Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to me....!

The best MIL on the planet sent me these lovely birthday presents! She's the best... (but I think I already mentioned that, ha haha)
Happy Bday to Me (tomorrow)... woo hoo!

Well I pretty much suck....

So I realized I'm the worst blogger/diary keeper on the planet! Seriously... I've been on here bitching relentlessly about needing a job and my woes in not being able to obtain one. Well on Monday two things I should have shared:

Thing 1: My pops had nose surgery. They shaved his septum (whatever the medical jargon for this is- is above my head) so that he can breathe and sleep "more better" (yes this is awful English/American... yadiyadayada... I like it! It makes me laugh!). So I went with him and his GF Teresa to the Air Force Academy for the procedure- his GF is totally uncomfortable around military and he's my Pop's so I had to be there.

Thing 2: I GOT AN INTERVIEW!!! Wooop Woop! Well Monday after they drugged up the Pops and rolled him to the O.R. Terri and I bolted for some grub! tee hee Love you Pops. As we were walking back into the hospital/clinic (transitional thing...) my phone rings, some # I didn't know, but I answer because you never know if it is the hubs or not. A woman's voice says "Mrs. S#$#%^# ?". Is it just me or does this throw you off too? I mean really... strange number + deployed hubby + "Mrs." = recipe for a BAD day in my mind. All the same: this nice lady was calling to schedule me an interview for next Wednesday the 6th! As I told everyone a few days ago we live closer to the AFB than we do Ft. Carson, and the company is Tierra Vista. They are building the new (AMAZING) housing on Pete. A few weeks back I looked up this company (as well as the company building on Carson), found the property manager sent her (them) my resume. They both very nicely responded saying while they had nothing available they would keep my resume. So here we are a few weeks later and they called ME out of the blue!!! wooo hoo =) So I'm thinking that is a great sign!!! WOO hoo... everyone Wednesday at 10 AM MST have your fingers crossed!

OH- specifically to my Mother-in-law... I AM THE WORSE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW on the planet; I blogged the other day about Kevin going on a mission. Well I heard from him, he's perfect and back on the base!! I told myself I was going to call you and the day just got away from me- no excuse though! All is well; your baby (my hubs) is PERFECT!


What's with all you runners out here on the blogosphere!? It is definitely great exercise so I understand why people do choose to participate... however I was seriously surprised about the mass number I did find. So I'm curious... why do you run versus other forms or exercise; videos, aerobics classes, Gym, or sports? I'm just trying to understand the craze? I've never been a person that would just run for sake of running. I could run my ass off in playing sports; soccer when I was younger. The track coach even tried to recruit me but I have no stamina or motivation to just run in circles for no reason (other than to win). I'm not designed that way... So while I don't even foresee myself jumping on the running bandwagon I still would like to understand.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Story of my life!

As reported this AM I went to Urgent Care (of Base) for my neck issue! Well, come to find out I sprained/strained/pulled in some way my trapezious muscle. Good news huh? Well not so much. This is the biggest motivator for ER visits and most commonly associated with trauma (such as a car accident). Well at least I'm not alone in my "pain". This was not an all together unpleasent experience- Urgent Care. I brought my ipod and watched a movie and just as I set it down to take a nap in comes the Doc. We discussed what was going on and he prescribed me a muscle relaxer (which I can't remember the name of- put will insert later), 800 Mg of Motrin (SHOCKING!), and Vicodin (woohoo) for pain. I was in and out of there in 1 hour and 25 mins!.. success!

Here is where the nonsense started. I headed over to the clinic on Pete to have my scripts filled... Well Pete Clinic doesn't fill written scripts, only the refil pharmacy located in the BX/Commissary does. So I had to journey all the way across the base to the refil pharmacy where I waiting in line behind every elderly person in the county only to be told that TriCare won't fill my specific muscle relaxer and vicodin together?!! Grr... "What, your kidding right?" was my reaction. "So I can either treat the pain or the problem but not both?" The disgruntled Government Employee behind the window replies "I still can't fill it." I thought to myself "that's not helpful at all but F-you." It isn't her fault so I didn't say that- of course. Doesn't make me any less discouraged though... So I filled the muscle relaxer and the motrin (as if I didn't already have that stock-piled in the cabinent)... but wasn't going to wait an hour and a half for it... so here I am at home blogging about it because that will surely effect change in some way right? ha ha All the same I have only about 15 more minutes before I have to go back and pick them up. If the pain doesn't stop within 7-10 days next step is an MRI to determine if there is a disc issue! Fingers crossed!!

OO... almost forgot they gave me a shot in the "back" for pain, but can't remember the name of that either. Starts with a "T"? I don't know about you but I cannot for the life of me figure out why the medical community says the shot is going in your butt and ask you to turn around and drop your pants when they never put the shot in your "cheek"!!! Ps this one actually hurt... =( And I feel no better- no worse.

ALSO! this nice civilian doctor told me that there are at least 3 studies that indicate 800Mg of Motrin 3 times per day is actually more effective and better for you than Vicodin/Muscle relaxer combination... I found this very interesting for 2 reasons:

1) It made me laugh and giggle because it sort of reinforced the Militaries need to prescribe Motrin like it's the only medication on Earth.

2) Again, I laugh and giggle because if this is better (in any way) than the muscle relaxer/Vicodin combination why would he give me all of the above? I found humor in it... But here is how it was rationalized:
Motrin- for inflamation
Vicodin- for pain
Mystery Muscle Relaxer- to 'relax' the muscle and decrease the spasming!

Any who... hope the combo works!

Any one now how much it costs to fill a prescription for Vicodin off post? Maybe I would be better off getting it off the streets...? Totally kidding! =p (off I go, no time to proof-read, sorry for any and all mis-spellings!)

Very Interesting....

So you know how I've been more or less bitching about only being prescribed Motrin for my neck- which has prohibited me from going to the doc for it? Well, I called this AM for an appointment on Base; Some Background: My pops was Air Force for 21 years, and retired from Peterson AFB. So my records are at the clinic on Pete and really it is closer than Ft. Carson/Evan's Hospital so I saw no reason to have my records moved. So basically I am still receiving medical attention on Peterson... ANYWHO... When I requested the appointment, there wasn't anything available for a while (I suppose) so they schedule me a walk-in at an Urgent Care place off Base. Who knew?! When I was living in DC I know that with the huge military community out there, people were often assigned a PCM off base/post/whatever. Well that is still fairly new for this area- hence my surprise! All the same I will be seeing a doc today about my neck. I've had a few people tell me they think it's a nerve thing because it doesn't hurt like a muscle ache...! URG... time will tell!

Other than that I spoke with Kevin this morning and he's going out on mission today. This is part of the gig I suppose but it still sucks to hear! Fingers crossed and I'll talk to him tomorrow!

