Sunday, March 6, 2011

And he's....


Maybe Bone Thugs n Harmony isn't your cup of tea... but right now I can't find a more fitting song. 

That could have something to do with the fact that my husband texted me from "parts-unknown" telling me to look up this song and he was dedicating it to me. But then again, could have something to do with the chorus:
If I had one wish
That wish would be clear
That I would not have to go
That I could stay here
And although it hurts me
To leave you all alone
Just know I'll come back for you
For now I'm gone.

It's strange I didn't completely flip my shit until I heard this song. I was 'ok' until I got home and found his dirty draws on the bathroom floor this song. 

I miss him already. 


Erin said...

Thinking of you!

KelleeLyn said...

So sorry! Thinking of you! Guess it's time to explore places and things that he isn't super interested in. Like girly things ;)

Just a Girl said...

I'm so sorry =(

Erin said...

That song sums it up perfectly doesn't it.

hmb said...

I didn't realize he was leaving so soon! Sorry lady!! Hang in there!

Mrs. B said...

Thinking of you! Deployments suck.

jenn said...

so sorry sam!
praying this time flies by!!!

Krystal. said...

This song is so damn catchy. I bet you do miss him. :[
Keep your head up love!