Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hola Senoritas

Pardon me while I blog randomly... ;-p

*~ I wanted to highlight a couple of blogs that may have been missed during the whole "Defining a Soldier" drama... Loneliness ugh.. that's it now that I go back and look. Because evidently the other one I was going to highlight was It Hurts, which I wanted peoples responses on re-integration and overcoming the "single" life and getting back into a routine. But I know that you ladies read this because I recalled all the support and concern I received about my neck- which is better by the way. I think it was just this ghastly machine I do at the gym I strained a muscle up there.

*~ Did anyone have any clue that 8 May is Military Spouse Appreciation Day? I never knew there was such a thing! I think it's fantastic though... I wonder what I'll have to do to show appreciation for myself since my hubs is gone... hmmmm??? I'll think of something! In 1984 President Reagan proclaimed the Friday before Mother's Day of each year to be Military Spouse Appreciation Day. "Well if you don't know, Now ya know!!"

*~ So ever sense my anonymous commenter introduced me to the term and subsequent 'movement' that is BITCHASSNESS... I've been hooked!! I find it hilarious seriously... Yes, this is a term coined by the one and only Diddy (you know that Puff Daddy, P-Diddy guy). I find it refreshing, original and completely hilarious. You can get t-shirts from his Sean John website.. again just for the comedic purposes I think everyone should have one! Female sizes will be released in May (sometime). Wooo hoo, I think I'll ask the Birthday fairey for one (since my B-day is next Friday)!! PS, if there isn't a "birthday fairey" I've just invented it so get on the bandwagon! tee hee =)

Here are the boys of Day 26 discussing the Bitchassness outbreak within their group- HILARIOUS...

Here is Diddy pitching his Spring "No Bitchassness" colors... my favorite part is when he asks the broad what color the "teal" one was... hilarious!

I strongly support the "No Bitchassness" movement!

*~ I forgot to mention during all the drama that I saw Twilight with Kaitlyn and her Granny. I think I was pretty much the only broad on the planet who had NO desire to see this movie! When Kaitlyn asked me over to watch it I even told her if it is as bad and I'm as miserable as I though I would be I could always leave and they could enjoy the rest of it. Well.... People I'm here to tell you I thought it was actually really good! I was hooked by the love story! Some of the "action" more vampirey scenes were corny but all the same I really liked it. Nikki will be disappointed because she didn't want to see it either. Also... while I did fall in love with the characters and the storyline I still do not get the obsession with the main character... Robert Pattinson (people, I really had to look up his name.. ha ha). While he's not unfortunate looking I don't understand the crazy following that he's acquired. So while I don't "get" the Robert P. obsession I did jump on the Twilight bandwagon! I will be making Kevin watch it once he gets home!!! HA HA

*~ Final Random Tid-bit: Spouse Residency Relief Act... what on earth is this fancy sounding thing that appears would benefit me and my kind in some way???! Well here you go loves:

"U.S. Representative John Carter (R- Fort Hood) introduced the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act (H.R. 6070) in the House, which would amend the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act (SCRA). SCRA gives servicemembers the ability to maintain a home of residency, regardless of placement by military orders, which has given servicemembers tax relief and also made a change in driver's licenses and vehicle registration unnecessary. The bill gives military spouses the same benefits as they relocate with their active-duty spouses."

Ok that's enough random facts for one night!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

You have got to read the books. 10 times better than the movie.

HAHAHAHA, bitchassness cracks me up!!

Terra said...

OH MY! You had much to talk about! Good to know that Military Spouse Appreciation day is next month...I never even knew it existed! I will be sure to tell hubby ;) And BTW...I thought Twilight was going to be girlfriend begged me to go and see it with her when it came out but I refused. I rented it a month ago and I was hooked, I went out and bought the move the very next day! I told hubby and yes, he too will be watching it with me when he's home for leave in June!

paula said...

glad u are back
love u

Nikki said...

The boooks are 10 times better, the author is amazing.

And I love that word so much.

I didn't know about the spouses day. I am not a spouse yet, should I still milk Joe for what it's worth?? LOL JK

jlc said...

SHUT UP!! You mean out of 365 days WE actually get one of them as a day of appreciation!?

This is soooo going in my calendar RIGHT now. :)

goofymari said...

Hola :) Reading my Monday morning blogs and emails and I thought I'd comment about the Twilight thing. I too am not at all interested in watching or reading these books. Till this day I still haven't. A while back I started reading some stuff about the Author and I stumbled upon this It's a pretty long article but read it and you will learn some interesting things about the Twilight series. Have a good week :)