Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ryan Conklin

Did anyone else watch The Real World: Brooklyn? Honestly, I didn't watch it religiously but I did catch it a handful of times. The first episode I caught was the one with the election and Veteran's Day. While I'm not sure about the details of his previous service Ryan was in the Army and has deployed to Iraq once pre-Real World. Maybe it's the wonder of editing or it really was just a coincidence but on the same Veteran's Day/election episode Ryan received a call and was told that he had orders back to Iraq. What a 'heavy' episode right? There was comic relief when a soldier that Ryan served with said that Ryan was a "highly decorated soldier" because he had received the Army Commendation award. You Army wives know this award... it's that same certificate that you have countless copies (certificates) of... Anyway...

The point of my post people, would be the reunion episode that I just saw tonight. Since the show wrapped Ryan started training to deploy again. I appreciate the fact that a larger portion of the population finally had a face to put with these soldiers they hear about on the news. I think it is beneficial for people to see these young men that leave and actually, physically fight these wars. But... strangely I'm left with this nagging feeling that what we saw and some of the emotions, and reactions to Ryan and his service and impending deployment were disingenuous.

Did anyone else get that feeling? I don't mean that to downplay Ryan's service... but I was just left with that feeling. Maybe it was just the flashiness of te whole thing? Ryan attended the reunion in ACU's... like why? Egh... I'm not sure what it is exactly that makes me feel this way but I just felt the whole thing was disingenuous! Sorry I couldn't elaborate more peoples!


lola said...

I haven't followed the Real World in a long time, but a couple of friends had mentioned it to me because of the Army guy on the show. I mentioned something similar recently about Grey's Anatomy and Owen's storyline -- how I appreciate the attention that major/popular shows are bringing to military life.

I don't like when people are flashy about it. I'm not saying don't wear your uniform or don't be proud to serve your country because it's a BIG deal. But I think some people go into overkill about it. I may be biased, but my husband refuses to wear his uniform unless he absolutely has to because he hates the attention. He's told me about guys that love to wear it because people will buy them drinks or food and they totally use it to mooch people. I'm still grateful that they're serving our country, I just think it's a little shady I guess.

lola said...

I haven't posted pictures to my photo blog quite yet, but I will soon! :) I don't know if it's still able to be found with my profile on lockdown, but the site is :)

If you're ever out this way, let me know and we can definitely do some sightseeing together!

Matt is stationed at Fort Drum, NY when he's not playing in the sandbox :) He only arrived up there in November and I finished my masters in December, which is why I'm not living up there. We'll be doing our "settling" when he gets back :)

Nikki said...

I started watching the Real World this season and it has been quite some time since I was into this show. I felt it really started to go down hill. But I really liked the kids on it this time and that was even before I knew Ryan was in the Army. I just loved him to death and when his service background came out, I loved him even more. I do agree with you about the reunion show, but MTV will do whatever it takes if you know what I mean. I hope, despite MTV's exploitation, this gives young people and maybe even adults a glimpse of what our military really is like. I think RYAN is a wonderful character of a person and a fine representation of our military. MTV on the other hand can blow it out their you know whats! LOL