Friday, April 17, 2009

Defining a Soldier (x3) Oiy....

Oh dear, I've done it again, haven't I?? Truly and Honestly I cannot for the life of me understand why (army)wife you are offended. I didn't say your husband is a scumbag and then so are you by extension. URg.. I'm sure that will be misinterpreted as well... My point with the "scumbag" comment was not to further piss you off but to point out I didn't say anything offensive. I labeled those who enlist in the Guard as "guardsmen".... shocking. I'm not sure why it is news that those who enlist in the Marine Corps are then referred to as "Marines", and so on and so forth with the other branches. One thing I am not is "misinformed"... I have a long history with the military (both personally and professionally). As far as specific quotes and links to where I found what I found I can tell you that this morning after reading your comment I did do my own research and googling because yes there is no way I'm right about everything under the sun... so I looked into it. I didn't know at that time that I would be required to submit cliff notes or specific URLS... so I apologize for not having them. And true to form with the internets (haha) I didn't find the same page on referring to the Guard as "Weekend Warriors"... So you can accept that I am honest person or you can push it aside. Admittedly, I was surprised to see it myself. All the same…. However, I have another passage for you (since I couldn't find the first ones):

From the Army National Guard homepage:
"The Army National Guard (ARNG) is one component of The Army (which consists of the Active Army, the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve.) The Army National Guard is composed primarily of traditional Guardsmen -- civilians who serve their country, state and community on a part-time basis (usually one weekend each month and two weeks during the summer.) Each state, territory and the District of Columbia has its own National Guard, as provided for by the Constitution of the United States."

And to concede and show how fair-minded I can be I have also seen (in written media and on military sites, ect) Guardsmen referred to as "soldiers"... I think that in FAIRNESS the lines are blurred on the issue. Especially in today's time with the way the military as a whole is being ran and utilized. The National Guard (while yes a component of the Army) is ran on a STATE not FEDERAL level... this is not the opinion of an Army wife. This is fact. The Army is run on a FEDERAL level. Now, where the lines are blurred is when these state ran Guards are activated (or mobilized) by the federal government. This is much the case with the wars that are currently being fought in the Middle East. When your hubby rucks-up he looks the same and was trained the same as those whom actually enlisted in the Army (not a subsidiary). So, my concession and final stance is that those whom are ACTIVE Army National Guard are also "soldiers." But, I cannot concede that those who are not activated and do their two weeks a year (and a weekend a month) are not entitled to the same title (sorry for the repetitive nature of my sentence). The sacrifices made by a full-time employee and a part-time employee are just different by nature; they give less of their time and lead a separate life... honestly a better life.

Well, I suppose you can continue to be angry if you choose. But I still for the life of me (sincerely) do not understand how referring to someone who didn't enlist in the ARMY as an Airmen, Guardsmen, Sailor/Seamen, or Marine is anything but the correct title. Not meant to diminish anything it's just accurate... with blurred lines- of course. I suppose it's possible that you have run into people who meant this as an insult or something, but that isn't my purpose so please refrain from hostility. I think that you may have projected or interpreted my blog for something that it wasn't based on your previous experiences... Having read your blog I know and understand the capacity in which your husband serves... no more and no less than mine. I do have one last question for you though... There are specific names/titles for each branch of service (I didn't make them up, or create the differentiations... so don't shoot the messenger) why don't we just refer to all of them as "Marines", or "Airmen" for that matter? Why is it that the Army has no specific title or name for their members, if "soldier" is now universal??? Maybe we just call them all "G.I. Joe"... lol after all I think that was everyone's first introduction to "Army personnel".. hey- I am trying here! Give a girl a break.


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Lol, your welcome for the tag...Thought I'd be fun to read what you have to say! Also, I haven't been ignoring your posts on Defining A Solider, I've been reading them, but I think its best for me to stay neutral on this one as I have never really thought about it before and do not have a clear and educated opinion on the matter...I never like to speak on sensitive subjects without knowing my facts first and I don't like others speaking without knowing their's as well so seeing as I do not know my facts, I do not want to be a hypocrite here:p However, Its a beautiful day out!!! Perfect for just hanging out by the pool side, wanna join me! lol...

Nikki said...

Way to stir things up in blogland Samantha! LOL

Glad your neck is better BTW. I was really worreid about you =)

(army)Wife said...

Okay...I do think we had some misinterpretation of emotions...which can be easyly done in blogs since we're not actually hearing the person or seeing their facial expressions. I'm not mad or pissed or anything like that, I do just think your interpretation of the National Guard and what those soldiers do is seriously skewed. And as the wife of a National Guard soldier, I can't help but take some offense when what I read appears to lessen the importance of my husband and what he and other National Guard soldiers do in the military. Honestly, it's not really you defining only active duty as "Soldiers" or calling Marines "Marines" etc etc. What fueled my last comment was the way I felt you lessened the National Guard with certain comments you made in your post. Once again, perhaps that was a misinterpretation on my part because of reading and not actually speaking with one another. That being said, if you're going to make certain comments then you have to be prepared that you may offend someone and without further commentary on your part, I was a bit offended. I'm still going to post about this on my blog because there are some things, based on what you have said, that I want to address further.

I hope there are no hurt feelings. There are none on my part. This is one of the things I love about blogs...opinions, debates. I love reading other people's opinions, especially if they differ from mine because that's when I learn new things and my opinion may change because I realize I was misinformed. As for wanting "cliff notes and specific URLs" once again, that's just me wanting to learn something new. I love research (dork, I know) and the way see it, when I have more knowledge on a specific topic, I'm smarter and I can 100% stand behind my opinions and arguments on any given topic. And that's important to me.

High Heels & Combat Boots said...

Hey! The name of the castle is Glen Eyrie (sp?) and it is right by Garden of the Gods. We had a lot of fun. They served tea and a little snack plate with fruit and pastries. And the appt is today so hopefully it will go well.

Anonymous said...

Hello Samantha

I am the deputy editor of Foundations Magazine, a new magazine for National Guard Soldiers and their Families. I would like to talk to you about your experiences as an army wife. Please contact me:
Fred McGhee
Deputy Editor
Foundations Magazine

I hope to hear from you. — thanks

The Army Wife said...

I think it's easy to take offense when, as (army)wife said, you're not face to face. You can't hear the tone in a person's voice.

Great post. I don't think you meant any harm. :)

The Army Wife said...

I definitely didn't say you were being controversial. I think you have me confused with someone else who posted (on one of your earlier ones). I don't think there was anything controversial about your posts at all, although I didn't see the original one (that I guess you deleted?)

But pointing out that the different and separate branches of the military are different and separate ... yeah I'm with you on that one. Doesn't seem a big deal to me! Sorry if there was any confusion on that one!

Now ME? Yeah I know I throw some controversial stuff out there for being a milspouse ;) No need to tell me twice! ha!