Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Boredom

What do you do with your weekends?
The last month's weekends have been pretty damn boring around here! I don't like to just randomly or frivolously spend money. I'm a mission-minded kind of person. If there isn't a plan in place... why would we just venture out of the house? So I wonder what fun things you all do with your families on the weekends so that me and Kevin can steal your ideas and be more productive and fun (like you)!
I'm thinking we can go skiing (yes I'm the only 20-something on the planet who doesn't snowboard... never even tried it). It's fairly expensive but we can rent all our gear and buy our lift tickets on post so that will help. 
 Maybe we'll get some people together and make a weekend of it? hmmm...
It's an idea! Could be fun...
But there are so many things around the corner:
Thursday, I'll be in DC until Sunday!
YES, Super Bowl Sunday. It's ridiculous. When we bought the ticket we didn't know Super Bowl would be on the 7th. Grrrr!
The 8th is my big Sis' birthday.
My BIL should be back from A-stan by Valentine's Day... we hope!
Taxes, Dog Grooming, Baby shower, another Birthday.... Kevin's Birthday on St. Patty's Day (17 Mar). Then the family's newest addition will grace us with his presence! My sister should have her baby by the 15th of March!!
With all the excitement coming up I still want your weekend ideas!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I know I haven't blogged about my job search in a long while, but nevertheless I have still been searching for jobs. I was being considered for a NAF position at a nearby Air Force Base. I thought that with a few connections I would be a shoe-in. No so much. I found out yesterday they hired someone else for the position. :( I am very discouraged- you know AGAIN! But I am going to concentrate on things I have some control over. I'm going to go back to school. Isn't that good news? Yea, I'm so very excited about it.

I've been going back and forth for a while about what I want to go to school for? At what level? You know that age-old question, "what do I wanna be when I grow up?" I think I've found something that will work when Kevin and I should ever PCS. I'm just not sure its something I'm really pationate about. But I'm starting to learn (as I've said before) being a grown-up is no fun! We have to do things that we don't necessarily love to get through. Right?

What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you doing it? Or did you settle for something that would pay the bills?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Want it.... Wednesday

I love that ExPat Girl wants her husband today!

I also want my husband today... Don't hate me, those of you who are in the throws of a deployment but Kevin is at the range until tomorrow afternoon and I miss his nonsense already! This is the first time he's been gone sense he got back from Iraq in August. It'll be alright though. I'm sure I'll make it through... lol! I'm having a few girlies (and their girlies/daughters) over this evening for some wine and foood!
(there has to be foood!)

I want... to see Shrek the Musical AND Marry Poppin's on Broadway.
(I want... enough money to make this dream a reality, you know airfare, hotel and such...)

I want... this back:


I want... to sell our old couch on Craislist! Why don't people want my crap?
(it's not really crap, it sat in our spare room for about a year and a half and was barely ever sat on!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

this and that...

I have THE sickness people! I'm not at all happy about it. My entire head is clogged and my throat is sore... only thing I'm missing is the cough. Swell. So my throat hurts just because of all the drainage. BOO!

Other than that does it bother anyone else how Chinese food menu's don't include descriptions/explanations?? Seriously I don't understand why it is so much trouble to let us know how the beef with snow peas is prepared, what veggie's they add to the dish, etcetera and so forth. Really every other restaurant on the planet does this... why does the Chinese have to be extra difficult?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Want it.... Wednesday

That's right it's Wednesday and I'm here to tell you what I want.
Can I get a BIG {Woooo HOOO}?? You know because I know you're EXTRA excited to find out what it is I want:
For this week's I Want it Wednesday... we're going to do a vacation spot edition.

I want to go here.....

