Sunday, March 28, 2010

Red Eyes

Last year, while Kev was deployed I spent a lot of time with my neighbor Nikki. 
(we love Nikki, all- just FYI)
She took me along to just about everything that she did including watching the UFC fights. Yes, Nikki opened me up to a world filled with superman-punches,men rolling around on the floor looking like they are doing oddly sexual things to each other jiu jitsu and muay thai, where eye-poking is evil and lets not forget the spankies (but we'll get back to that). All the same I came to quite enjoy this UFC fighting, you know minus a-hole losers like Brock Lesnar, as most people do. 
So last night the extremely weird* Brit, Dan Hardy took on the extremely HOT Canadian, Georges St. Pierre in a title Welterweight bout. 
Dan Hardy is known for being sort of outlandish- he does have a red-tipped mo-hawk after all. Non-the-less I was still a wee bit shocked when he showed up to weigh ins prior to the fight with RED EYES. Very Twilight of him, don't you think?
See... Kinda strange, hmmm?
(gotta say I do love his "I Hate Dan Hardy" T-shirt though... it's completely hilarious.

Either way the red contacts didn't give him vampire strength it proceeded to get MANHANDLED by the gorgeous GSP. Don't believe me take a looksy:

Yup... Don't believe THAT'S a UFC fighter... here's proof:

That's what's up! :)

Happy Sunday all. Hope you all enjoying your weekend. 

*Being British doesn't not make Dan Hardy extremely weird.. he just is and happens to be British. 


Sara said...

Even with red eyes he's kinda hunky lol. I always called MMA "man love" for good reason! When I went to a tournament on post, my girlfriend and I were the only ones trying to restrain ourselves from laughing like crazy people. That being said, I'm a fan of the UFC fights.

Mrs.Cass said...

my husband loves MMA, and over time i started to like it..GSP is my man and i was so pumped for last night! he's so gorgeous and every move he made on hardy i was like boy you can do that to me any day!! It was a good fight, but we were kind of dissapointed in gsp!

Erin said...

Twilight and UFC, two of my favorite things :) Also, I think we already discussed UFC and my pregnancy rage hormones.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That 2nd guy is a cutie! Maybe I should start watching these fights :)

jenn said...

i can't get into UFC makes me sick to my stomach.

but, that guy is a 'looker' :o)

i left something for you on my blog!!!

Amber said...

lol, that was actually my first UFC fight...I got really into the fights and when it got to them I was pulling for Dan Hardy! I felt like he was the under dog here and I loved his accent lol. The eyes did throw me off a bit tho.

Anonymous said...

And the hubbys wonder why we don't go kicking and screaming when they want us to tag along to a fight, love GSP. *SWOON*