Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 36

I just wanted to share something about myself with the group:

I'm a person who likes to be honest with myself and with others around me. I tell it how it is. However, as a reasonable minded person I know that telling it, how it is, is based on my opinion, and what I know to be true. This being said, I always try to give my opinion in a sympathetic manner. I don't force my toughs upon others. Nor do I judge them for viewing the world differently than I do.

This personality trait often causes a lot of problems with people. Often because I have unpopular viewpoints; and evidently I have high expectations of myself and others. Silly me.

Now you all know.


Erin said...

Sam, this is one of the qualities that I love about you as a friend. I know no matter what you will always give me your honest opinion. You never do it to be spiteful, you always do it because you genuinely care. Don't change who you are for people that don't understand that.

GUAMtastic said...

I like you for you!!

Raven said...

The "unpopular" is always the way to go. You rock girl! Stay just as you are :)