In case you don't know where this picture was taken (I didn't either but I thoguht the boats were cute) it was  BOSTON!

and here:

CHI- Town!

and here:

San Francisco!
(and no, not for the Sourdough... I hate it, it's YUCKY)

and back here:

Good Ol' NYC!
Since Kev and I were married I've always wanted to go here with him!
One day...

and back here:

I figure we have to go with the right group of people. And be prepared to booze it up a lil bit. If you all remember Kevin and I went here on Block Leave. I didn't have the greatest time. But I'm kind of lame. So I think that's my own bad.
When/if we do go again I want this:


I want to go here:

and do this:

Yup, you guessed it

That's enough for today. There are MANY more places I need to see before I die. These are the ones currently on the top of my list, state-side (CONUS- if you will)... lol.
Stay tuned for next weeks edition of I Want it Wednesday... Places to visit overseas (OCONUS)!!.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lady Friends

Do you have a group of very close girl-friends?
Maybe I'm the only on the outside looking in on this phenomena.
Somehow I doubt that.
It's pretty much bothered me since... the Sex and the City movie came out that I didn't have a GROUP of strong always-there-for-you girlfriends.
Don't get me wrong. I do have friends. I do have girl-friends. I am just very envious of the group.
Doesn't this make sense to anyone else out there?
I suppose I could get my random girlie-friends together. Then, in theory I'd have a GROUP.
Something that about always goes arye doesn't it?
Someone gets jealous.
Someone starts talking non-sense about someone else.
This has always been my experience with any group of females. Big or small. Old or young.
Am I wrong?
Has this been your experience?
Where does the group come from? One outsider (me) bringing random females together? Or do you have to come up with the same group, organically?
Here's my problem...

I want this: 

Do you have a group? How'd you build it?
MilSpouses? Any specific advice when it comes to our unique pool of ladies to choose from? Enlisted verses Officer (personally I don't much care, if you're cool people than I'll kick it with just about anyone)? People constantly coming and going? How do you stay in touch? Does your group just GROW as you PCS? Or you still have that one group (such as the ladies above) that no one can penetrate?

I must go now. I have plans with Erin and MacKenzie. Chick-flick and SALAD.
We party HARD- evidently. WOO!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winner of this lil' beauty:

But I feel like pullin' a "Ryan Seacrest" and dragging it out.  SO I'll tell  you about my evening!

So I've told the world about Nikki, my neighbor dozens of times. She's awesome. We love Nikki. Something you should know about Nikki though is that she likes to party. Good for her though! She's not hurting anyone on most occasions, so let her enjoy herself right?! RIGHT! Well, Nikki has herself this fella- she fell for a soldier (don't we all eventually? JK for my Navy wife readers ;) much love) it's cool her man is is good people! Anywho, her fella and mine were in conspiring this past week (behind our backs!!) to get Nikki's fella out here to surprise her!! (awww I love surprises!) Anywho, so Nikki's Fella got into town Friday AM and is staying until early Monday AM. (:
Last night these characters FORCED ME against my will to go out boozin' it up with them! I am really not in the habit of doing this. I'm more of a drink-with-dinner, wine-in-the-evening type gal. But we really did have a good time. Minus the fact that drunk boys like to fight outside the club at 2 AM. Oiy... not our boys, but others. But still drunk-fighting-boys are hilarious!

Me and the hubs!

Nikki and her Fella

Does that look like Mikey Mouse to ANYONE else?
Well up-side-down, of course...?
Anywho, we all had a fantastic time!

Without further ado, a BIG HUGE thanks to BORDERS and our winner and proud owner of a new Sony Touch E-reader is
I would post a link to her blog but she VERY recently retired her very entertaining and intelligent blog after her hubby returned home from Afghanistan. I know I miss your blog, as I'm sure other do too!
Thanks for keeping in touch though.
I'll email you with further details!
Thanks to all of my followers for participating.
Maybe we'll have another sponsored giveaway very soon?

Final Day to Enter Giveaway

Today is the final day to enter my giveaway for your very own Sony Touch Reader:

Find the Rules and enter here:
I know a couple of my favorite girlies haven't entered yet! I also know they'd love this. I will be picking a winner (well will actually be doing it) first thing tomorrow and I'll post ASAP who he/she is!


