Monday, April 26, 2010

The Randoms

I had my interview this AM. All in all I think it went really well. I really enjoyed that this wasn't a traditional interview with the "what are you strengths and weaknesses" type questions! Phew.. Those are the worst! I came prepared with a spare resume and some other information about myself and qualifications for the interviewer(s) and all informed about the company as well! 
They said I should hear something by the end of the week or early next week at the very latest! They are currently hiring for two positions, so there are more interviews to conduct.

After my interview I headed over to the school to do some printing. I can read the required text online but something about that feels... unfinished. Like if I don't hold it in my hand I haven't completed my task. I guess I'm old school like that. At least I know I can recycle the paper at the school once this class is overwith. Speaking of this class I'm quick upset that I couldn't take it online... a friend of mine has taken it and said it was ridiculously easy online. But thanks to the powers-at-be I have to do a 10-12 minute power point presentation at the end of the 5 weeks! Booooo!! :( 
Funny thing happened as I was leaving the Student Resource Center (SRC). This girl had an iPad. I stopped her and said "IS THAT AN iPAD?" like some crazed-"star-struck"-looney-tune! She said "yes." I said "wow- do you like it?" she preceeded to tell me allllll about it and how she loves it and how great it is.... ect and so forth. Well this only made me want Apple Inc. to holler and send me 1 of everything they got for free! (hahhaaaa)

Other than that I know I forgot to remind everyone to submit their questions for my "306th" blog anniversary! So far I've received less than 5 questions. Well, I'd say that's pretty crappy considering I have over 140 followers. DE-LURK people... come out and join the discussion! Say hello and ask any ol' thing you're heart desires! And do it quick.. you never know what'll be in store next. ;)

Two news items I wanna share with everyone: 
good for him.

Today is Mr. Channing Tatum's 30th Birthday! 
(feast your eyes)
(from his modeling days--- note the lack of hair)

(that's for YOU sis!)


Expat Girl said...

Thank youuuu for the Channing Tatum pics haha

Erin said...

OH Hai Channing, nice to see you!

(But for realz?? He is 30!!)

OK, here's a question: what initially made you fall in love with your husband? What is your favorite quality about him? What is your least fav quality?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I think I asked you a question already but here's you another: If you could only watch one tv show for a week which would you chose?

Good luck with the interview! I hope you got the job!

jenn said...

i was wondering how the interview went...:o)
glad it went well!!!

ok, so here's a question b/c i'm not a lurker...i think i almost always comment!! ha. ha.

if you could have any job in the world what would it be?


if you could trade places for 1 day only with any celebrity who would it be and why?