Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Umm... EXCUSE me Blogger????

Can anyone please tell me why all of a sudden Blogger has decided that I no longer follow any (= ZERO) blogs?


This is just enough to make me drop an "Eff" bomb in the middle of the afternoon.

Maybe it's a kink; will work itself out and all will be magically rectified in a few hours?

We'll see.
(she says unbelievably)


Yes, I know it's Wednesday and you're all dying to know what I WANT....

But you'll have to wait. I have to run an errand. Ha...! Gotcha.



Fox Family said...

Mine was doing that too, but it is fixed now. I was pretty peeved as well!

Lin said...

Mine does this every now & then. Dont know why it happens but I have to log out & once I log back in they're all back. Hope all your blogs come back.

Nuclear Wife said...

Ditto to what they said...