Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm watching!


They're gorgeous! And Royal. The Royals have always fascinated me, there's so much pomp and so many years of tradition. Fascinating!

Just so everyone knows I'm not staying awake waiting for it. This new job has my schedule all flipped upside down. I'm usually up until 2-3 AM. So the timing just worked out. Ha!

Thursday, April 28, 2011



We all know and love these lil' beauties! Rice Krispie treats. They are of course made with marshmallows, butter and the one and only Rice Krispies Cereal.

Have you ever made "treats" with a Rice Krispie alternative??:

I think I have had the Fruity Pebble alternative at party or something in the past... I think. But I can't be sure. I do know I've had the Golden Grahams and the Reeses Puffs! Both are delicious options!

Here's a recipe for "treats" try something new this weekend and let me know how you liked them!

Maybe this post is a side effect of my job- I stock the cereal aisle? Who knows?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Insight into myself

I don't have to prove that I'm a good person to you, or you... or you over there. I know it. I know it because  I have the love and support of dear friends that would do anything for me. Not to mention my family and my husband who've yet to fail me and are always there.

I can't please everyone all the time. I can only hope that people won't be so hasty in the future to assume I'm a horrible person... yet to take my words at face value, and going forward will consider my entire post (and all the words making it up) prior to commenting on only one part that was more than likely taken out of context (not considered with the rest of the information provided either in the sentence/paragraph/or entire post). I say what I say (as most people do, unless they're lying) because it's my life experience. I face every experience and encounter with a positive attitude, because I've found that I receive better results going into things with that out-look versus a negative "everyone sucks" or "I'll get nothing from this" or "it won't be successful for me" attitude.

I'm here to help. I'd give you the shirt off my back if I could, the last dollar in my wallet if you truly needed it. I'll also, (always, without fail) offer you a practical, real-life idea that could potentially help you... I'm logical and real. It's how I roll.

Please don't assume that in sharing my experiences that I am short-sighted enough to believe what works/ed for me will help everyone 100% of the time. Shouldn't a good friend share things with the people in their lives that've been successful for them? Kinda what I thought.

I'll leave you with one of my all time favorite quotes:

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy Wednesday all!! Today, all I want... is for people to give others the benefit of the doubt. :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So Dramatic

I have a couple questions. I tend to have unpopular opinions. I'm starting to think that's only because I don't understand things thoroughly.
(versus the alternative, which is that I'm just a shitty-judgemental person)
So, I'm turning a new leaf. I'll start asking more questions, hoping to to inspire more conversation; versus vomiting up my unpopular opinions.

About two weeks ago the milspouse blogosphere was all "atwitter" when we read Jessica's post, "A Final Goodbye". I have to say I was first and foremost worried for her, and also saddened to hear of her plan and the douchebaggary her husband pulled. In the days that followed I've seen a lot about support for military spouses and whining within our ranks, "what about us!" Oh, and the unforgettable "It could've been me!"
Question one: Say what??
Question two: 
I know the initial question "what about us" is more about programs and emphasis being placed on what the families go through and programs directed at our mental health stability.
What's wrong with MilitaryOneSource? Personally, I've used their services before. Simple. Easy. Effective. Call the number (1-800-342-9647), tell them (it's humbling I know) that you're in need of a counselor/ therapist for ______reason. You'll be transferred to someone who'll ask you for additional information in regards to your specific problems and information (this individual was caring and supportive to me and my situation). Eventually, they'll provide you with options of a counselor in your area, even help you to schedule your first appointment.
Additionally, you can just call TriCare directly and ask for a list of all the approved therapists/counselors in your area... you get a bunch of number and options, call them, set up an appointment and press on with business. Easy breezy!
Question three: How does being a milspouse automatically mean you'd be in her situation with a husband that cheats and treated her poorly? I don't know Jessica. Outside of all the detail she provided in that "A Final Goodbye" post I don't know any details of her life. Aside from both being married to soldiers her and I don't have anything in common (that I know of). I'm not sure how her situation automatically makes all milspouses susceptible to suicide/ mental illness. I feel like, all of the "That could be me" happening is a way for people to take away from Jessica's very real pain and for some reason (that escapes me) pull the attention from Jessica .

