Friday, April 3, 2009



This just in: I have 10 followers! Wooo hoo! When I first started blogging and had no followers, I thought to myself: "Why does blogger even track the # of followers one has?" Truly and honestly (if you haven't noticed this is one of my favorite sayings), why does it matter? But when I started noticing people enjoyed and eve sometimes agreed with the things I was talking about it did make me feel like I had accomplished something! :-) After all, what girl doesn't like to be recognized and appreciated!? I blush... tee hee

I have noticed that some of you bloggers have a tracker that will show how many people view your page, how long they stay, and even who is currently on your page (including where they are from). I guess it is interesting to see who is looking at what you have to say about your life. Personally, I don't care if I have 2 followers, 10 or 500 as long as they can relate to my subject matter and are positive-fun peoples! I don't need the negativity in my life!! I have enough stress with never knowing what is to come next with our crazy [army] life! Save the Drama for your Mama! :) OH, PS: I would love to be helpful at some point to a follower (hopefully more than one)! So, whenever I may blog with helpful hints please take them in the spirit in which they are intended, helpful hints and not preaching right or wrong! :)

I have to share that BIG is on AMC right now. They are at FAO Schwartz in the floor piano! I love that scene. When I visited FAO Schwartz in NYC they had a Simpsons display on the piano and I couldn't play on it! I was not happy with this outcome!! :( Totally disappointed. BOOO SIMPSONS!

Happy Friday Followers! :)


jlc said...

You are adorable!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend hun! :)

Teresa said...

You are funny :)

Have a great weekend!