Friday, April 6, 2012

Guess we were right!!

Yesterday at 19 weeks we confirmed our hunch.. she's a girl!!

So far I'm most excited to be able to replace "the babe"or the less affectionate pronoun "it" (always used lovingly) with "she" and "her"!!

We are very excited.

I've been busy:

So cute I could just die!

These are definitely in my.. I mean my daughter's future:

Monday, April 2, 2012


A few nights ago, the hubs and I were laying in bed about to go to sleep. We were getting some cuddles in (awwww, aren't we sweet? Anyway..) and the hubs put his hand on my tummy, he wanted some cuddle time in with the babe. After a few moments we felt the babe move and jab! It was amazing!

I've been waiting for the first flutters but nothing concrete until that moment. I think it's particularly amazing that we got to experience it together, the hubs and I. The first time he felt the babe move was the first time I felt it also! I'm also really excited since this pregnancy has been so calm and uneventful, it's nice to be reminded that I've gained 6 pounds for something; that there's a baby in there!! A not-so-fun side affect of these new more powerful movements is soreness; this new using my uterus as a bunching bag does not feel so great.

Thursday we head back to Landstuhl for our Anatomy Scan. I'm hoping the babe will cooperate and we can determine the gender!!