Let me just say for all the people out there that are enraged: I am by no means judging Jessica. I genuinely sympathize and empathize with her. I am concerned and sad for her. I'm no stranger to suicide and mental illness. I also feel that she deserves all the support and encouragement that she can find! Furthermore, I love that so many bloggers rallied around her during this very difficult time in her life.

Donald Trump.
Question one: WTF?
Question two: Why do people think the president has any control over the price of gas? The oil industry consists of private businesses. I made the comment to a friend yesterday, I'm (legitimately) shocked that such a successful man can make such stupid comments. I suppose President Obama can release the oil reserves, which would raise the supply (we all know about supply and demand), inturn lowering the cost of oil domestically. However, that doesn't really seem like such a brilliant idea to me. I think we all know from middle school that oil is a nonrenewable recourse. Once we exhaust what our planet has to offer then.... we'll be... screwed-ola. Outside of releasing the reserves the president has no control of the price of anything... I mean, maybe I'm wrong. Can we ask Mr. Obama to lower the price of DSLR camera's. Shit, I really wish they were much cheaper... just sayin'.
Question three: Why won't he just go away or at least add some mildly educated point to the political debate?

What a good day!

I got off of work early (930) last night which means I went to bed before 3AM (woot woot!) all this also means I was awake today before noon. I know that I should just accept this new schedule and that I'll be sleeping through the morning... but I really feel like a scumbag when I'm not up and functioning with the rest of the world, by at least 9AM. Anywho- back on topic, I was awake today at 9AM, cleaned up, chatted with the hubs then bathed (always a good thing). I think that was a good day. I was awake while other people I know were awake, then I got one of the movies on my list, knocked off today with my homies, Erin and LB.

I loved it. I bet you there were a few scenes Rpatz wished he had his ol' vampire strength. But, after falling in love, training a Polish Elephant and getting his ass kicked all over New York State, Robert Pattinson really impressed me. My only negative about this movie was that I didn't really "buy" Rpatz and Reese Witherspoon.

Now that you know my opinion on this movie I have a question... What makes a "picture" a movie or a film? This is not a rhetorical question people... please tell me if there is actually a difference?!

Have you seen Water for Elephants? Did you like it?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Change of Plans: Vegas Baby!

Originally we were planning to go to Los Angeles for R&R. Well, LA turned out to be far too expensive for what we were looking to accomplish during our time there. LA's out... Vegas is in. You may be thinking "How can Vegas be any more affordable than LA?" Well it is people. I found round trip airfare and a suite at THEhotel, Mandalay Bay for about half the price of that in LA!!


Who wouldn't want a suite here for 3 nights?

If you've been a longtime follower you know that Kevin and I went to Vegas after last deployment. Overall I wasn't that impressed with my first Vegas experience. But we have more money this go-around and we'll do it completely differently! We're both so jazzed to go back, stay at THEhotel, she more legitimate shows (Jersey Boys- cough cough) and most importantly relax by the pool!

What are some of your fav's in Vegas? Restaurants? Clubs/Lounges? Sites? Please share!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SO many movies, SO little time...

So today is April 19th, right? Yea, I'm pretty sure. Anyway.... there are tons of movies I'm looking forward to:
Starting with

Breaking Dawn, Part I.
I know this movie isn't going to be released until November 18th of this year and I'm super sad that I'll be missing the release in the states (by a mere 13 days).. yes there are theaters in Germany and I'm sure I'll see it. I'll have to wait a couple of weeks but at least I'll still see it!
I started with Breaking Dawn because it's the movie I'm most looking forward to seeing.

