Sunday, March 21, 2010

a lil' bit-o-this...

I chatted with an admissions rep from Kaplan University this morning. Which is great news because I'll finally be on the road to being a productive member of society again. I was on the fence about whether or not to get the Associates first than continue on for a bachelors. Because anyone who knows anything knows you need a bachelors to get by these days. But I finally decided to get the associates knocked out and on my resume then  continue on with the bachelors. So that's the plan! 
Kaplan here I come.

In other news Erin and I went and saw this guy's latest flick! 
Remember Me. I think we were both pleasantly surprised by how good this movie actually was; you know minus the teenaged couple two seats down making out the entire movie. 

The hubs and I had date night on Friday. Went to our local hibachi and a movie. Yea, I've been seeing a lot of movies this weekend- I know. Green Zone was better than Remember Me, granted they were just different in a lot of ways but it was overall just better. Gotta love some Matt Damon. (:  I was shocked by it also. I knew it was set in Baghdad and all but I didn't think it would be dealing with the realities this war. It hit close to home. Awesome movie all. 

I think I've mentioned that since I've known Kevin he hasn't been home/we haven't been together for one of my birthday's before. I'm not complaining- it is however, my reality; and it looks like this year won't be any different. :( Thankfully he isn't deployed. But somehow the Army senses my birthday is near and therefore has to take my husband any ol' place. His unit is off to Ft. Polk for a month. Egh... it is what it is! 
What do you do when you're alone on your birthday? Something special I hope.. I need the ideas. 


Paula said...

I'm curious if you found The Green Zone offensive in any way? I've heard it's very anti-American and being an Army wife, I can't stand to watch that kind of stuff.
I understand about the Army finding ways to take your Soldier on your birthday. I think in the 6 and a half years I've known my husband, we've had 2 Valentine's Days together. It's not a big deal... we celebrate every day together as a special day. Find some good girlfriend time on your birthday. If not that, how about a spa day?

Sara said...

I've learned that dates are just dates. Husband and I always celebrate some other way when he is home. We've even done delayed Christmases before too. Do something fun and relaxing for yourself the day of. I think I got a massage, bought a new pair of shoes and then ordered in dinner and drank a glass of wine. Simple but very relaxing.

jenn said...

ft polk? yuck!!!

i'm glad you got have a date with the hubby :o)

been missing your updates same....and yay for kaplan :o)

Expat Girl said...

Yay for Kaplan, that will be great to keep you busy when the army is mean! Honestly, I went shopping and got my nails done this year but I really treated my birthday just like any other day on this year long countdown and you guys can celebrate an early/delayed bday when you get him back in your arms

Kate said...

So happy for you that you are getting back to school, I looked into Kaplan. If you aren't completely set on that school, then you should definitely look into Coastline Community College. They have a special program for military spouses, that gives you your books for free! And the credit hour prices are awesome. Its all online. They only offer associate's but you can always transfer your credits later to complete your bachelor's. That's what I plan on at least.

Just throwing it out there :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I thought Remember Me was so good! I haven't seen the Matt Damon movie yet. That sucks that he won't be able to spend your birthday with you. Maybe you can get a group of girls together and go out to a nice dinner.