So I started reading The Shack (as previously reported) and I'm really questioning why....
This book is a Best Seller. I know. Everyone knows. But really I'm just thinking it's about all of the darkest and ugliest things a father/parent/person can possibly go through. Why do I want that when I read?
Do you know anyone who's started this book- and NOT finished it?
Would I be the first?
Should I just finish it and in the end it'd all come together for me???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

.....Insert interesting title here

So maybe I'm not firing on all cylinders this AM. I mean, seriously, I couldn't even come up with a title for this post... hmmm. Bare with me, this could be interesting.

First.... welcome to all of my new followers! Second... you better not all be just using me for the free stuff (or else). hmm. That'd make me very sad. :(

Anyone else have any of The Biggest Loser Dvds? Well maybe you should get them. Tuesday Bob Harper (anyone else think he doesn't look like a "Bob"?) kicked my A.S.S.! He must be a "leg man" because it feels like all I did was lunges! All yesterday my thighs and bum were sore!
If you wanna work it out... give this dvd a try.

Just finished this book:

Sundays at Tiffany's
By, James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet

I was adorable. This is the first book by James that I've dared to read. I thoroughly enjoyed it though.

I suppose I have to read The Shack next.
I've been avoiding it. It's supposed to be amazing but the whole idea of it sounds dark and damn depressing. I think I'll wait until I get my new Sony Touch Reader to purchase any other books!! Whooop Woop :)

What are you reading? Is it good?
We only want referrals to books that are great!

WOO HOO for 4-day weekends and MLK!
The hubs and I will have to plan something fantastic for our extended weekend.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Want it.... Wednesday

Since we got a new mattress we moved our other one into our spare room... which shall be known as the "guest room". It's not only spare now it has a purpose!

I want...

one of these... as end tables in the guest room. What do you think?
Bedding is all white with black lines around the edges. So either would work. The pedistal table is great but the black has more storage. Which may or may not be a good thing.
I'll have to hit up the Goodwill and see what I can find.

I want.... YOU to enter yesterday's giveaway!
C 'mon who doesn't want one of these?:

I want... to lose 20 lbs in 4 weeks like Kloe Kardashian did.
Rich people make me angry.
Maybe I'll call her and she'll sponsor my weight loss, because I'm poor?
You think?
Prolly not. lol

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Friggin' Amazing! and a GIVEAWAY!

Lets just dive right in, shall we?

Recently I've been nominated for 3 awards! :) Aren't I popular!!!

Thanks to Katie! I am beautiful... and so are you my dear!

Thanks to Teri!
I have to admit I haven't checked out your blog yet. But I'll be sure to do it VERY soon!

A big thanks to ExPat Girl!

Teri and Katie please don't be offended but I'm not going to be following the rules, because the people have seen it from me before! I will however proceed with the rules from ExPat's Award:
The rules for the award are to blog about a woman (real life, celebrity or fictional) that you think is fabulous and explain why you think she rocks.
You then need to pass the award onto 5 other bloggers that you think are deserving.

FIRST: I think my sister is fabulous because she is on her FOURTH deployment in just 7 years of marriage. (You do the math... PPPSSHhh 12 months dwell-time my foot!)
She's 30 weeks pregnant and has a monstrous adorably-sassy three-year-old.

I know that my sister is just one of many. She isn't the exception, she's the rule. It's because of women who've come before me that I know I can survive my deployments. And one day (God help me) be strong enough for me and my future spawn babies.
I think she's fabulous, because she inspires me.
Love you sis!

Yes you heard me right (in the title) today we are starting my first ever giveaway!!!
Not only is it my first but it's SPONSORED. Yes... that's right people. Strap in... and get ready for this one!