I'm just waiting for my sis to pick up Nathan- she had more appointments this morning so I'm on kid duty! We played some Wii, which he loves by the way (Mario Cart rocks!) and now we're watching Shrek. So whenever his mommy is done at the doc and they pick him up i'll be going to hang out at the Urgent Care place.. New Territory for this girl who's spent her life receiving medical care on a military installation! I wonder if this will be like the Social Security Office or DMV. Time will tell.

The Pain... It's Back!

My neck is killing me... Tomorrow I call good ol' TriCare for an appointment! I still don't have any faith that they are going to do anything other than give me motrin! But we shall see.. No- that isn't me being bitchy or pessimistic that is me being realistic!!

PS: Brody has really REALLY awful gas! It's just bad..! :(

Sunday, April 26, 2009

FRG Update

As promised here is some very exciting news from my FRG Meeting yesterday:

I should start by saying my hubs left for deployment 2 Sept 08- with Main Body 2. Main Body 1 left 1 Sept 08. Okie dokie.. Now that, that is out of the way... Yesterday at the meeting our leader says that she received an email from my hubby's Cpt saying that all of the guys should be home within the next 4 months (which would put us right at the end of August). My first reaction to that was... "So? What is so exciting about that? How is the end of August anything more than an on-time re-deployment of soldiers? (based on when they left)?" Well, I said as much in the meeting and was promptly corrected: The Cpt saying that ALL soldiers should be stateside by the end of August would put the first group of guys re-deploying in July, and Main Bodies early August-ish. This is more exciting for me to think about. However... the Army being what the Army is, it's still hard to jump up and down about it. For the guys who return in July this is definitely early... however for those that re-deploy the beginning or middle of August... it's really not that much different. I mean really, if my hubs returns home the 15 of August and people ask how long he was gone I'm going to say "A year." not "11 and a half months." I mean seriously it's about the same. And again the nature of the beast kind of tells all of us whom are familiar to be hopeful but not expect anything. Early August is exciting to think about but I won't hold my breath!

Other than that we discussed fundraising and what we can do for the single Joe's return. I don't know about you but it's extra sad to see all these guys reuniting with family and some of these guys have no one there to welcome them, take them to dinner (or give then a home-cooked meal for that matter), make sure they have necessities on hand and at the end of the day make sure that their absence the last year has been noticed, missed and greatly appreciated. So that is one of the main purposes behind our current fundraising efforts. I think it's well worth it- don't you? Also, I think maybe even a little more urgent is our current lack of participation in this FRG. The first meeting I attended (with this troop; since my hubs was moved when he put on rank last December) was March 8th (read
here). This meeting was just for POC's and only 6 (maybe 7) wives showed up. Than the next meeting was a few weeks later (where we received a new address for our guys) and only 7 people showed up again (some of the POC's and 1 or 2 new people). So yesterday's meeting was extra disheartening because there were only 5 ladies in attendance. I think we all agreed that we should do something for those single Joe's but that we definitely need to budget our money in order to encourage more wives to get involved. Kaitlyn and I were saying we should have BBQ's and things like that- separate from FRG Business so that the other wives that have been less enthusiastic to get involved could come out for free food a lil booze (maybe..) and meet those of us that do lend our time and at that point they would possibly like us more, create some friendships and attend meetings and such!

What do you guys think??? Is there something that your FRG has done (similar to what we're getting at) that you really enjoyed? Maybe where you met another Army wife that you liked, or where you were motivated to be more involved?? Thanks for your ideas....!!

Some things from Yesterday.......

First, I attempted to post last night about my mystery flowers and after I was finished proof-reading for those pesky lil' errors, I hit the "publish Post" button and waited... waited... waited some more... still waiting! Well nothing happened so I refreshed the page and my post was gone. See- lost to the cyberspaces... just plain gone! Seeing as how I was nice and sleeeeepy I decided I wasn't going to worry about it again until this AM. So here I am to tell you guys my stories:

Is it just me or all Army wives (with deployed Hubby's) extra paranoid?? I got a call today from some guy with some flower company needing directions to my house (since it's not on mapquest.. which it's really not but all the same!). So I give directions but not my house number. I figure if they really did have an order for me they'd actually have my address- right? Aren’t I genius! Anyway so I hang up, bathe and run out of the house immediately.. wouldn't be the first time a woman living alone was targeted in this fashion, right? Or maybe this is one of the many sides to me that you weren't aware of... my crazy-paranoid side. All the same my mommy always told me "Better safe than sorry." So... I trust my gut and live with the consequences.

The Consequences:

Well the Newman’s decided they were going to send me flowers to thank me for helping them out so much lately! Aren't they sweet and very thoughtful??! Yes, I thought so...

Oh.. one other thing that did make me a little bit more paranoid and happy that I had trusted my gut and ran out of the house; Kevin called after I had left and I asked him if he was sending me flowers and he said no... and really I didn't think I had anyone else that would so that made me nervous. All the same no need to worry! But ladies, ALWAYS ALWAYS trust your gut!

I also wanted to share this photo I took yesterday of my nephew, Nathan. He's 2 (if you recall) and is pushing like hmm, we'll say 18? ha ha Oh and such a ham too obviously..
PS: No, there isn't a lick of Mexican in this child... he's just dark! ha ha
PSS: Also the outfit you may be asking yourself about was brought back from Hawaii from Nathan's "Pop-Pop" (my dad)! =)


Ladies, I will post more in the AM when I am feeling a bit more patient... all the same Today: Mysterious Flowers/caller, FRG Meeting with very exciting news and new pic of Nathan...

I had this all done and edited but stupid lost it and it was all erased and it just a mess... lost out in the cyber-spaces somewhere... =( so if anyone finds a lost blog... please return to me! THANKS!

Ni ni...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hola Senoritas

Pardon me while I blog randomly... ;-p

*~ I wanted to highlight a couple of blogs that may have been missed during the whole "Defining a Soldier" drama... Loneliness ugh.. that's it now that I go back and look. Because evidently the other one I was going to highlight was It Hurts, which I wanted peoples responses on re-integration and overcoming the "single" life and getting back into a routine. But I know that you ladies read this because I recalled all the support and concern I received about my neck- which is better by the way. I think it was just this ghastly machine I do at the gym I strained a muscle up there.

*~ Did anyone have any clue that 8 May is Military Spouse Appreciation Day? I never knew there was such a thing! I think it's fantastic though... I wonder what I'll have to do to show appreciation for myself since my hubs is gone... hmmmm??? I'll think of something! In 1984 President Reagan proclaimed the Friday before Mother's Day of each year to be Military Spouse Appreciation Day. "Well if you don't know, Now ya know!!"

