Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Want it Wednesday...

I want...

I want...
I think I actually NEED this! 
I'm pretty sick of getting into the car to go to the gym and finding my iPod DEADER than a doornail!

I want...
everyone to know that although we originally thought my hubs wouldn't be here for my birthday he is going to be back from JRTC TOMORROW!!! 
Which means, he'll be home for the first time since I've met him for my BIRTHDAY!!! 
And it's a big one too...
the BIG 2-5! 
I'm growin' up.
Don't miss it people... it's this Saturday, May 1st (of course)! 
We all know I'm mildly obsessed with Apple products so if you're feelin' generous go ahead and pick up whatever you'd like and we'll be sure to get it to me. 
tee hee

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Randoms

I had my interview this AM. All in all I think it went really well. I really enjoyed that this wasn't a traditional interview with the "what are you strengths and weaknesses" type questions! Phew.. Those are the worst! I came prepared with a spare resume and some other information about myself and qualifications for the interviewer(s) and all informed about the company as well! 
They said I should hear something by the end of the week or early next week at the very latest! They are currently hiring for two positions, so there are more interviews to conduct.

After my interview I headed over to the school to do some printing. I can read the required text online but something about that feels... unfinished. Like if I don't hold it in my hand I haven't completed my task. I guess I'm old school like that. At least I know I can recycle the paper at the school once this class is overwith. Speaking of this class I'm quick upset that I couldn't take it online... a friend of mine has taken it and said it was ridiculously easy online. But thanks to the powers-at-be I have to do a 10-12 minute power point presentation at the end of the 5 weeks! Booooo!! :( 
Funny thing happened as I was leaving the Student Resource Center (SRC). This girl had an iPad. I stopped her and said "IS THAT AN iPAD?" like some crazed-"star-struck"-looney-tune! She said "yes." I said "wow- do you like it?" she preceeded to tell me allllll about it and how she loves it and how great it is.... ect and so forth. Well this only made me want Apple Inc. to holler and send me 1 of everything they got for free! (hahhaaaa)

Other than that I know I forgot to remind everyone to submit their questions for my "306th" blog anniversary! So far I've received less than 5 questions. Well, I'd say that's pretty crappy considering I have over 140 followers. DE-LURK people... come out and join the discussion! Say hello and ask any ol' thing you're heart desires! And do it quick.. you never know what'll be in store next. ;)

Two news items I wanna share with everyone: 
good for him.

Today is Mr. Channing Tatum's 30th Birthday! 
(feast your eyes)
(from his modeling days--- note the lack of hair)

(that's for YOU sis!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love the rain... hate the wet dog smell!

**So the first time I posted the link to Eclipse it was to the first/old trailer. I fixed it for all of you! ENJOY.**

I've been down in the dumps lately. 
You know sometimes life is just kinda hard. Well... today I decided that instead of getting up and turning on the TV I was gonna read. 
Here's what I read: 
Rev Run's Words of Wisdom.

Have you read it? I love it. 
(just occurred to me I should use it as a giveaway but I've marked it all up with pen... oops shoulda thought ahead)

Rev Run helped me start my day off in a positive way with a positive attitude and corny as it may be positivity came back to me!! Things have been coming to head in a lot of areas lately: job, unemployment benefits running out, money, weight loss... you name it the list goes on and on. So today I spent a few hours with my friend "LB", had a grilled cheese sandwhich  and tomato soup for lunch. Oh and I can't forget my quality time with precious baby Hannah!
Anywho, I come home and watch some Oprah. Which just made my friggin month with the new Twilight: Eclipse Trailer! Check it out here Twihards!
(yes I just said "Twihards". Move on.)
And it just got better from there!
I received a phone call about 15 minutes ago and I have an INTERVIEW on Monday!!

Start your day off right people; it sets the tone for what follows! 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Want it Wednesday...

I want....
someone to tell me why I can't manage to lose weight.
(along the same lines)
I want...
to be treated like weight loss matters when I go to the doctor.
(along the same lines)
I want...
everyone who is seen on base/post by any kind of medical professional to know that they don't give two shits about your weight loss issues and struggles; and you'll be treated like a sub-standard human being.

I want... 
tomorrow to be a better day.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So... I totally missed my 300th blog-post-anniversary. 
Yea, my bad. 
It was kind of random and about a whole lot of nothing special... check it out here

Yes, today is my 306th blog post. 
Oddly enough I kind of have nothing special to say--- again. Sadly, this appears to be, becoming a theme on my bloggy. :(
Please don't hate me. 

Maybe I should open the floor to a good ol' Q&A again??
Yea, lets do that. Send me your questions people. You can email me if you wanna ( or you can just leave you're lil questions in a comment. 
Make em' good... Make em' juicy!! 

In other news... I have orientation for SCHOOL tonight. 
yea... (sarcasm)... whooopty-doo. 
I'm the only person in the history of going-to-school to be this unenthused* about it. 

