Monday, January 11, 2010

Here we go!!

I've decided that I'm DONE with my post-holiday funk! I'm just over it. I'm sick of being down in the dumps for no good reason... So, screw you post-holiday-funk. See ya. I'm moving on to bigger and better things; brighter days.

Here's what you may have missed/What I failed to report:
Kevin finally unpacked from deployment.
(yeah... only took 5 months, but it's finally happened)

We got a surprise visit from the "New Bed Fairy"
(we've moved up in the world of mattresses. Hello, Ultra-Plush Serta Mattress!)

I've been lending my hand to my very pregnant sisters nesting habits! We've successfully painted baby Caden's room. I'll really need to get some pictures. She made me choose the paint colors and I think it looks fantastic! Just yesterday we put the bedding on/in (whatevs) the crib, hung valance and two pictures. Now the room just needs a few finishing touches.

I am in the running for a NAF position at Schriever AFB.

(I know I know... I'm Army (hooah and all that) and this is AF. But hey, it pays and that's truly what I need out of a job. Lets not forget my Pops was AF for 21 years. So... umm I was expecting to insert an AF alternative to "Hooah". I'm at a loss. Ooops.)

Oh, we also 86'd all of the Christmas decor. That was a sad day. :(
I got over it.
I really crave order so it was a good thing.

Here's what's to come:
Get back to my bloggy!
((it's really missed me))

Get motivated.... in every way.
((weight loss, here I come. chores, reluctantly necessary. job.... ugh -rolling eyes-.))

Visit my best friend in DC! We'll be finding out the sex of her baby (to be named Samantha, because I'm fantastic).

Start a job.
((fingers crossed... I'll do everything I can on my end))

Have carpets steam cleaned.

Sell stuff on Craigslist.
((damn recession))

My favorite Brother-in-law returns from A-stan!!

My second nephew graces us with his presence in March!

My ONE YEAR blogger-versary!

I am most excited to keep myself in check. We all have emotions and they aren't always fun or pleasant. Sometimes we are down in the dumps. But, I'm done with that for the time being. Please forgive my absence, I don't like to broadcast my pity-parties. As I said I'm in to brighter days. I am going to work on laughing more. General Happiness.

Anyone else notice I now have over 100 followers?

Love. It.



jenn said...

girl you crack me up!!!

glad you are back though...

good luck with the AF job!!!

GUAMtastic said...

Congrats on being out of your funk. I think we should have martinis to celebrate.... although it is only 8:00am here - too early?

Good luck with the job!!!!!

Katie F said...

Hey hun. I love your blog. Stop by mine, I left you an award!!

Teri said...

You received an award on my site :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I hope you get the job!!! That would be awesome! When are you going to be in DC?? I have family there and I would so go there so we can hang out! Glad you're back to blogging!

Expat Girl said...

Heyy yay im glad ur back and feeling better....i left you an award on my blog!