*~ So ever sense my anonymous commenter introduced me to the term and subsequent 'movement' that is BITCHASSNESS... I've been hooked!! I find it hilarious seriously... Yes, this is a term coined by the one and only Diddy (you know that Puff Daddy, P-Diddy guy). I find it refreshing, original and completely hilarious. You can get t-shirts from his Sean John website.. again just for the comedic purposes I think everyone should have one! Female sizes will be released in May (sometime). Wooo hoo, I think I'll ask the Birthday fairey for one (since my B-day is next Friday)!! PS, if there isn't a "birthday fairey" I've just invented it so get on the bandwagon! tee hee =)

Here are the boys of Day 26 discussing the Bitchassness outbreak within their group- HILARIOUS...

Here is Diddy pitching his Spring "No Bitchassness" colors... my favorite part is when he asks the broad what color the "teal" one was... hilarious!

I strongly support the "No Bitchassness" movement!

*~ I forgot to mention during all the drama that I saw Twilight with Kaitlyn and her Granny. I think I was pretty much the only broad on the planet who had NO desire to see this movie! When Kaitlyn asked me over to watch it I even told her if it is as bad and I'm as miserable as I though I would be I could always leave and they could enjoy the rest of it. Well.... People I'm here to tell you I thought it was actually really good! I was hooked by the love story! Some of the "action" more vampirey scenes were corny but all the same I really liked it. Nikki will be disappointed because she didn't want to see it either. Also... while I did fall in love with the characters and the storyline I still do not get the obsession with the main character... Robert Pattinson (people, I really had to look up his name.. ha ha). While he's not unfortunate looking I don't understand the crazy following that he's acquired. So while I don't "get" the Robert P. obsession I did jump on the Twilight bandwagon! I will be making Kevin watch it once he gets home!!! HA HA

*~ Final Random Tid-bit: Spouse Residency Relief Act... what on earth is this fancy sounding thing that appears would benefit me and my kind in some way???! Well here you go loves:

"U.S. Representative John Carter (R- Fort Hood) introduced the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act (H.R. 6070) in the House, which would amend the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act (SCRA). SCRA gives servicemembers the ability to maintain a home of residency, regardless of placement by military orders, which has given servicemembers tax relief and also made a change in driver's licenses and vehicle registration unnecessary. The bill gives military spouses the same benefits as they relocate with their active-duty spouses."

Ok that's enough random facts for one night!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Article and other news...

Morning loves! So I wanted to share this article with you all. This is about a local unit from Ft. Carson- my brother-in-law's Unit actually; 4th En Bn. They were deployed to Camp Victory and after being in country for a short time they received new orders, to Afghanistan. Well my sister and her family were stationed out at Ft. Riley (KS- ugh...) then PCSed here to Ft. Carson where he was placed in 4th Engineers. The unit deployed in February, but because he was still owed dwell time from his previous unit and deployment he isn't set to leave until June (give or take of course). Instead of going to Iraq he'll head straight back to Afghanistan (where he was his last 15-month deployment!). Well, I wanted to share what I feel is news-worthy with you ladies!

Also, has anyone else had issues or heard of any other side-effects from our men being overseas? I have heard from a few other Army Wives that they have experienced problems getting pregnant...? Similar to "Saudi Syndrome" from the first time our military was deployed to the Middle East. I haven't been able to find any articles or documentation of this problem but since I've heard a handful of people I know discussing it I thought I would see if you all have heard or experienced anything similar.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


People! People! People! I took a brief hiatus from all the bullshit that was going on in the blogworld. I, as well as you grew tired of the arguments that I neither started nor perpetuated... Well, as I openly and publically attempted to change the subject multiple times, I refuse to give this person, their lies and negativity take up any more of my time and energy than it already has. Some of you may have noticed that during my hiatus I did delete my blog. This was to completely remove the drama from all of us who no longer wished to participate... the only way I knew how to do this was to remove the medium this other person had to perpetuate the nonsense- my blog.

All the same... I didn't create my blog to make friends that I would probably never meet. I also didn't create my blog to be magically transported back to high school; where people were kosher to your face and behind your back refused to back you up, and flat out bad-mouth you. Well I found a lot of my readers didn't like when I stated obvious military differences and responded to contradictory comments with facts... Well too bad. I've decided to remove the list of blogs that I read from my blog and start from scratch. If you don't like what you know of me (which isn't all that much), then feel free to discontinue your following of my blog I will take that as what it is... also for those of you who do stick around please feel free to in the future disagree with me but also please refrain from being disrespectful, rude, argumentative or out-and-out offensive. I didn't think these things had to be spelled out... silly me I thought it was common courtesy but evidently some people need to be reminded of how others should be treated and that you can disagree with other people and not result to any of the above.

So those are the changes peoples... I invite you to move on and as some of you go and no longer follow me I will continue on without you. I won't allow myself, my thoughts and opinions to be hinged on the validation of strangers. Read or don't... But stay positive! =)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pettiness... Stop Bitchin

I reached out to her, (army)wife so that she once again could see that while I didn't invent the "guardsman" title it is not meant with disrespect.... well she then attacked the ACTIVE duty Army... you know the guys who all serve EVERYDAY yes the "full-time" Army stating that the National Guard deploys both overseas and stateside so they in some way serve more than that of the Active Duty Army.... Well you can all read for yourselves what started her completely irrational, ridiculous rant directed at me and the military masses who know that not all service members are soldiers- regardless of what tells. Well after she so vagrantly offended me, my husband, and really all forces that serve everyday all day I told her I had no respect for her opinion and with those kind of comments and her defensive attitude it is no wonder she has ran into other people who have lead her to believe her GUARDSMAN husband don't serve in the same capacity as those who choose a full-time position within the Army. I also asked her "Please do not comment to me personally or publically on my blog on this issue." Well, then her husband as you can all read weighed in... really, I stopped reading after “this is (army)wife's husband"... honestly your wife has already proven what she knows about day-to-day military life publically. Marines want to be called Marines- not soldiers... same for Airmen same for Sailors and so on and so forth. While this is a non-issue for our troops actively fighting this war- it chaps my ass when the mother of a sailor (who knows her son is a sailor, based on the title of her own blog) refers to her sailor as a "soldier". They are not the same. This was the purpose of my original post. I would prefer going forward as I stated in my olive-branch email that we just agree to disagree and leave it alone.

I think it speaks volumes about a person's character that when someone reaches out to them whom never personally attacked them or their husband, and that person overtly offends the ARMY, her (my) husband and his service. This is my space, and while I don't mind contradictory viewpoints I do not appreciate being out and out belittled or having the same done to my husband. I am sure all of you can agree. Also, as I'm sure both Nikki and... Mr. Mootz (I can only assume that is their last name based on the fact that their son is "lil Mootz, anyway) can testify to I did not invent the "Guardsman" name/title... get used to it. DONT SHOOT THE MESSANGER. Furthermore, I won't stoop to the same level as these people because I was raised better and have more class. I never put the efforts of the National Guard below that of any other branch (or subsidiary) nor was I the one who singled the Guard out in this discussion...That was Nikki.

