Monday, April 12, 2010

Netflix or Redbox?

Yet another VERY serious post about VERY serious issues here on my blog! 

So which way do you swing? $9 a month for Netflix or $1 per movie/per day with the Redbox?

I started out with the Redbox and we were getting along swimmingly; things were just peachy keen. Then the Hubs and I found out that Netflix was coming out with the instant disc for the Wii (like they've been havin' for the Xbox and Playstation). So we figured we'd give it a whirl. So far I'm sad to say I'm not 'in love' with Netflix. The instant viewing option is nice, you know, IF the movie you happen to want to see at that time is available, which I've found they usually aren't. 
On top of that I get allll super excited to see the new releases-- which for some reason aren't released to Netflix the same time they are to the rest of the movie-viewing world (including Redbox).
Maybe it's just me but when I decide to watch a movie I don't wanna have to wait 2 days for it to come in the mail. I wanna watch it friday night with my husband. Not be waiting until Sunday night (when Brothers & Sisters and ARMY WIVES are on TV). So that's my biggest complaint about NetFlix they don't have the movies I want to see for instant viewing! :( boo!
I did, however, finally see When Harry Met Sally-- yeah hadn't seen that until about 2 weeks ago. 
Can you believe it?
Are you a Netflix fan? 
I'm probably gonna drop em'. 

Has anyone else noticed that the REDbox kiosks are now BLUE? At least at the Wally-World around my house it is. 
Anyone else find that at all ironic?


Mrs. Muffins said...

Ive used both but i'm totally for Netflix now :) I suck at returning videos, even to Redbox so Netflix is much more convenient (and in the long run, cheaper). Plus, my Redbox never really had new releases anyways.. they were always out!

jwhitley said...

We have Netflix and thoroughly enjoy the instant disc. Yeah, all the new releases aren't on there and mostly it's older movies and some tv series, but we still enjoy it! Every once in a while we'll drop by a redbox and see if there is anything there we're interested in... but in our lives you can't beat the ease of dvd's being shipped right to your house and only having to drop them in the mailbox to send them back.

Ashleigh said...

I am SO a Netflix person. I like the variety available and the convenience. For sure.

jenn said...


love it!!!!!

Fox Family said...

Netflix....I did however try Redbox for the first time this weekend. I will probably just do both.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I use to love Netflix but then when I moved to the house that I'm currently in the post office kept giving them to my neighbor and they would never return them! So now I'm all about the red/blue box!