Water for Elephants.
(22 April 2011) only 4 days..
You may be thinking there is just a Rpatz/Twilight theme.. but I promise that isn't my motivation there.
But it legitimately looks like a good movie. I was considering reading the book... but why would I do that when there's no Rpatz in the book? (haha)

(23 September 2011)
I know I'm not doing much for my case on this post not being all about Twilight and/or the Boys of Twilight. I was shocked when I saw the trailer. This also surprisingly looks really good.

Friends With Benefits.
(22 July 2011)
Because who doesn't want to stare at Justin Timberlake for an hour and thirty minutes?! Plus it looks hilarious!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
(11 July 2011)
Because I'm committed to the series now. Although, I am really wanting to see what they say about Makayla (Megan Fox) being gone?!

The Hangover II. 
(26 May 2011)
I think I've been saying RA-tard since I saw the first movie. It was hilarious! Hoping the sequel lives up to the first movie. 
Fast Five.
(29 April 2011)
I've been watching this serious since I was 16, and who really needs more of an excuse than Paul Walker. The man is hot. 
A few other movies that deserve a mention: Rio (I know, it's already out but I do wanna see it), Something Borrowed, Cars 2, Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides, and Madea's Big Happy Family (I <3 all the Madea movies, they're hilarious).

I couldn't end this post without 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II.
(15 July 2011)
Nuf said. 

Joining Forces

Did you catch The View today? First Lady, Michelle Obama and Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden were on with the other ladies of The View to discuss their new initiative to gain support from the other 98% of Americans for our service members and their families. Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden created this new initiative called Joining Forces.

"Joining Forces is a national initiative that mobilizes all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned." 

I'm down for spreading awareness about what we military families experience and encouraging more more American's support. But honestly I have my doubts about this program. The website for Joining Forces is great, it's user friendly and easy to navigate. It provides links for people to share their messages of support and (my favorite part) to the website. is great as well, you can type in your zip code and find out what the opportunities in your area are to get involved with supporting the military within your own community. You can initiate your own project to help support the military and gain support within your community. I love the options that are available.... I can only hope that people will take advantage of these sites and find ways to get involved.

I have my doubts because we all too often here "well, they volunteered" which, obviously I know... but I hate the meaning behind it. They volunteered, so why should I care... so why should they get special treatment... so why should I pay for their healthcare...! I think each of us military spouses have complained about the same topic in one way or another. All the same... this attitude is the same reason why I'm apprehensive about Joining Forces. Still, I'll remain hopeful that these program will inspire someone to get involved that wasn't so moved before.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 36

I just wanted to share something about myself with the group:

I'm a person who likes to be honest with myself and with others around me. I tell it how it is. However, as a reasonable minded person I know that telling it, how it is, is based on my opinion, and what I know to be true. This being said, I always try to give my opinion in a sympathetic manner. I don't force my toughs upon others. Nor do I judge them for viewing the world differently than I do.

This personality trait often causes a lot of problems with people. Often because I have unpopular viewpoints; and evidently I have high expectations of myself and others. Silly me.

Now you all know.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A message from Deputy Secretary of Defense

I know there is a lot of division and misinformation out there in regards to the impending government shutdown- well, hopefully Congress will do what the hell they're supposed to and reach an agreement on their (WAY) overdue budget. We can't count on that because they get paid out of emergency funds (just as the President would) if there is a shutdown. Anyway... back to the message from the Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III. You can find it in it's entirety here. Basically the Deputy lays out what can be expected for both active duty and civilian personnel if there is a shutdown:

“Operations and activities that are essential to safety, protection of human life, and protection of our national security, are ‘excepted’ from shutting down.  The DoD will continue to conduct activities in support of our national security, including operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Japan; Libya-related support operations; and other operations and activities essential to the security of our nation.  The department must also continue to provide for the safety of human life and protection of property."

Which means the operations themselves will be financed. The personnel are a different story:

“Military personnel are not subject to furlough and will report for duty as normal during the shutdown.  Reserve component personnel should refer to the DoD Contingency Guidance document and to their chain of command for more specific information. 