I think there is a lesson to be learned from all the negativity or "Bitchassness" as one commenter referred to it: Don't be so negative in your day-to-day life. Don't assume those around you (or fellow bloggers, strangers or military spouses) are attacking you or anything about you. Don't assume you have any idea what other people know- because you don't. Don't presume to change someone else' stance on any topic (present your argument in a respectful fashion and leave it alone. If you can't respectfully address another person keep your mouth shut!), differences' of opinion are Okay! When you read things... read it entirely. Don't see what you want to see or place yourself in the victim's chair when you haven't been victimized in anyway. Be more positive in your lives, and don't put others down just because you have the opportunity to. Rise above the pettiness and move on. I think I have set a great example today by not calling names, pointing fingers, having someone else fight my battle, screaming at the masses how the wives of national guardsmen are bad in some way shape or form (based on this series of emails). I could have chosen to bad-mouth Nikki but nope- I didn't... So please when people ruffle your feathers take a deep breath and find out how you can learn from that interaction, please don't intentionally hurt others! It's just nicer to be nice than it is to be mean! :) Oh- and lastly DONT SHOOT THE MESSANGER.

Last time I try to maintain long-standing history of the military... GOSH!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


When Kevin is gone it’s just me and Brody in this house. I'm not sure what the rest of your situations are, if you are living with family or have a roommate... But for those of you who are in my same situation when your husband’s leave I think you will get this perfectly. I wrote earlier this week about how my neck was hurting and I didn't want to be alone and how I feel like an inconvenience for the family that I have nearby. Well, this after noon (after a few days of on-and-off snow and all businesses and military in this area closing early for more snow today) I was feeling lonely again. I think after 7 months and 15 days loneliness is bound to creep up on a girl. Really, it's not a matter of getting through the days and nights... but it's about having someone in the same room with you. Not because you need to be having a passionate discussion about world peace or anything but just the presence of another person counts for a lot. For a while there I had Nikki to help with this problem. Really, she was just across the street and we would stop by and bull-shit a few times a week about life and it would turn into "I wanna see this movie that's coming out." or "I gotta get to Wally-world this weekend." and the other would say, "oh yeah I gotta go there too" or "I wanna see that two"... so we sorta started this casual platonic-dating situation... just joking peoples. All the same I wasn't having to do EVERYTHING by myself all the time.. and that was FAN-fucking-tastic!
Well Nikki left me for hotter climates over a month ago... I knew it was coming, and really all my loneliness isn't on her shoulders! I do have my parents, my sister and her family, and my aunt/uncle and cousins in town as well. So with all of this how does this Army wife find time to get bored or lonely? Well, I'm not a person that reaches out when I'm down very easily... and my family does spend time with me it just doesn't always coincide with my feelings of loneliness! So I can't expect them to be available at all times, in all weather for whenever I should possibly need someone in the room with me right? See, I am very reasonable person and respectful that others have lives to lead. All the same... doesn't make those days and hours where I could really use the presence of another human being any easier. They pass eventually though! Here's to getting through another lonely night on our own! What proud, strong Army wives we make! :)

Ciao now brown cow...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Response vs. Closure vs. Shut The Hell Up!

So here's the deal... My recent attempt to inform those who are less informed that those enlisted in the Air Force are thus Airmen, Marine Corp thus Marines, so on and so forth has fallen on deaf ears and the response is laughable. My readers are either worried about everyone else’s' feelings, being Politically Correct or the wife of someone whom enlisted in the Army National Guard and therefore don't appreciate, see, dignify the differences between one branch of the military to another. At this point I'm finished responding with fact, quotes, and concessions on this issue.

Let’s just summarize what I've learned since my original post (which was accurate, not meant to impune, or negative in anyway) that everyone in any branch of the military all fight for our freedom and are thus "soldiers". Now I know... I wonder how that will go over the next time I run into someone enlisted in the Air Force, or Marines for that matter to know that the opinions of those in blog-last have declared them no longer Airmen or Marines, but they are soldiers. But at least everyone is on an even playing field and we're all equal and live in a world made of marshmallows and love!! I thoroughly thank you all for your opinions, passionate declarations of my assumed ignorance, and for reading my blog! :)

Final address for Mrs. (army)wife... I do owe you an apology. I apologize that you assume "different" or "separate" to mean "less" or "diminished". Furthermore, I apologize that my pointing out the National Guard, Army, Air Force, Marine Corp, Navy are infact different and have altogether different titles for their service members, in some way upset or insulted you. I sincerely did not know that they were all to be referred to as "soldiers." Now I know and hence forth will refrain from dignifying any long-standing differentiations between services, specifically the National Guard and Army.

I hope we all have a joyous and enjoyable Friday, along with a blessed and equal weekend with those that they love!

As of now... I am personally done addressing the issue and will be moving on in my upcoming posts. I don't mind if any of you continue to post your thoughts and continue the debate... But I reserve the right to again address the issue at a later date. Tootles ladies! On to other bigger more important issues of the day... :)

Defining a Soldier (x3) Oiy....

Oh dear, I've done it again, haven't I?? Truly and Honestly I cannot for the life of me understand why (army)wife you are offended. I didn't say your husband is a scumbag and then so are you by extension. URg.. I'm sure that will be misinterpreted as well... My point with the "scumbag" comment was not to further piss you off but to point out I didn't say anything offensive. I labeled those who enlist in the Guard as "guardsmen".... shocking. I'm not sure why it is news that those who enlist in the Marine Corps are then referred to as "Marines", and so on and so forth with the other branches. One thing I am not is "misinformed"... I have a long history with the military (both personally and professionally). As far as specific quotes and links to where I found what I found I can tell you that this morning after reading your comment I did do my own research and googling because yes there is no way I'm right about everything under the sun... so I looked into it. I didn't know at that time that I would be required to submit cliff notes or specific URLS... so I apologize for not having them. And true to form with the internets (haha) I didn't find the same page on referring to the Guard as "Weekend Warriors"... So you can accept that I am honest person or you can push it aside. Admittedly, I was surprised to see it myself. All the same…. However, I have another passage for you (since I couldn't find the first ones):

From the Army National Guard homepage:
"The Army National Guard (ARNG) is one component of The Army (which consists of the Active Army, the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve.) The Army National Guard is composed primarily of traditional Guardsmen -- civilians who serve their country, state and community on a part-time basis (usually one weekend each month and two weeks during the summer.) Each state, territory and the District of Columbia has its own National Guard, as provided for by the Constitution of the United States."

