Sunday, February 27, 2011


So I've been in a funky mood lately. I find myself without anything nice to say (hence the lack of posts lately). In the absence of anything nice to say I figured I'd share some pics with you all from our trip to Baden Baden a few weeks ago.

The hubs and I had been aching to get out of the house and we had a four day the weekend before Valentine's day so we figured lets just jump in the car and go. We had heard Baden Baden had great spas and we figured could there be any better way to celebrate our V-day? So we booked a room and headed down there. Little did we know (or fully think through) that this was A: the most pompous and expensive town around and B: the spas would obviously be all booked up with it being Valentine's Weekend- Duh...

The fun (and by "fun" I mean our first blow-out with our Garmin GPS) started on the drive down Friday night. We were blindly trusting our GPS to get us there without nervous breakdowns, trips out of the country, in the fastest, most fuel efficient way possible; something we would later learn was too much to ask of our dear sweet Garmin (maybe if I say nice things about her she won't cause me future headaches haha). We were driving along going through an awful lot of Villages... this only bothered me because it slowed us down- at first. Then after we leave one village we were on some anchient one-way-both-ways road and I bust out my handy-dandy iphone to see (where the hell we really are) and realize ummmm... we're literally ON the boarder with France. Swell. Queue nervous breakdown. We enter another village and what do I see?
Not my photo, I didn't have time during my Nervous Breakdown
to snap a photo

Swell, so we've now entered into France. Me without my Passport. YAY! How could this be better? So we've now successfully smuggled our way into France now we have to follow our evil loving GPS back into Germany (as that is where Baden Baden is). The entire 10 minutes we were in France I was very high strung. We now have learned to view the entire route of our trip before we hit the road- blindly trusting the GPS is bad.

All the same we made it back into Germany without problem. We knew they had a Casino and while packing I had this instinct the Casino would be high-class, versus our Vegas ways... I suggested Kevin pack something fancy-pants but he said noooo I have jeans and a button up shirt. Yeah...that was a no go. Turns out this was once the only Casino open in Germany and all the celebrity types would frequent it, "very James Bond" as we were told by one of many sales men we encountered while trying to purchase my husband a pair of slacks under 100 Euros. We spent saturday walking the streets of Baden Baden, eating and shopping. Saturday night we hit the Casino. Another interesting story: did you know Roulette pays 35/1?? Yea... I do! I was playing our anniversary (the 15th) for a few mins... of course it didn't hit. I say to myself "screw this table!" so we move to the next table and watch what's happening. I turn to get 5 or 10 Euro's from Kevin because I just KNEW 15 would hit, but he left me.... to see what else was going on. Guess what... 15 hit and continued to hit on every table but one! HA! At least we were > < this close to making some nice cash... right?

Anyway we made the best of our Valentines weekend and all in all Baden Baden wasn't too bad


Outside of Casino

Casino Interior

Ooops, did I forget to mention how amazing and breath-taking the interior of the Casino was? My bad...


Heather Bailey said...

Navigon ALL THE WAY!!!

Megan said...

Sorry Baden Baden was such a bust, hope you guys get to see other nice cities in Germany that aren't so expensive and stuck up. Oh and if you end up in France again without your passports it's really no big deal. On the off chance you did get stopped you would just have to show your military i.d.'s and your husbands leave form/pass. :)

Mrs. B said...

that's a fancy casino! glad you didn't get stuck in france...that might have been a problem!