Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teen Mom

Lets have it out... I'm so confused. I get being sucked into the trashiness because you just can't help but watch- I <3 Jersey Shore not like that's too many steps above Teen Mom right? Well my problem is for the other teens out there having sex (with or without protection) thinking that pregnancy, having babies and raising babies is glamourous. I've gathered from my few experiences actually watching this filthy show that it's all about the drama (the couples)but very little attention* is paid to the responsibility that comes with being a parent, who pays for the birth, the babies food and diapers, clothes, crib, car seat, hell who pays for the car the baby will be carted around in?

From what I've seen sex is carefree and fun for the teens (not that it shows that part), babies are a (hopefully) cute accessory to daily life on mom's hip, collar popped and hair spiked. It's sick. Not every teen mom gets paid by MTV; on the contrary I have a nagging feeling that our tax dollars support most of these kids in one or more ways: WIC, Medicaid... This pisses me off. Anyone else? I have a feeling that the trend will only continue because teens are given epidurals so birth doesn't cause discomfort or pain and well, the entire process and new life are free because someone else pays for pre-natal care, birth and hospital stay and formula.

Obviously teen pregnancies were on the rise before MTV dipped their toes in the pool, so don't get me wrong I'm not holding MTV (or show participants) solely responsible for the trend... I'm just saying it's a drain on our already weak economy. Also, I know many military families that partake in government assistance as it pertains to their children, I've even had civilians in my family throw this fact in my face and to that I say: we sacrifice for our country and the fact that these sacrifices warrant so low pay that our service members even qualify for these programs is asinine, nevermind a CHILD who probably hasn't even paid anything into the tax system they're taking full advantage of, by birthing spawn because it's cool it's even more asinine and again a drain on the economy. I'm just saying- it pisses me off!

*with the exception of the one couple who gave up their baby for adoption, seemed to realize what a child costs and would (selfishly) cost them in life experience.

ps: I just don't think all teen or young mothers suck at life or take advantage of our government...


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Ugh, I use to watch Teen Mom every now and then and then just stopped all together. I think that now a lot of girls think OHhhhhh if I get pregnant I can be on Teen Mom. Um no.

Elizabeth said...

I saw in a magazine Farrah from the first season got a boob job. these girls are making TONS of money for being bad mothers. Its disgusting.

Mrs.B said...

I hate teen mom and mostly every girl on there.
I was considered a teen mom, I was 19 when I had our daughter. I'm very proud to say we've never been on any government assistance.