Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Very Interesting....

So you know how I've been more or less bitching about only being prescribed Motrin for my neck- which has prohibited me from going to the doc for it? Well, I called this AM for an appointment on Base; Some Background: My pops was Air Force for 21 years, and retired from Peterson AFB. So my records are at the clinic on Pete and really it is closer than Ft. Carson/Evan's Hospital so I saw no reason to have my records moved. So basically I am still receiving medical attention on Peterson... ANYWHO... When I requested the appointment, there wasn't anything available for a while (I suppose) so they schedule me a walk-in at an Urgent Care place off Base. Who knew?! When I was living in DC I know that with the huge military community out there, people were often assigned a PCM off base/post/whatever. Well that is still fairly new for this area- hence my surprise! All the same I will be seeing a doc today about my neck. I've had a few people tell me they think it's a nerve thing because it doesn't hurt like a muscle ache...! URG... time will tell!

Other than that I spoke with Kevin this morning and he's going out on mission today. This is part of the gig I suppose but it still sucks to hear! Fingers crossed and I'll talk to him tomorrow!

I'm just waiting for my sis to pick up Nathan- she had more appointments this morning so I'm on kid duty! We played some Wii, which he loves by the way (Mario Cart rocks!) and now we're watching Shrek. So whenever his mommy is done at the doc and they pick him up i'll be going to hang out at the Urgent Care place.. New Territory for this girl who's spent her life receiving medical care on a military installation! I wonder if this will be like the Social Security Office or DMV. Time will tell.


Paula said...

Kev will be in our prayers as he is everyday. I wish they would keep him way back in the back of the base in a heavily secure and guarded warehouse! Buth that is because I am his Mom. Hope your neck gets feeling better and I am glad to hear you are enjoying the Wii
love you

Nikki said...

I was thinking it may be a pinched nerve. I really hope they get it figured out and you don't have to be in pain anymore!!

Hope the hubs is doing well over there =)