And to concede and show how fair-minded I can be I have also seen (in written media and on military sites, ect) Guardsmen referred to as "soldiers"... I think that in FAIRNESS the lines are blurred on the issue. Especially in today's time with the way the military as a whole is being ran and utilized. The National Guard (while yes a component of the Army) is ran on a STATE not FEDERAL level... this is not the opinion of an Army wife. This is fact. The Army is run on a FEDERAL level. Now, where the lines are blurred is when these state ran Guards are activated (or mobilized) by the federal government. This is much the case with the wars that are currently being fought in the Middle East. When your hubby rucks-up he looks the same and was trained the same as those whom actually enlisted in the Army (not a subsidiary). So, my concession and final stance is that those whom are ACTIVE Army National Guard are also "soldiers." But, I cannot concede that those who are not activated and do their two weeks a year (and a weekend a month) are not entitled to the same title (sorry for the repetitive nature of my sentence). The sacrifices made by a full-time employee and a part-time employee are just different by nature; they give less of their time and lead a separate life... honestly a better life.

Well, I suppose you can continue to be angry if you choose. But I still for the life of me (sincerely) do not understand how referring to someone who didn't enlist in the ARMY as an Airmen, Guardsmen, Sailor/Seamen, or Marine is anything but the correct title. Not meant to diminish anything it's just accurate... with blurred lines- of course. I suppose it's possible that you have run into people who meant this as an insult or something, but that isn't my purpose so please refrain from hostility. I think that you may have projected or interpreted my blog for something that it wasn't based on your previous experiences... Having read your blog I know and understand the capacity in which your husband serves... no more and no less than mine. I do have one last question for you though... There are specific names/titles for each branch of service (I didn't make them up, or create the differentiations... so don't shoot the messenger) why don't we just refer to all of them as "Marines", or "Airmen" for that matter? Why is it that the Army has no specific title or name for their members, if "soldier" is now universal??? Maybe we just call them all "G.I. Joe"... lol after all I think that was everyone's first introduction to "Army personnel".. hey- I am trying here! Give a girl a break.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A FEW things... (Defining a Soldier x2)

Morning ladiessss! :) I had a rough night of sleep last night (didn't actually hit the hay until 2 AM), then tossing and turning and finally getting out of bed at 10 AM this morning... But the good news is that my neck is better... still sore but definitely better!!!! :) I knew it was just a muscle issue and I really had no desire to deal with the pharmacy and military bureaucracy, when I knew they would only throw medication at me! All is well. :)

Kevin called this am, right at 8 AM as usual! He had bad news about his squad leader position... I tried my best to be supportive and reassuring but I'm not sure that came through while working off only 6 hours of sleep. 6 hours may sound sufficient but I am not your average 23 (almost 24)-year-old. My body requires 8-9 hours to function properly the next day. Well I did the best I could... but I am hoping that Kevin gets the time to call me back so that I can explain this morning's call and offer more support and LOVE! :)

Okie dokie... My blogger-buddy from morethanan(army)Wife left a comment on my Definition of a Soldier post. I definitely respect your position and can see where you are coming from. However, I still beg to differ. You stated that the "National Guard is a segment of big Army and therefore, under your definition, all Guardsmen would be Soldiers." Well which National Guard? The Army National Guard or the Air National Guard? Jeeeze that was argumentative of me- I apologize. Not all Guard members are soldiers. Since the "War on Terror" started the National Guard (which are essentially State Militias whom take orders from their respective Governors) has been "Mobilized" in order to support and fill in the blanks that the Active Duty Army couldn't fill. Those mobilized and essentially now active duty Guard members have preformed amazingly. To deny the differences between enlisting in the National Guard and active duty Army is sort of naive. I'm confused, the Marine Corps originated from the Navy, would that make those enlisted in the Navy, Marines and by the same stretch all those enlisted in the Marines, Seamen or Sailors? No, right? So why does this rule of logic apply only to the Army National Guard? While mobilized your husband is just as much a soldier as mine. While he is not mobilized he is a Weekend Warrior (this is a direct quote from

Now, I will admit to being single-minded and "black and white" to an extreme possibly. I don't TRY to be this way it's just the way my mind works. However, when enlisting in the Army National Guard you are not enlisting in the same way, shape or form as the Active Duty Army. One may be a component of the other (just the same as the Navy and Marine Corps) but plain and simply they aren't the same. I can concede that those mobilized are 'soldiers'.. even though I don't like it per say! I guess in my mind it comes down to when you enlist... Either sign up for the ARMY or for the National Guard. They are different... so therefore not SAME-SAME. When a recruit chooses one over the other they are essentially choosing to be a Soldier or a Guardsman/Guard member if we're being P.C. Really if you wanted to be in the Army and be a soldier, why not choose to enlist in the Army versus the Guard? I really tried in this rebuttal to not be as sassy-pants and argumentative as I was in my "US vs. THEM" rebuttal. I hope that shines through.

So, I deleted the original rebuttal but all of what I said is still included- I simply wanted to add more. I went back and re-read my blogger-buddy's comment and my response and I just felt there were some things that I didn't touch on that I really want to. While I understand that the Army Nat'l Guard is a component of the Army there is still differences. One being that the National Guard (as a whole, with both Army and Air) are represented to the Government and Commander in Chief separately from the Army and Air Force, respectively. Now, this is sort of useless because even though the Army Nat'l Guard may have its own and separate representation in Washington doesn't make them any less than the Army (or the Air Force for that matter). This is just simply one example of a difference. The main thing that I wanted to say to (army)wife, is that while a large majority of the Nat'l Guard has been activated/mobilized since the invasions of Iraq/Afghanistan this is the exception and not the rule for the Guard. So I am not speaking simply of today's time, at some point (God Willing) we won't be policing the world and the Guard will then revert back to what it once was. Pointing out the difference, and referring to those in the Guard as "guardsmen" does not diminish their service in anyway... especially when they joined the Guard. I understand your position on this issue and while you and your family has served every bit as that of any family in the Army... think more long term: When times change and members of the Guard go back to "Weekend Warriors" should they then still be entitled to the same title as those who signed up for active duty?

I want to emphasize referring to members of the Guard as Guardsmen does not diminish their service. That is not the purpose of my differentiation in my mind. But when does the Army receive its own and separate recognition without members and family members of other branches invading on it? Believe it or not I don't necessarily disagree with (army)wife... based on the way the Guard is currently being utilized. My position is a generalization of what the Guard vs. the Army once was and will eventually be again... I hope that these last few paragraphs will help to convey and clarify my position. :)

Tootles ladies.

It hurts...

Does anyone know if swelling is normal after you've been icing?? Hmmm... I think Nikki said she was a nurse? I'm almost off to bed but I wanted to let everyone know I was in much better spirits today than yesterday... pity parties are short-lived here! But tonight I'm going to bed smelling like my grandpa- some good ol' Bengay. woo hoo! Well I think actually it's "icy-hot".. SAME-SAME... well it certainly smells the same! That’s for sure.

