Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursdays = Excitement (sarcasm)

As of lately my days have been consumed by job hunting and working out! With that mix isn’t it just amazing that I haven't been in better spirits, right? Ha ha... The job search is really not going well. At this point I am regrettably thinking I'll have to revert back to retail. C'est la vie! I'm keeping the search up though... keep your fingers crossed out there people! :)

Brody, our beast has been extra rebellious lately. I know that puppies and Golden's especially eat everything until about 2 years of age. In the past he'd eat shoes- if they were left out; he was also known for chewing the corners of the molding in my house! I had the really bad portions of the molding replaced and I touched up the others all on my own (I'm so crafty!). Since then he really hasn't had any issues. Well with all of the snow going on lately I had an old towel by the back door so that he wouldn't track mud all over my house (good idea right..?). I had done this many, many times in the past and no issues... but for the last 2 weeks he's been eating anything and everything left out! He tore up the towel, so I tossed that. After that was gone, he pulled hand towels off the stove and chewed on those (thankfully they weren't torn to pieces like the other towel, so I just washed them). Then on Wednesday I went out to play with my friend Kaitlyn and when I came back he had ate my camera! I left it on the end table after posting my picture of cottage cheese and grapes... and he chewed it to bits! :( You would think I would have learned my lesson after this right? Well, evidently I'm slower than the average bear: yesterday I went to my mother's for dinner and left the phone on the couch (pretty much a common practice) and when I got back about 2 hours later he had chewed on that too! Thankfully it still works though! I'm so frustrated with him... these kind of things weren't issues for him before. I'm thinking he's pissed at me? What do you all think?? For a while he's going to be in his kennel when I leave the house. I hate doing that to him but I can't have him eating everything I own, right??? Rest easy people... he does have other chew toys, he's just disgruntled for one reason or another!

Last night was the series finale for ER! I haven't really watched this show religiously for years but I have been watching these last few episodes. Was it just me or was it strangely sad to see this show end? I had thought for a while now that it was time for that show to go, but when it actually happened it was sorta sad. I also felt it was kind of crappy that Noah Wiley and Eric LaSalle were the only "big names" that showed up. Anthony Edwards gets a pass because his character died... but Mr. Clooney was just too busy to show? He was on with Julianna Marguiles a few episodes back but I was surprised not to see them during the finale. Overall I thought the episode was bitter sweet!

Other than the crappy job search, disgruntled dog and ER coming to an end... I have been sticking to my diet and workout schedule! :) I have even lost a few more pounds! WOo hoo.. So, outside of my day-to-day life my hubby and I have been talking every morning this week. As much as I love to hear from him, and I am thankful that we have the opportunity to speak almost every day we just have not been on the same page the last few days! :( I'm going to go out on a limb here ladies, and assume that I'm not the only one out there that has had this problem. When our conversations don't go well, or we argue a little bit I beat myself up later because we really should be making the best of our conversations. So I'm not the only one....Right? Don't let me be the only wife who has dealt with this!!! help...

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indiana.girl said...

Definitely not the only one! It can be so frustrating to not connect over the phone, but there are lots of reasons why that happens; moods, something happened at work he doesn't or can't talk about. Like you say, it can be really hard when they are away because there is the constant pressure to make the best of everything. But we're only human! Don't worry, the reconnect will happen.