Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pettiness... Stop Bitchin

I reached out to her, (army)wife so that she once again could see that while I didn't invent the "guardsman" title it is not meant with disrespect.... well she then attacked the ACTIVE duty Army... you know the guys who all serve EVERYDAY yes the "full-time" Army stating that the National Guard deploys both overseas and stateside so they in some way serve more than that of the Active Duty Army.... Well you can all read for yourselves what started her completely irrational, ridiculous rant directed at me and the military masses who know that not all service members are soldiers- regardless of what tells. Well after she so vagrantly offended me, my husband, and really all forces that serve everyday all day I told her I had no respect for her opinion and with those kind of comments and her defensive attitude it is no wonder she has ran into other people who have lead her to believe her GUARDSMAN husband don't serve in the same capacity as those who choose a full-time position within the Army. I also asked her "Please do not comment to me personally or publically on my blog on this issue." Well, then her husband as you can all read weighed in... really, I stopped reading after “this is (army)wife's husband"... honestly your wife has already proven what she knows about day-to-day military life publically. Marines want to be called Marines- not soldiers... same for Airmen same for Sailors and so on and so forth. While this is a non-issue for our troops actively fighting this war- it chaps my ass when the mother of a sailor (who knows her son is a sailor, based on the title of her own blog) refers to her sailor as a "soldier". They are not the same. This was the purpose of my original post. I would prefer going forward as I stated in my olive-branch email that we just agree to disagree and leave it alone.

I think it speaks volumes about a person's character that when someone reaches out to them whom never personally attacked them or their husband, and that person overtly offends the ARMY, her (my) husband and his service. This is my space, and while I don't mind contradictory viewpoints I do not appreciate being out and out belittled or having the same done to my husband. I am sure all of you can agree. Also, as I'm sure both Nikki and... Mr. Mootz (I can only assume that is their last name based on the fact that their son is "lil Mootz, anyway) can testify to I did not invent the "Guardsman" name/title... get used to it. DONT SHOOT THE MESSANGER. Furthermore, I won't stoop to the same level as these people because I was raised better and have more class. I never put the efforts of the National Guard below that of any other branch (or subsidiary) nor was I the one who singled the Guard out in this discussion...That was Nikki.

I think there is a lesson to be learned from all the negativity or "Bitchassness" as one commenter referred to it: Don't be so negative in your day-to-day life. Don't assume those around you (or fellow bloggers, strangers or military spouses) are attacking you or anything about you. Don't assume you have any idea what other people know- because you don't. Don't presume to change someone else' stance on any topic (present your argument in a respectful fashion and leave it alone. If you can't respectfully address another person keep your mouth shut!), differences' of opinion are Okay! When you read things... read it entirely. Don't see what you want to see or place yourself in the victim's chair when you haven't been victimized in anyway. Be more positive in your lives, and don't put others down just because you have the opportunity to. Rise above the pettiness and move on. I think I have set a great example today by not calling names, pointing fingers, having someone else fight my battle, screaming at the masses how the wives of national guardsmen are bad in some way shape or form (based on this series of emails). I could have chosen to bad-mouth Nikki but nope- I didn't... So please when people ruffle your feathers take a deep breath and find out how you can learn from that interaction, please don't intentionally hurt others! It's just nicer to be nice than it is to be mean! :) Oh- and lastly DONT SHOOT THE MESSANGER.

Last time I try to maintain long-standing history of the military... GOSH!


jlc said...

Totally agree with that ENTIRE last paragraph.

Please please please don't hate me. I got your email the other day while I was at work. Just haven't had time to answer it. Things have been busy here! Hope you are doing well. When is Kevin scheduled for R&R ??

Jon and Steph said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I've been reading yours and it seems I came at a strange time with all of the confusion about defining a soldier. I am definitely staying out of this discussion, for I am not a military wife! ;)

I did see that your husband is on his third tour to Iraq! Wow three times. That must be so hard being away from him a third time!

My cousin is on his second tour to Iraq. We miss him dearly. He actually was stationed in Germany before he left so we were able to spend a couple of weekend with him before he left!

Hope you are having a great weekend! I'm a new follower and look forward to reading and following along.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Bitchassness....didn't Diddy coin that phrase? Haha, Um...yeah I'm still staying out of this one.

Isn't your husbands R and R coming up soon? Hopefully so!!!