Sunday, March 21, 2010

Re: Green Zone

Hey Paula I wanted to respond to your comment that you heard Green Zone was Anti-American, but I know sometimes I ask questions in comments but forget to check back. I didn't think it was in any way, shape or form ANTI-American. No Ma'am. "Absolutely not"-- as my nephew, Nathan says. 

Matt Damon plays CW2 Roy Miller who is running all over Iraq tearing apart WMD sites based upon "reliable intel." Well I think we all know there weren't and aren't any WMD's in Iraq. That isn't news. Well, Mr. Roy Miller realized something had to be wrong with this oh-so reliable intel and brought it up to his Colonel-- who well said this isn't the time to be bring up the issue in Washington. So throughout the movie Miller is fighting against the status quo, pleading for accurate information and getting get it at all costs. At the end of the movie he's clarified some of the intel his team had been conducting missions based on and he makes the point that IT ALWAYS MATTERS WHY WE GO TO WAR. The reasons matter. 

I know there are some people, even some military folks that feel soldiers should just shut-up and blindly follow their orders. At some point I feel there is truth to that... however, I feel its WAY farther down the line. There has to be a way to do what CW2 Miller did; to let the chain of command know that something isn't right in the field. Chasing these invisible WMD's was costing lives... so this fictional Roy Miller did what he needed to do to stop waisting his team's resources and costing lives. 


Scatterbrain said...

Agreed!! Thank you!!

Paula said...

Thanks for clearing it up. I think I'll drag my Soldier to see it now so we can check it out. I really appreciate you answering. I seriously had heard (not sure where) that it was a horribly anti-american movie! gossip gets started.