Anywho, looking forward to you're questions. 
Happy Tuesday All!

*Unenthused is totally not a word... but I like it more better (also very poor english) than "unenthusiastic". 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

So I'm thinking...

... that I'm the only Army wife right now who isn't pregnant and/or doesn't have a kid already. 

Maybe that's a slight exaggeration but everywhere I look I see Army Wives and babies/kids. 
On top of which everyone I meet and already know asks me when I'm going to have a baby. I guess it's the thing to do these days. Don't get me wrong- I understand why they ask but... well I'm just not quite there yet. 

Then this morning my nephew, Nathan was supposed to have is very first soccer game on post. (I say "supposed to" because it's pretty cold and rainy today so they canceled the lil' kiddos' games) Well, I get my groggy behind out of bed and drive down to post. Since this was the beginning of the season they had a kick-off ceremony prior to the games. Picture it: A gym filled with mommies and daddies and babies galore. 
Then ME! :) haha
That's when it hit me: I'm the only person on this post without a baby. Have to be. 
(yes here I go exaggerating again; but that's truly how it felt and looked.)
I love being an Auntie right now and I do generally enjoy kids/babies and I'm good/comfortable with them also so it works out well, even though I'm literally the ONLY person I know without a child. Otherwise.... I'd be pretty damn lonely. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Want it Wednesday...

I want... everyone to know that it's official I'm going back to school. 
My first class with the University of Phoenix starts 4.28.

I want... more Dane Cook in my life. 
1) BC he's extra hot and 2) BC he's HILARIOUS!!

I want... Entourage to come back already!
I miss Ari, desperately. :(

I want...
to go to the Ellen Show!

I want...
to go to the Jimmy Fallon Show, which I recently figured out I love!
He's hilarious. 

I want...
Apple Inc. to holler and offer one free of everything they have:
yeah, that'd be good. :) 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Netflix or Redbox?

Yet another VERY serious post about VERY serious issues here on my blog! 

So which way do you swing? $9 a month for Netflix or $1 per movie/per day with the Redbox?

I started out with the Redbox and we were getting along swimmingly; things were just peachy keen. Then the Hubs and I found out that Netflix was coming out with the instant disc for the Wii (like they've been havin' for the Xbox and Playstation). So we figured we'd give it a whirl. So far I'm sad to say I'm not 'in love' with Netflix. The instant viewing option is nice, you know, IF the movie you happen to want to see at that time is available, which I've found they usually aren't. 
On top of that I get allll super excited to see the new releases-- which for some reason aren't released to Netflix the same time they are to the rest of the movie-viewing world (including Redbox).
Maybe it's just me but when I decide to watch a movie I don't wanna have to wait 2 days for it to come in the mail. I wanna watch it friday night with my husband. Not be waiting until Sunday night (when Brothers & Sisters and ARMY WIVES are on TV). So that's my biggest complaint about NetFlix they don't have the movies I want to see for instant viewing! :( boo!
I did, however, finally see When Harry Met Sally-- yeah hadn't seen that until about 2 weeks ago. 
Can you believe it?
Are you a Netflix fan? 
I'm probably gonna drop em'. 

Has anyone else noticed that the REDbox kiosks are now BLUE? At least at the Wally-World around my house it is. 
Anyone else find that at all ironic?

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm curious WHY no one read and/or commented on my PSA post? Maybe it looked longer than my usual updates but there is good information to be found there people. Traumatic Brain Injuries are serious and we should all as MilSpouses know more about them and the warning signs. Please take a minute and read it. Towards the end there is a link for a giveaway courtesy of Jim Beam. 
Check it out.

Have you ever wondered WHY bicyclists are entitled to the road, just the same as motorists are? 
I think about this a lot. 
Usually when they should... have the room to move closer to the curb but don't move over. 
Usually at this point I remember my parents telling me not to play in the street because people don't pay attention and they WILL hit you. The car is BIGGER than you... so stay out of the road.
I don't know something about being on a tiny-lil' bike with 100's of multiple ton cars zooming by- or at least attempting to, doesn't sound like a good time to me. 
I just wonder WHY they don't move out of the way (when available) and then get mad that drivers of cars passing by curse and scream at them while they dodge on-coming traffic in order to pass them.

I was talking with my Dad about this- he's a genius, and he made a great point. Motorists pay taxes that go toward the upkeep of their local roadways... the bikers don't. WHY are they just as entitled to the road as motorists??!
But on the other hand where are the bikers supposed to ride if the "sidewalk" is for "walking"??
Such a confusing issue.
Although it's pretty simple to me- Cars=bigger than bikes/people... get the hell out of their way. 
Easy for me though... I'm not a biker. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Public Service Announcements to follow. Just some info I thought everything would have some interest in:

I was contacted by someone from the CareMeridian Nursing and Rehab Facility and asked to post the following article. I'll comment on why afterwards. Please take the time and read:

Traumatic Brain Injuries and the Military

Military men and women are continually involved situations where risk of injury is high. One silent war wound that can often go unnoticed is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) . A TBI damages the brain that can often cause life-altering wounds, which can result in changes in personality, behavior, and even the brain functions of the victim. Some of these conditions are not just life-altering, but can be life threatening and are often partnered with rehabilitation from special care facilities like CareMeridian Las Vegas nursing home.

