Thursday, March 25, 2010

Give-a-way's Galore!

I've said it before and I'll say it again... everyone loves free shit stuff. 
Somehow I never seem to win any of these bloggy-Give-a-ways. :( What's up with that? 
No worries... I'm not bitter or anything.. 

My bud over at The Getts Times is hosting a bloggy-make-over-give-a-way.
Our Guamazing Adventure also has a give-a-way going down. 

I guess Spring is making folks feel generous. Well spread it this way I love free shit stuff. 

Beyond that... I'm having a bit of an issue peeps. 
So lemme know what you think!
And this is very serious so don't go acting all silly... crackin' jokes and such. 
Because we all know Rpatz/Twilight/New Moon is serious business right?
Well I told everyone yesterday about how my newly purchased BluRay of New Moon doesn't work on my downstairs/living room, much newer/nicer BluRay player. But it does work upstairs on my older/junky BluRay player. So here's my issue.. problem... conundrum... bugaboo...predicament... QUANDARY: 
Do I return it or no?
Seriously... it works on one player but not the other? 
it's very confusing. 


Paula said...

I would put a call into the maufacture and see what they say. They probably have as customer service number...good luck...we have yet to jump on the bluray bandwagon

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I don't know if they'll even take it back. I had this problem once and they said because the dvd was opened (and could have been copied) that they weren't allowed to take it back for a refund. They might exchange it though!