Sunday, January 17, 2010


I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winner of this lil' beauty:

But I feel like pullin' a "Ryan Seacrest" and dragging it out.  SO I'll tell  you about my evening!

So I've told the world about Nikki, my neighbor dozens of times. She's awesome. We love Nikki. Something you should know about Nikki though is that she likes to party. Good for her though! She's not hurting anyone on most occasions, so let her enjoy herself right?! RIGHT! Well, Nikki has herself this fella- she fell for a soldier (don't we all eventually? JK for my Navy wife readers ;) much love) it's cool her man is is good people! Anywho, her fella and mine were in conspiring this past week (behind our backs!!) to get Nikki's fella out here to surprise her!! (awww I love surprises!) Anywho, so Nikki's Fella got into town Friday AM and is staying until early Monday AM. (:
Last night these characters FORCED ME against my will to go out boozin' it up with them! I am really not in the habit of doing this. I'm more of a drink-with-dinner, wine-in-the-evening type gal. But we really did have a good time. Minus the fact that drunk boys like to fight outside the club at 2 AM. Oiy... not our boys, but others. But still drunk-fighting-boys are hilarious!

Me and the hubs!

Nikki and her Fella

Does that look like Mikey Mouse to ANYONE else?
Well up-side-down, of course...?
Anywho, we all had a fantastic time!

Without further ado, a BIG HUGE thanks to BORDERS and our winner and proud owner of a new Sony Touch E-reader is
I would post a link to her blog but she VERY recently retired her very entertaining and intelligent blog after her hubby returned home from Afghanistan. I know I miss your blog, as I'm sure other do too!
Thanks for keeping in touch though.
I'll email you with further details!
Thanks to all of my followers for participating.
Maybe we'll have another sponsored giveaway very soon?


Lisa said...

Congrats Lola!

Sounds like a fun night out! I love those nights, when you don't want to go, but get dragged out and have a blast! :)

redheadchick said...

Go Lola! Congratulations and enjoy the times with the hubby! I'm jealous!

lola said...

Thank you! :) The hubs was super excited when I spilled the beans about all of it!

I'm glad you had a good night last night too!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Hope you had a great night out!