So the amazing people at Borders contacted me to participate in this giveaway. Earlier today I went down to the Borders and demo'd this bad boy. It's AWESOME. I have to admit I wasn't really drawn to these. Going into it I was concerned where one gets the e-books and how they are downloaded onto the device.
Well that's just too easy!
It comes with software that helps you download books.
The one feature I was extremely surprised by was the highlighting. You can "highlight" (obviously) quotes and sections from one of the THOUSANDS (1000's) of books this lil' beauty holds.
It's really pretty awesome. I was blown away.

Now to the free-stuff.
Thanks to Borders and their support for our military this give-away is restricted.
I know, {sad face}.
But the unique packing limitations our soldiers are faced with makes them perfect for this Sony Touch Reader!
Here are the rules for this Giveaway:
You or your spouse must CURRENTLY be active-duty.
*This will be verified, if you are chosen as the winner.
All entries must be received by NO LATER than this SATURDAY, 16 Jan!!
All those eligible can reveive a MAXIMUM of 3 entries (as follows):

1: answer this question:
Will e books and readers change the way you shop for books?
2: Let me know you follow my blog.
3: Re-posting about this giveaway on your blog.
*please give URL to your "repost".

Those entering will be entering for a chance to win a Sony Touch pre-loaded with 10 top titles (selected by Borders) for their full time active-duty spouse.

Lets get it going people. I will announce the winner First Thing Sunday AM.
Entries received after 12-midnight 1/16/10 will not be accepted.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Here we go!!

I've decided that I'm DONE with my post-holiday funk! I'm just over it. I'm sick of being down in the dumps for no good reason... So, screw you post-holiday-funk. See ya. I'm moving on to bigger and better things; brighter days.

Here's what you may have missed/What I failed to report:
Kevin finally unpacked from deployment.
(yeah... only took 5 months, but it's finally happened)

We got a surprise visit from the "New Bed Fairy"
(we've moved up in the world of mattresses. Hello, Ultra-Plush Serta Mattress!)

I've been lending my hand to my very pregnant sisters nesting habits! We've successfully painted baby Caden's room. I'll really need to get some pictures. She made me choose the paint colors and I think it looks fantastic! Just yesterday we put the bedding on/in (whatevs) the crib, hung valance and two pictures. Now the room just needs a few finishing touches.

I am in the running for a NAF position at Schriever AFB.

(I know I know... I'm Army (hooah and all that) and this is AF. But hey, it pays and that's truly what I need out of a job. Lets not forget my Pops was AF for 21 years. So... umm I was expecting to insert an AF alternative to "Hooah". I'm at a loss. Ooops.)

Oh, we also 86'd all of the Christmas decor. That was a sad day. :(
I got over it.
I really crave order so it was a good thing.

Here's what's to come:
Get back to my bloggy!
((it's really missed me))

Get motivated.... in every way.
((weight loss, here I come. chores, reluctantly necessary. job.... ugh -rolling eyes-.))

Visit my best friend in DC! We'll be finding out the sex of her baby (to be named Samantha, because I'm fantastic).

Start a job.
((fingers crossed... I'll do everything I can on my end))

Have carpets steam cleaned.

Sell stuff on Craigslist.
((damn recession))

My favorite Brother-in-law returns from A-stan!!

My second nephew graces us with his presence in March!

My ONE YEAR blogger-versary!

I am most excited to keep myself in check. We all have emotions and they aren't always fun or pleasant. Sometimes we are down in the dumps. But, I'm done with that for the time being. Please forgive my absence, I don't like to broadcast my pity-parties. As I said I'm in to brighter days. I am going to work on laughing more. General Happiness.

Anyone else notice I now have over 100 followers?

Love. It.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Post-Holiday- Funk

Anyone else feeling this way?

At first I was completely bummed that Christmas was gone! :( I know I'm such a 5 year-old at heart. I just felt like the actual holiday got lost in the shuffle. It made me sad for about half-a-day. I'm not so much sad but just kind of in a funk. (hence the title of my blog). (also, hence the lack of blog-posting lately)

I'll post more later- when I decide how I want to approach this subject.

No need to fret people, I'm fine; everyone's fine. :)