Anywho... someone asked me what to do when you get used to living alone? When you prefer your husband be home, but are passed missing them? The love is there (there was emphasis on this point!)... and she wants her soldier home... but maybe the distance has started taking it's tole on their relationship.... Well Ladies I need your assistance with this one! So please offer any and all experience and advice you may have to share!

First: I wanted to say that I was touched and humbled that "she" (ummm, I hate all this innuendo, we'll call her Susie.. :)) thought I would be able to help... I love being appreciated and trying to help other peoples.

Second: My first instinct is that it's wonderful that Susie has gotten to a place where she is strong enough on her own and not miserable and unable to function without her husband. This is something that will come in very handy if she married a career soldier! Being apart is just part of the gig. Remaining strong is important and believe it or not your soldier does appreciate that you don't fall to pieces when he leaves.

Third: Getting reacquainted after a year apart is something that I think we've all dealt with in our marriages. I have read some of these blogs that talk about how easy it is to just fall back into a rhythm on R&R or when the hubs returns home... I read these and think- "that is wonderful for them." I think for those couples who do have it this easy that is amazing. But I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that isn't the norm. I was ecstatic to see Kevin (when he SURPRISED me on R&R)... but the full 14 days wasn't filled with intimate memories, laughs and kisses. We ran ourselves ragged visiting family, losing things and buying things... and then there's that lingering thought in the back of your mind that this person is just about to leave again.. Why get so close, again? I think you have to get to a place where you are comfortable with them being gone. Life goes on when they are away. We can't get bogged down in depression or the negative. Getting a little bit off track- I’m sorry! What I am getting at is the process of reintegration is not easy for all couples and may take a little bit to get back to where you were! But stay committed and don't dwell on the "what if's" or worrying about how bad or good things may be when he returns.

Fourth: It might take effort... take initiative and add spice and re-light the flame in your relationship. Get out of town for a few days. Get a few nights away from the kiddos. Honestly I think marriages are meant to be work... it is maybe the most important relationship you will have in your lifetime, so if you want it to be good you have to make it good! Some days are easy. Some days are hell. But stay positive! :) and know that you aren't alone, the idea of having to cook for another person, and wash their clothes, and learn to share the bathroom sink again is daunting to me too. You aren't alone...

Ok I need to take my old-man smellin' self to bed now. I hope my muscle-relaxer half-asleep ramblings made some sort of sense to you and maybe you can pull something helpful out of that! Hopefully... Fingers crossed. Maybe in the AM I'll make some changes if this post wasn't so coherent or easy to follow!? We'll see in the AM! Please add your personal tid-bits, tricks-o-the-trade and advice too, readers!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well aren't you ladies just the sweetest anywhere! Thank you all for your kind words. Unfortunately, my neck isn't any better today! :( Now it's even sore to the touch. Yesterday it felt like my shoulder/neck area just needed to be rubbed, but when you would touch it, it didn't make a difference. I'm thinking I pulled it or something at the gym! So I'll keep the ice on it and take it easy. If it isn't better tomorrow, I'll go to the doc, afterall it is (more or less) free right? But knowing how they like to throw that Vitamin M at everything I figured I would do that on my own first and see where I get....

I'm gonna take a nappy now- funny how these muscle relaxers make a person sleepy huh? I just wanted to take a few minutes and let everyone know that I appreciate your support.


Earlier today I went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens with my sister, Nephew, my dad and his girlfriend Terri. It was really funny... I love with they've done with animated movies! Well, while we were at the movie I felt my neck starting to get stiff and achy... this was about Noon. It's now 810 PM and I'm in serious pain people! I've had these kinds of pains before so I popped a Flexilrol a few hours ago again- nada... still hurts and I'd even say it's getting worse. Here's my dilemma: I have quite bit of family in town and here's one day that I would really prefer not to be alone- but why call? I don't need help? And I don't think anyone would be ok with being taken away from their families because my person hurts. I wish I had the single friend with no kids and really no other responsibilities that I could call and they could come hang out, keep me company... but unfortunately I feel like all the peoples that I know have better things to do than sit on my couch watching TV; wondering what the heck they're doing here and what my issue is.

A lot of people who find out that I was raised here in Colorado Springs are quick to tell me how lucky I am that my family is here while Kevin is deployed. I understand the idea of that, but at the same time I feel like whenever I am sick of being all alone and could use someone's company that these people really wouldn't understand or make themselves available for me. Which sounds sort of uppity on my part... but really that is me cutting my relatives some slack. They have people around constantly- their own people who share their lives and they all deserve some respect and consideration. So while I may be lucky to be around family if say I am rushed to the hospital, because I know every single member of my family would be there in a situation like that... I really don't feel like I have a person that I can call just because I could use the company.

That's enough bitching and moaning for one night. I've always been one of those people who didn't really cry... what’s the point? It isn't going to solve or help to rectify the issue at hand. That is why I usually feel bad when I ask for help, cry, or inspire some form of pity in other people.

I guess I'll ice my neck pop another Flexilrol and keep my fingers crossed that it feels better in the morning!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Definition of a Soldier

Maybe I'm petty... maybe I'm just particular... Who knows. A "soldier" is not a universal term for all those serving or who have ever enlisted in ANY branch of the military. A Soldier is a person who serves in the ARMY. ARMY. HOOAH! I'm sorry but the ARMY is not the same as AIR FORCE, NAVY, NATIONAL GUARD, or MARINE CORP. I forgive the media for not knowing the difference, I forgive those who haven't been exposed to the miliary throughout the course of their lives for not knowing the difference. But truly and honestly I can't forgive those who know different and refer to their Sailor, Airman, or Guardsman as a Soldier. They aren't the same. Learn the difference. Appreciate the difference. Move on. Be proud of what your [any of the above] is... but they aren't soldiers. Has anyone else noticed how they (and they know who they are... no no it's not Casey, this happens a lot and isn't directed at anyONE person), don't generalize all military or deployed service members as "Marines". No no... the Marines are sacred... or something?! I know the difference between a soldier, a marine, an airman, a sailor and a guardsman... I wouldn't dare to refer to my husband as a Marine, Airman or anything more than what he is- a Soldier, or on a rare occasion an NCO.

I guess this would have to be considered a small just a lil rant right? I think of it more as a helpful hint- a nudge in the right direction.

Sunny Day.. sweeping the clouds away.....

So my hubby received this card in a care package from Operation Gratitude. The front if you can't see it says "As long as you need me..." then my hubs added "and then home". Sorry about the crappy picture, as you can recall Brody ate my digital camera, so this was taken with my cell phone. :( I was hoping the Easter Bunny would bring me a new one but that didn't work out so well. Anywho... I got this card out of the blue one day- usually Kevin and I speak everyday and we usually tell each other when we've sent things to each other, so it was a surprise to see this card. So you open the card and it says "You'll find me right there." And it also is one of those singing cards... which is the best part!...

