Monday, March 29, 2010


On April 24th I will be walking for 5 miles with my friend Lauren. Why will we be walking, you ask?
We're walking for the BABIES. 
More specifically Lauren's beautiful baby girl, lil' Miss Hannah. 
You see... Hannah was born August 26, 2009 at a mere 3lbs 1 oz. Lauren's water broke at 30 weeks while her hubby was deployed to Afghanistan, and Hannah was born a week and a day later. 
Hannah wound up spending nearly 2 months in the hospital.

We are participating in this March of Dimes event in hopes of raising money for preemies like Hannah!

So if you will be in the Colorado Springs area on the 24th and want to join us please just send me an email and I can help get you in touch with Lauren.
If not please go here and sponsor Lauren/our team! 

On a more somber note:
His proud widow blogged about it as Mrs. P over at A Little Pink in a World of Camo.
This Marine was laid to rest on the 24th in St. Petersburg, FL. 
I post about this now hoping that all of my readers will send donations to his young daughter:
 Donations can be sent to
Aberdeen Proving Ground Federal Credit Union 
ATTN: Collean McKinney for the account of Ariana Ralyn Porto
P.O. Box 1176 
Aberdeen, MD 21001
all checks should be made payable to Ariana Ralyn Porto

I'm thinking that it's the least we can do. I mean, we all dipped into our pockets over the earthquake in Haiti... but here's a real sadness, real close to home; within our military community. 
Show your support for the Porto family, especially Ariana. 

Visit Mrs. P here --- show your support. 


jenn said...

great post girl :o)

Lisa said...

Great post, and great causes!

A Lady in Waiting said...

Excellent post! And two great causes!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Both causes are SO VERY worthy!

redheadchick said...

Wow, humble post. Both have brought me to tears.

Hannah Noel said...

Thank you for posting this. I feel like a TERRIBLE friend. I haven't been on google reader in a couple of weeks and was just getting through it today. Her blog was next on my list after yours. Gosh. I'm in tears. All I can think about is her and her little baby. Again, thank you!