. Take a look here
Let it ride people. 

In over news...
Army Wives comes back April 11th! 
Woot Woot. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Re: Green Zone

Hey Paula I wanted to respond to your comment that you heard Green Zone was Anti-American, but I know sometimes I ask questions in comments but forget to check back. I didn't think it was in any way, shape or form ANTI-American. No Ma'am. "Absolutely not"-- as my nephew, Nathan says. 

Matt Damon plays CW2 Roy Miller who is running all over Iraq tearing apart WMD sites based upon "reliable intel." Well I think we all know there weren't and aren't any WMD's in Iraq. That isn't news. Well, Mr. Roy Miller realized something had to be wrong with this oh-so reliable intel and brought it up to his Colonel-- who well said this isn't the time to be bring up the issue in Washington. So throughout the movie Miller is fighting against the status quo, pleading for accurate information and getting get it at all costs. At the end of the movie he's clarified some of the intel his team had been conducting missions based on and he makes the point that IT ALWAYS MATTERS WHY WE GO TO WAR. The reasons matter. 

I know there are some people, even some military folks that feel soldiers should just shut-up and blindly follow their orders. At some point I feel there is truth to that... however, I feel its WAY farther down the line. There has to be a way to do what CW2 Miller did; to let the chain of command know that something isn't right in the field. Chasing these invisible WMD's was costing lives... so this fictional Roy Miller did what he needed to do to stop waisting his team's resources and costing lives. 

a lil' bit-o-this...

I chatted with an admissions rep from Kaplan University this morning. Which is great news because I'll finally be on the road to being a productive member of society again. I was on the fence about whether or not to get the Associates first than continue on for a bachelors. Because anyone who knows anything knows you need a bachelors to get by these days. But I finally decided to get the associates knocked out and on my resume then  continue on with the bachelors. So that's the plan! 
Kaplan here I come.

In other news Erin and I went and saw this guy's latest flick! 
Remember Me. I think we were both pleasantly surprised by how good this movie actually was; you know minus the teenaged couple two seats down making out the entire movie. 

The hubs and I had date night on Friday. Went to our local hibachi and a movie. Yea, I've been seeing a lot of movies this weekend- I know. Green Zone was better than Remember Me, granted they were just different in a lot of ways but it was overall just better. Gotta love some Matt Damon. (:  I was shocked by it also. I knew it was set in Baghdad and all but I didn't think it would be dealing with the realities this war. It hit close to home. Awesome movie all. 

I think I've mentioned that since I've known Kevin he hasn't been home/we haven't been together for one of my birthday's before. I'm not complaining- it is however, my reality; and it looks like this year won't be any different. :( Thankfully he isn't deployed. But somehow the Army senses my birthday is near and therefore has to take my husband any ol' place. His unit is off to Ft. Polk for a month. Egh... it is what it is! 
What do you do when you're alone on your birthday? Something special I hope.. I need the ideas. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I took up all this blogging business over a year ago while because my husband was deployed to Iraq. I thoroughly enjoyed it. During the height of my blogging I came to follow many other milspouses. I came to realize they just used this blogging business as a way to pass the time while their spouses were away. It always kind of bugged me when people would just give up the blogging when their man would return home. Well, lately I'm feeling very uninspired and I'm not one to just blab about nothing just to say I blabbed (well blogged in this case). Hopefully inspirations finds me again soon. =( 
I think generally I'm just in a funk. 

Other wise: as previously promised:

Mr. Logan; BORN: 859AM 15 Mar; 7lbs 5oz; 20 3/4" long! 10 fingers and 10 toes!
Just perfect lil' man! 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm baaack... for a minute..

I've finally made my way back home to CO. Helping out with all the funeral arrangements and helping Gramma make some changes was a learning experience. I'm happy that I could kind of stand back and see what things actually had to take place after someone passes away, so that when I should have to make any such arrangements I'll know what needs to be done. 

I'm not sure how much time I'll have for blogging in the next few days/week. Baby Logan makes his debut tomorrow!!!! I'm sure the pregnancy went by much slower for my sister than it did for me- this seemed to pass so quickly. I'm just happy that Levi's home, my sister and the baby are healthy. After slugging it out through the tribulations of IVF it's time to welcome this lil' bundle of joy into the world! 

I'll be back soon enough with pictures and more frequent updates! 

Hope all is well! 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

His Journey's Just Begun

Don't think of him as gone away-
his journey' just begun,
life holds so many facets-
this earth is only one.

Just think of him as resting
from the sorrows and the tears
in a place of warmth and comfort
where there are no days and year.s

Think how he must be wishing
that we could know todays
how nothing but our sadness
can really pass away.

And think of him as living
in the hearts of those he touched...
for nothing loved i ever lost-
and he was loved so much.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sad News

Yesterday evening my Grandfather passed away. 
I'll be M.I.A for a few days. 

time to get on an airplane. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A list

Well, I'm semi bored and really I don't have much to say as far as blogging goes lately- obviously. 
So I'll make you all a list of movies that are coming out that I want to see: 
(yea I'm that bored)

Remember Me

Cop Out

Green Zone

The Bounty Hunter

Brooklyn's Finest

Why Did I Get Married Too?

Our Family Wedding

Repo Men

Oh and for the folks who have been asking my sister hasn't had the baby, YET!!
We're still patiently waiting.