"When the night has come
and the land is dark
and the moon is the only light we'll see
no I wont, be afraid
ooh I wont be afraid
just as long as you stand,
stand by me."

I cried like a lil' baby! I absolutely loved this card! Even though Kevin didn't pick it out on his own it was still really, really sweet and meant a lot to me. He of course added his own sweet message but I'll leave that between him and I. I love him... and when I come across these little mementos I'm reminded that I'm lucky to have him!

OK... enough already with the mushiness! GaG.. tee hee. And interesting enough I don't have anything else I really need to add. Other than I did pursue my goal of finding a job today... but yet again no responses on my resume. But it's bound to happen!

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Monday People!!

So I'm on a mission to get this week started off right! Here's to having a great week! I'm going to get my squishy self back to the gym, and I did have a good reason (at least to me it's a good reason) for not going last week but this week we're (we, of course being me, myself and I) back to the old routine!

My Goal for this week is to find a job... well and get hired. I've found plenty but haven't gotten any interest. I was bummed about not staying in an office setting and having to REVERT back to retail (ugh...), but I changed my outlook and I'm staying positive, wooo hoo! I desided that although retail is not ideal it will serve it's purpose... and i believe I am strong enough to do what needs to be done in order to keep our family on sturdy (financial) footing.

OO I gotta run, Desperate Housewives just came on that makes it 10 AM and time to hit the gym before all the Airmen arrive for PT.... I'll post more later. :)

Make today a great day, and the start to a great week! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just moseying along....

It is 430 on Saturday afternoon Brody is pacing around because he's ready for his dinner, I've been enjoying an all day O.C. marathon courtesy of my great Hubby. This morning I spoke to Kevin and he told me that he thought I should take today and just relax. :) I think he's just freaking brilliant! As previously disclosed I LOVE me some OC. I had planned on baking some chocolate chip cookies too, but never really got the motivation to actually complete that task. I just sat here reading up on some blogs, applying for jobs (ugh... what a chore), and seeing what comes next for Ryan/Marissa and Seth/Summer. Unfortunately I got to a great part where everyone is broken up and poor Seth is stuck in Newport (Brown sucks!), but I have to put an end to my marathon. At this point sitting in the house any longer will go from relaxing to just plain lazy! I have to get this dog fed, straighten up a bit and venture out into the cold to procure more Special K Protein bars! Woo hoo.. I think I'll also complete my cookie baking this evening too... yummm.

Other than that I appreciate that I wasn't the only wife who has been through a rough period over the phone with her soldier! Thankfully, I think that is turning a corner! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Not so Much...

People have been asking for an update... Well really not much has been going on. Just been helping my sister out a little bit and still trying to find a job. That is becoming more and more of an necessity every day! :(

Ummm, my hubby is doing good they have completed their journey to Basra... fingers crossed this will be the last move for this deployment! Oh and he's complaining about the heat! Over 100 there now...!

WOOHOO! I thought of something to blog about! Kaitlyn and I watched Taking Chance. It was really kind of heart wrenching. I was interested to see how our fallen heroes were treated one their way home. Also, I am sort of one of those people who have to rub salt in an open wound- so to speak. There were a few scenes I could do without... they didn't show faces but the shots (that I could do without) of someone cleaning a body or sealing the body bags. Overall it was a great story and very well portrayed. I have to say Kevin Bacon plays one squared away Marine.

Well basically life has been boring! whooptyyY DOooO!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Still no word from my blogger buddy who broke up with me.... :(

Oh well! Here's to movin' on!

Can't get bogged down in the past right? tee hee...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ryan Conklin

Did anyone else watch The Real World: Brooklyn? Honestly, I didn't watch it religiously but I did catch it a handful of times. The first episode I caught was the one with the election and Veteran's Day. While I'm not sure about the details of his previous service Ryan was in the Army and has deployed to Iraq once pre-Real World. Maybe it's the wonder of editing or it really was just a coincidence but on the same Veteran's Day/election episode Ryan received a call and was told that he had orders back to Iraq. What a 'heavy' episode right? There was comic relief when a soldier that Ryan served with said that Ryan was a "highly decorated soldier" because he had received the Army Commendation award. You Army wives know this award... it's that same certificate that you have countless copies (certificates) of... Anyway...

The point of my post people, would be the reunion episode that I just saw tonight. Since the show wrapped Ryan started training to deploy again. I appreciate the fact that a larger portion of the population finally had a face to put with these soldiers they hear about on the news. I think it is beneficial for people to see these young men that leave and actually, physically fight these wars. But... strangely I'm left with this nagging feeling that what we saw and some of the emotions, and reactions to Ryan and his service and impending deployment were disingenuous.

Did anyone else get that feeling? I don't mean that to downplay Ryan's service... but I was just left with that feeling. Maybe it was just the flashiness of te whole thing? Ryan attended the reunion in ACU's... like why? Egh... I'm not sure what it is exactly that makes me feel this way but I just felt the whole thing was disingenuous! Sorry I couldn't elaborate more peoples!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two Things

Thing # 1: LAST NIGHT ~ Kaitlyn and I went on a date. :) it was good times. I think that is healthy for us Army Wives to stick together and take each other out for a nice evening every once and a while. We went to A.I., which is a Hibachi restaurant. I found it amusing that we were sat at a table with 5 Air Force Academy Cadets... haaa haaha hahaha! It was amusing... my favorite was this 20 year old kid who told us he was from Georgia (he assumed that made him extra special). He was the arrogant big-headed jerk type... So we wound up telling them we had both married into the Army... The arrogant kid responds with "I drove past Benning once." SERIOUSLY? What on earth does that have to do with any friggin thing? I suppose that made him feel special! oiy... Boys! After dinner Kaitlyn and I saw "I love you, man". This was hilarious people!! If you need a good laugh this is really the way to go! We laughed our asses off! It was good times..!

