Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So... I totally missed my 300th blog-post-anniversary. 
Yea, my bad. 
It was kind of random and about a whole lot of nothing special... check it out here

Yes, today is my 306th blog post. 
Oddly enough I kind of have nothing special to say--- again. Sadly, this appears to be, becoming a theme on my bloggy. :(
Please don't hate me. 

Maybe I should open the floor to a good ol' Q&A again??
Yea, lets do that. Send me your questions people. You can email me if you wanna (armywifeblogger@aol.com) or you can just leave you're lil questions in a comment. 
Make em' good... Make em' juicy!! 

In other news... I have orientation for SCHOOL tonight. 
yea... (sarcasm)... whooopty-doo. 
I'm the only person in the history of going-to-school to be this unenthused* about it. 

Anywho, looking forward to you're questions. 
Happy Tuesday All!

*Unenthused is totally not a word... but I like it more better (also very poor english) than "unenthusiastic". 


Erin said...

My questions are....how excited are you for eclipse?? Do you dream about Rpatz everynight??

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have fun in class tonight! Hmm...questions...ok here's one: Have you ever stayed in one of those hotel rooms that has a heart shaped hot tub? hahahaha

Cat said...

Congrats on your 306th post. We should start celebrating random post numbers...300 is just too predictable :)

Anonymous said...

My question is why did you decide to go back to school if you are that unenthused about it? It is hard enough to get though when you are thrilled about it.