Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love the rain... hate the wet dog smell!

**So the first time I posted the link to Eclipse it was to the first/old trailer. I fixed it for all of you! ENJOY.**

I've been down in the dumps lately. 
You know sometimes life is just kinda hard. Well... today I decided that instead of getting up and turning on the TV I was gonna read. 
Here's what I read: 
Rev Run's Words of Wisdom.

Have you read it? I love it. 
(just occurred to me I should use it as a giveaway but I've marked it all up with pen... oops shoulda thought ahead)

Rev Run helped me start my day off in a positive way with a positive attitude and corny as it may be positivity came back to me!! Things have been coming to head in a lot of areas lately: job, unemployment benefits running out, money, weight loss... you name it the list goes on and on. So today I spent a few hours with my friend "LB", had a grilled cheese sandwhich  and tomato soup for lunch. Oh and I can't forget my quality time with precious baby Hannah!
Anywho, I come home and watch some Oprah. Which just made my friggin month with the new Twilight: Eclipse Trailer! Check it out here Twihards!
(yes I just said "Twihards". Move on.)
And it just got better from there!
I received a phone call about 15 minutes ago and I have an INTERVIEW on Monday!!

Start your day off right people; it sets the tone for what follows! 


Ashleigh said...

Aw, yay for happy days :)

Paula said...

It's all about attitude Baby! Good luck on Monday...good vibs from SD coming your way!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Good luck with your interview! I'm sure you'll do GREAT!
And I was SOOO excited about that new trailer.

jenn said...

oh yay!

i hope the interview goes well!!!

been missing your updates!!!