Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some things from Yesterday.......

First, I attempted to post last night about my mystery flowers and after I was finished proof-reading for those pesky lil' errors, I hit the "publish Post" button and waited... waited... waited some more... still waiting! Well nothing happened so I refreshed the page and my post was gone. See- lost to the cyberspaces... just plain gone! Seeing as how I was nice and sleeeeepy I decided I wasn't going to worry about it again until this AM. So here I am to tell you guys my stories:

Is it just me or all Army wives (with deployed Hubby's) extra paranoid?? I got a call today from some guy with some flower company needing directions to my house (since it's not on mapquest.. which it's really not but all the same!). So I give directions but not my house number. I figure if they really did have an order for me they'd actually have my address- right? Aren’t I genius! Anyway so I hang up, bathe and run out of the house immediately.. wouldn't be the first time a woman living alone was targeted in this fashion, right? Or maybe this is one of the many sides to me that you weren't aware of... my crazy-paranoid side. All the same my mommy always told me "Better safe than sorry." So... I trust my gut and live with the consequences.

The Consequences:

Well the Newman’s decided they were going to send me flowers to thank me for helping them out so much lately! Aren't they sweet and very thoughtful??! Yes, I thought so...

Oh.. one other thing that did make me a little bit more paranoid and happy that I had trusted my gut and ran out of the house; Kevin called after I had left and I asked him if he was sending me flowers and he said no... and really I didn't think I had anyone else that would so that made me nervous. All the same no need to worry! But ladies, ALWAYS ALWAYS trust your gut!

I also wanted to share this photo I took yesterday of my nephew, Nathan. He's 2 (if you recall) and is pushing like hmm, we'll say 18? ha ha Oh and such a ham too obviously..
PS: No, there isn't a lick of Mexican in this child... he's just dark! ha ha
PSS: Also the outfit you may be asking yourself about was brought back from Hawaii from Nathan's "Pop-Pop" (my dad)! =)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

HAHA, you sound like me. I had that happen once. I had flowers dropped off on my door and I was so paranoid for days. I was like who sent them, where did they come from!?!?!

Glad you found out who they were from!

Nikki said...

Ahh always extra aware...I don't call it paranoid, I just think I pay attention to things. You have to be on guard!

And your nephew is adorable.

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Great flowers! And such a cutie your nephew is...I got to see all my nieces and nephews this weekend and it was great! I miss them already:( Love the new page!