Thing # 2:
I'm thinking I got shafted. :( There was one blog that I really *truly and honestly* enjoyed reading. I left comments on her posts, and she returned the favor many times... but last night I went to view her blog and the author had switched it to private and didn't invite me! :( No, I am not talking about you Lola! You did invite me and I can still thankfully view your blog. This person doesn't have an email listed on their profile either, so I can't holler at them and request to be invited. I guess that means one of my blog buddies broke up with me! :(

Friday, April 3, 2009



This just in: I have 10 followers! Wooo hoo! When I first started blogging and had no followers, I thought to myself: "Why does blogger even track the # of followers one has?" Truly and honestly (if you haven't noticed this is one of my favorite sayings), why does it matter? But when I started noticing people enjoyed and eve sometimes agreed with the things I was talking about it did make me feel like I had accomplished something! :-) After all, what girl doesn't like to be recognized and appreciated!? I blush... tee hee

I have noticed that some of you bloggers have a tracker that will show how many people view your page, how long they stay, and even who is currently on your page (including where they are from). I guess it is interesting to see who is looking at what you have to say about your life. Personally, I don't care if I have 2 followers, 10 or 500 as long as they can relate to my subject matter and are positive-fun peoples! I don't need the negativity in my life!! I have enough stress with never knowing what is to come next with our crazy [army] life! Save the Drama for your Mama! :) OH, PS: I would love to be helpful at some point to a follower (hopefully more than one)! So, whenever I may blog with helpful hints please take them in the spirit in which they are intended, helpful hints and not preaching right or wrong! :)

I have to share that BIG is on AMC right now. They are at FAO Schwartz in the floor piano! I love that scene. When I visited FAO Schwartz in NYC they had a Simpsons display on the piano and I couldn't play on it! I was not happy with this outcome!! :( Totally disappointed. BOOO SIMPSONS!

Happy Friday Followers! :)

Thursdays = Excitement (sarcasm)

As of lately my days have been consumed by job hunting and working out! With that mix isn’t it just amazing that I haven't been in better spirits, right? Ha ha... The job search is really not going well. At this point I am regrettably thinking I'll have to revert back to retail. C'est la vie! I'm keeping the search up though... keep your fingers crossed out there people! :)

Brody, our beast has been extra rebellious lately. I know that puppies and Golden's especially eat everything until about 2 years of age. In the past he'd eat shoes- if they were left out; he was also known for chewing the corners of the molding in my house! I had the really bad portions of the molding replaced and I touched up the others all on my own (I'm so crafty!). Since then he really hasn't had any issues. Well with all of the snow going on lately I had an old towel by the back door so that he wouldn't track mud all over my house (good idea right..?). I had done this many, many times in the past and no issues... but for the last 2 weeks he's been eating anything and everything left out! He tore up the towel, so I tossed that. After that was gone, he pulled hand towels off the stove and chewed on those (thankfully they weren't torn to pieces like the other towel, so I just washed them). Then on Wednesday I went out to play with my friend Kaitlyn and when I came back he had ate my camera! I left it on the end table after posting my picture of cottage cheese and grapes... and he chewed it to bits! :( You would think I would have learned my lesson after this right? Well, evidently I'm slower than the average bear: yesterday I went to my mother's for dinner and left the phone on the couch (pretty much a common practice) and when I got back about 2 hours later he had chewed on that too! Thankfully it still works though! I'm so frustrated with him... these kind of things weren't issues for him before. I'm thinking he's pissed at me? What do you all think?? For a while he's going to be in his kennel when I leave the house. I hate doing that to him but I can't have him eating everything I own, right??? Rest easy people... he does have other chew toys, he's just disgruntled for one reason or another!

Last night was the series finale for ER! I haven't really watched this show religiously for years but I have been watching these last few episodes. Was it just me or was it strangely sad to see this show end? I had thought for a while now that it was time for that show to go, but when it actually happened it was sorta sad. I also felt it was kind of crappy that Noah Wiley and Eric LaSalle were the only "big names" that showed up. Anthony Edwards gets a pass because his character died... but Mr. Clooney was just too busy to show? He was on with Julianna Marguiles a few episodes back but I was surprised not to see them during the finale. Overall I thought the episode was bitter sweet!

Other than the crappy job search, disgruntled dog and ER coming to an end... I have been sticking to my diet and workout schedule! :) I have even lost a few more pounds! WOo hoo.. So, outside of my day-to-day life my hubby and I have been talking every morning this week. As much as I love to hear from him, and I am thankful that we have the opportunity to speak almost every day we just have not been on the same page the last few days! :( I'm going to go out on a limb here ladies, and assume that I'm not the only one out there that has had this problem. When our conversations don't go well, or we argue a little bit I beat myself up later because we really should be making the best of our conversations. So I'm not the only one....Right? Don't let me be the only wife who has dealt with this!!! help...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have been losing weight! Woo hoo! I have been working out on the regular and eating smaller portions, and concentrating on more (lean) protein. Well, my breakfast most days consists of "Instant Breakfast". I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with this or not... It comes in chocolate and vanilla flavored powered packages (that is a bit confusing.. the packages are not powered. Lol), you just add milk and voila! All for just 210 calories. So it isn't horrible but I knew it wasn't the best. Unfortunately eggs make me gag. It's odd anyway you cook em', scrambled, over-easy, poached UGH... I just can't handle it. They’re yucky! (I feel like a 2 year old!) ha ha.. All the same I can't eat just eggs, but when they are cooked in something they don't bother me though! :) All the same with one of the best sources of protein out there out of the rotation for breakfast... I figured I should try some fruit and I hear people eat this cottage cheese with breakfast too. I'm sorry it looks extremely unappetizing! Also it tastes kind of funky.

People what is the deal with cottage cheese??? It looks like I'm destined to drink my Instant Breakfast for all of time... it's yummy though. This is what I get for trying to expand my horizons! ha ha

I was hoping that if I shared my Breakfast story with the blog world it would amuse someone, or that you could maybe recommend another alternative.....?!\
OOO. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!! Watch out for that evil computer worm going around. According to the news it has been activated. It can track keystrokes amongst other things... Who knows how real it really is but I'm not going to check my bank account for a while. Be careful out there loves!!


I completely [and ridiculously] L-O-V-E “The O.C.”!!! I know that this show was yanked off the air many moons ago, and I never watched it when it was first on the air. However, I watch it every day on Soapnet... It's become one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I am obsessed with the drama. Will Marisa and Ryan get it together.... eye yeeye yeeye!? PS: I'm still only in the second season people- PLEASE NO SPOILERS here! :) OOO, while I love the drama that is Ryan and Marisa's on and off love/lust, SETH COHEN is my favorite. He's hilarious, such a dry and witty fast-paced humor... he is one of the most unique characters I've seen on TV in a long while! :)

So after being extra bummed this morning I cleaned my house which I'm sad to admit is very therapeutic for me. Even sadder... since I'm unemployed and husbandless at this time I basically clean my house everyday (daily therapy) then go on about my business! :) Ok, enough admitting how big of a loser I am... ha ha After my house was spick and span I bathed and tracked down my tax return (GOAL #1 accomplished!!!), then went to visit my nephew and sister for a while. Tomorrow they are going out of town for a few days... I'll miss my nephew.

Hope you ladies aren't too bored with my day! But I did manage to get out of my sad somewhat pissy mood, so my lame chores most definitely served their purpose.

I hope you all had good days! :)