Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two Things

Thing # 1: LAST NIGHT ~ Kaitlyn and I went on a date. :) it was good times. I think that is healthy for us Army Wives to stick together and take each other out for a nice evening every once and a while. We went to A.I., which is a Hibachi restaurant. I found it amusing that we were sat at a table with 5 Air Force Academy Cadets... haaa haaha hahaha! It was amusing... my favorite was this 20 year old kid who told us he was from Georgia (he assumed that made him extra special). He was the arrogant big-headed jerk type... So we wound up telling them we had both married into the Army... The arrogant kid responds with "I drove past Benning once." SERIOUSLY? What on earth does that have to do with any friggin thing? I suppose that made him feel special! oiy... Boys! After dinner Kaitlyn and I saw "I love you, man". This was hilarious people!! If you need a good laugh this is really the way to go! We laughed our asses off! It was good times..!

Thing # 2:
I'm thinking I got shafted. :( There was one blog that I really *truly and honestly* enjoyed reading. I left comments on her posts, and she returned the favor many times... but last night I went to view her blog and the author had switched it to private and didn't invite me! :( No, I am not talking about you Lola! You did invite me and I can still thankfully view your blog. This person doesn't have an email listed on their profile either, so I can't holler at them and request to be invited. I guess that means one of my blog buddies broke up with me! :(


jlc said...

Oh no for being shafted!! Haha and yes lola was the only one I thought of first... I hate that. Hope you find her/ she finds you soon!!

PS I SOOOO wish I watched the Real World. I was an avid fan for so many years and have no idea what you were talking about in the previous post. Sure I'd agree though. ;)

lola said...

Haha, I totally freaked for a minute! I had the whole "wait.. I could have sworn I invited her!" moment :D

High Heels & Combat Boots said...

I hate private blogs! I understand their purpose, especially when you have nosy people all over your business, it just sucks b/c you can't meet other bloggers as easily!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Hey girl, I think I know who your talking about because she and I were fallowers of each other as well...I really liked her too! She was in Italy right? Yeah I'm disspaointed because she was moving to the Ft. Benning area in July and I thought I'd finally have a friend down here! But I got no invite either:( Anywho, I guess she had her reasons...Cheer up though there are always other fish in the sea:p

Anonymous said...

I have kinda been MIA and just to clear the air I have been doing my best to go to all my followers and let them know that I did make my blog private. Someone that we had cut out of our lives found my blog and I am debating about deleting it or moving it. If I do start again I WILL FIND YOU! I am so sorry if I hurt your feelings! Life got in the way, you know?