Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm curious WHY no one read and/or commented on my PSA post? Maybe it looked longer than my usual updates but there is good information to be found there people. Traumatic Brain Injuries are serious and we should all as MilSpouses know more about them and the warning signs. Please take a minute and read it. Towards the end there is a link for a giveaway courtesy of Jim Beam. 
Check it out.

Have you ever wondered WHY bicyclists are entitled to the road, just the same as motorists are? 
I think about this a lot. 
Usually when they should... have the room to move closer to the curb but don't move over. 
Usually at this point I remember my parents telling me not to play in the street because people don't pay attention and they WILL hit you. The car is BIGGER than you... so stay out of the road.
I don't know something about being on a tiny-lil' bike with 100's of multiple ton cars zooming by- or at least attempting to, doesn't sound like a good time to me. 
I just wonder WHY they don't move out of the way (when available) and then get mad that drivers of cars passing by curse and scream at them while they dodge on-coming traffic in order to pass them.

I was talking with my Dad about this- he's a genius, and he made a great point. Motorists pay taxes that go toward the upkeep of their local roadways... the bikers don't. WHY are they just as entitled to the road as motorists??!
But on the other hand where are the bikers supposed to ride if the "sidewalk" is for "walking"??
Such a confusing issue.
Although it's pretty simple to me- Cars=bigger than bikes/people... get the hell out of their way. 
Easy for me though... I'm not a biker. 


Lisa said...

I'm a cyclist, so this is interesting to hear. I pay taxes just like you do, on my car, sales tax, income tax, etc. So why can't I have part of the road?

The majority of states have laws requiring drivers to give cyclists THREE FEET of space from the rideable edge of the road. Just because there's a curb doesn't mean that's the rideable edge. All the rocks, all the glass, all the shit from the road? That ends up in the bike lane 90% of the time. So I'm supposed to ride through that, just because I'm on two wheels not four?

It may look like a clear roadway to you, but so many shoulders are full of gravel. And yes, I do scream at cars occasionally, but only when they come so close that their sideview mirror almost scrapes my elbow as they fly by me. Have you ever felt someone pass you at 50 mph while you're only riding 12? It's pretty scary. This happens when I run too, so it's not just when biking that I have this issue. I often don't move over because it's a balance issue, and I want to make sure to ride the most careful, clean line I can. If I move and wipe out, then I'm going to get run over, where if I stay straight and keep my balance, despite how close the car is, I'm still healthy.

Cyclists are given the right of way generally because of the fact that they are NOT big, and should be allowed to share the space. Granted there are plenty of asshole cyclists out there, just like there are plenty of asshole drivers out there. Don't judge us all by the assholes, just like we won't judge you by them.

Also-- those drivers that HONK to let the cyclists know they're coming? Trust me, we know you're coming, and honking only makes it more likely that I'm going to swerve into your lane, because you're scaring the shit out of me, and I'm more likely to lose control. I can hear you coming just fine, so don't honk!

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

Lisa- Can't please everyone.... and oddly enough I know i'm not the only person who feels this way. It's still an issue that really confusing to me-- seems like if you're in the way and holding up traffic that you should move. JUST as us drivers SHOULD not intentionally try to run cyclists off the road and should give them some space- but where it's not available....... GREY AREA.
ANYWHO... hope we can agree to disagree. =)
Oh and I don't honk at cyclists or other pedestrians. I'm sure people do. Just not me.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I read your psa announcement but I had just read it because the lady sent it to me as well.

Lisa said...

Definitely can't please everyone! I hope I didn't come across too defensive, but this is an issue in every state I've lived in, and it becomes such an us vs them mentality, on both sides.

I agree, if you're holding up traffic, then move over, but if I'm on the shoulder, then there's no reason drivers shouldn't pass me (safely) and give me 3 feet of space.

Erin said...

I heart you, Sam. And I read it!!!