According to the Veterans Health Initiative, active male members of the military were hospitalized due to TBI related injuries at a rate of 231 per 100,000. The rate for female members of the military was 150 per 100,000. Based on these statistics over 4,000 military personnel are hospitalized on average each year for traumatic brain injuries. Some are as mild as a concussion, while others can be severe and have life altering effects.

The best way to prevent TBI is through awareness. Recognizing and responding to the symptoms of a TBI can often aid in the preventing further damage caused by the injury. Dizziness, headaches, changes in personality or sleep patterns, and memory loss are clear signs of TBI. Unfortunately these symptoms can sometimes be ignored or discarded as minor pains during times of conflict and even once the solider returns home. This sets up a dangerous precedent for a war wound that may never heal, so it is vital that serviceman and their families are aware of TBI, so that they can recognize and help treat it if symptoms are present.

Has your soldier or a soldier that you know come back with these symptoms? I know guys that have these symptoms. Maybe it's worth looking into. I posted this not as an advertisement for this facility but because I felt the information within this article would be beneficial to my readers. Now you have more information. I find it interesting that through all the conversations and briefings I've been partied to I haven't received this basic information of TBI.

Happier news:
Jim Beam (yea you know it) has teamed up with Operation Homefront to give a lucky service member a once in a lifetime opportunity. Visit Jim Beam and nominate your soldier for one of the following prizes!

The final two days of a major golf championship at Pebble Beach on 19 and 20 June 2010.
A home game for a professional baseball team on Chicago's South Side on 10 July.
A Kid Rock concert and the opportunity to meet Kid Rock in 2010.

Even though I'm hoping mine'll win! woot woot!
A big thanks to Jim Beam and Operation Homefront for their support and recognition of our military and their families.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


What's that you see?
To the Left? 
Well... that's just what it looks like: an Eclipse countdown. Yea... on MY blog. 
I'm dorky and possibly overly obsessed with all things RPattz Twilight. 
At least I know I'm not alone. 

So because I know someone is going to do it anyway,
(and not because I did or anything)
this is specifically your invitation to steal the countdown for your very own blog! =)

Moving on to bigger and more important news:
Kev left for 22ish days down at JRTC. 
(gotta love the Full House reference)
Can you believe he just up and left me all by my lonesome?

Ok I'm over it now. Not much he could do about it. Gotta go when and where they tell you to right? 
No sense in getting all bent out of shape about it. 
Plus my mommy taught me, when I was little to choose my battles wisely. 
This isn't one worth waging, in any kind of way, at all. 
So I'll try to make peace with sleeping alone (for the birds- by the way), eating alone (maybe I'll make Nikki eat with me... hmm) and spending more time with my friends. Funny how those husbands can monopolize your time isn't it? 
All the same, here's to MAKIN' THE BEST OF WHAT YOU GOT!
happy tuesday! 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Question

Do porto-potties completely digust anyone else?


Saturday, April 3, 2010


Welcome to Spring/Summer on the plains. 
Really it kind of sucks-- and is more or less miserable, with random splatterings of beautiful days mixed in.
I say "Spring/Summer" because, well, Spring doesn't really hang out too long around these parts. The two (spring and summer) get sort of distorted and jumbled together. It's rather annoying actually. 
One of the things I HATE most about living here is the WIND! It sucks in the Winter. You know when it snows it's too busy being windy for the snow to land gracefully on the ground- where it belongs. It sucks in the Spring because it makes an otherwise mild and/or warm day, COLD (because you know a hurricane force gust breeze is always cold- like wind is incapable of being another than cold). 
Moral of the story: Wind is annoying and SUCKS... ruins everything. 
ALSO... another joy of living on the plains is TORNADOES. Wooot woot. Once we really get into the swing of spring you can watch he clouds roll into anywhere from 1-3pm everyday over the mountains. To the average person this may sound breath-taking.... well, let me tell you "Mr-Average-Person" it scares the crap out of me. You see when you mix rain/cold front with WARM/HOT temps you often get this:


Maybe I'm completely off my rocker but the idea of some spiraling gateway to OZ (you know, the Wicked Witch of the West, flying Monkies, clacking red heels....) really doesn't do anything good for me. 
Not really into things coming from the sky with the sole purpose of DESTRUCTION.
Not for me. 

Yeah... I'm totally siked for Spring time, then Summer to follow. Ugh huh...