“If the government shuts down due to the absence of funding, the DoD will have no funds to pay military members or civilian employees for the days during which the government is shut down.  However, both military and civilian personnel will receive pay for the period worked prior to the shutdown.  Military personnel, and civilians occupying excepted status positions and required to work, are entitled to be paid for work performed during the shutdown, and will be paid retroactively once the department receives additional funding.  Congress would have to provide authority in order for the department to retroactively pay non-excepted employees for the furloughed period.  

I hope this is helpful to my milspouses out there. It appears grim to me but if the posturing continues in Washington and a shutdown takes place we can all hope that it'll be short-lived and have a relatively low impact on all those effected; lets not forget this is a Government wide shutdown affecting not only the Department of Defense but all others as well, families who rely on pay from their positions in the Department of Energy, or Transportation (for example) will also be affect.

I just keep reminding myself to count my blessings: I have a warm place to sleep and food in my belly. When the food runs out I have a savings (what's it for after all?) and a credit card. My pops always told me "Failure to plan is planning to Fail." Sometimes it sucks being a grownup because you have to be prepared with contingencies for the worst case scenario. Lucky for me I had great advice from my father. :)

We'll suck it up and drive on like we always do, right? I would remind everyone to get your news from reliable sources, as well as verify and research what you do find.

PS: I got an email from the FRG in Baumholder that some services on post would be affected by the shutdown, check with your FRG to see if services in your area are also going to be canceled/delayed or otherwise affected.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Great R&R Debate

Since the opportunity to stick around in CO came up Kevin and I have had to adjust our plans for R&R. Originally I was looking into a Mediterranean cruise. Considering that is far less accessible from Colorado we've been talking through all of our options: visiting family all over the West Coast (including Brody in San Diego) or another vacation spot. Considering last R&R we traveled to Portland and San Diego and it was exhausting to do both in only 2 weeks. So we're now considering: 

I mean, it's not the Mediterranean, but hey there is a lot to see and do there. I'm hoping to get to a taping of the Ellen show, maybe Jay Leno...? Kevin wants to tour Universal Studios. I'd like to see the Walk of Fame, Hollywood Sign, The Santa Monica Pier and so much more. 

We're still in the planning stages, I'm going to contact a travel agent tomorrow and see what they can tell me. Maybe all of this will be affordable? (haaaa... right, LA... usually affordable riiiight!?) We'll see if it works out!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who Needs Teen Mom

You remember when I ranted blogged about the TV show Teen Mom? Yet another reason I don't need to watch that crapola is I have a front row seat to all the real life drama one girl can handle. I said front row, as in not my own personal drama but close enough to watch, gossip about and worry about the people involved.

In other news, I start my new gig tonight!! I'm looking forward to being closer and closer to a debt free lifestyle! Bad news: forecast is calling for SNOW tonight. yay- that's always makes things fun for the commute home at 1-2 AM.

Thats all for today (:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Change of Plans

About four days after I arrived home to Colorado my moms neighbor (who is a realtor and takes care of all of our realtor related needs) calls and says that the commissary on Fort Carson is hiring for stockers at night which pays like $20/hour. So I figured, "what the hell" I can at least apply and see what happens- nothing saying I'm actually going to get it. So I applied and turns out I got it. Yesterday I was a mess about the decision. My place is in Germany. But I feel like it's time to contribute where I can; sadly there aren't job opportunities for me in Germany. Staying here for the next 7 months will allow for my husband and I to start the next chapter of our lives completely debt free. Sacrificing my independence, missing my bed and my things is worth it in the end.
For the record I know how this will be perceived, I know that it'll look like I just can't hang with the deployment... but it just so happened that this opportunity came my way- why would I pass it up???

I'll miss Germany and Baumholder, and the opportunities to travel... on the other hand we'll have two more years there and TOGETHER!