Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Answers; POST 100 Extravaganza!!!

Good Morning Readers!!! I have to say I am very excited to say this is my 100th post! When I started my blog I never imagined that people I didn't know would want to read it, would care, would comment, or would stick around through all the drama! =) I am VERRRRY pleased to report that this is very much the case! People like me!!! That makes me happy. Anywho... While I have already written having people like me isn't my motivation for blogging, but it is a great lil' added bonus! So, how bout them questions and answers???:

From the lovely: Crazy Shenanigans
"What's been the best date you and your husband have ever went on?"
This is a great question... We have had sooo many great times that I just LOVE to peices, but if we're going for the best traditional Movie and Dinner "date" than I'll have to say when the Hub's took me to a very nice, Fancy-pants steakhouse Mackenzie's Chop House. The food was great, the atmosphere was amazing. It was extra wonderful because as I recall we had been arguing for one reason or another so it was a great way to 'make up'! =)
From my blogger buddy in GERMANY: Megan; The Not So Normal Life Of An Army Wife
1)What are your favorite (and least favorite) things about living at Fort Carson? That is one of the two places we are hoping for once we leave Germany.
My FAVORITE thing about Carson is the area. From what I understand a lot of other posts are pretty much set in the middle of nowheresville. You have Fountain and Colorado Springs right outside the gates of the post! Ft. Carson is right in the foothills also. Cheyenne Mountain is close enough to touch. Views are great. Skiing/Snowboarding is accessible for little day or weekend trips!
My LEAST favorite thing about Kevin being stationed at Ft. Carson (is not really related to the post or the area at all) is that I've been here too long and I have too much family here. This might sound selfish but goodness, I am ready for a change. Also I love my family but sometimes I think that we are too close emotionally and physically. Some get feelings hurt over petty things. Change is necessary at this point.
~Just FYI "they" call Ft. Carson "The best hometown in the Army"~
2)Also, what would be your dream job? And why?
My dream job is, Publicist! I figured this out about a year ago. Than it sort of occured to me that this is not really attainable with the lifestyle inwhich we all live. WHY? why is easy... basically the normal-run-of-the-mill Hollywood Obsession. HAHA. That and it really does just interest me. It's something where I wouldn't be doing the same thing day in and day out. Keep it fresh. You know?
3) Has your husband ever tried to convince you to join the Army?
HELL NO! He knows better. ha ha...
FROM the lovely Allison (who created my new header):
1) If you could be on any reality tv show, which would you choose and why?
I do not like the reality "game shows", and the REAL WORLD had gotten so cheesy. So if Icould be on any reality TV show it would be The Hills! I love Lauren aka LC and Brody. I could do without Speidi, Stephanie, ect... But since she's leaving and Kristen Cavalleri (sp) is in; I reserve the right to change my answer at a later date. HA HA
2) If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be?
I wish I had a superpower that would allow for me to make dreams come true. I get working hard for something builds character but sometimes we need a little bit of that instant gratification to stay motivated. OOO.. also another one would be waking up my ideal size. I'm not sure what we would call that superpower? BWahahaha
From the beautifully-friendly Becca; Mrs. GI JOE:
1) Tell us about a time that sticks out in thought where you felt abnormaly full of life, joy and laughter? Other then your wedding :p
The day Kevin got home from NTC we laid around on the living room floor watching movies, playing with Brody, and catching up. We had a picnic on the living room floor! I loved it. It's become sort of a tradition for us now! =)
2) Who was your teenage crush:p
I have two answers: WHEN I was a teenager the one and only Mr. Justin Timberlake. Now that I'm a grown-up (and don't judge me people! lol) I have a "teenage crush" on Mr. Jesse Mccartney. He's adorable. I swoon. tee hee
3)Moments before you took the walk down that isle, what was your thoughts?
"Is he gonna show!???" PANIC. "Maybe he'll stand me up." PANIC.
My hubby will back me up here, he was a lil' bit tardy. He was nervous and forgot to shave. ha ha..
4) If you could be a pro at one thing, what would it be?
Hmm... Baking! I love a beautiful looking cake or cupcake!
5) And lastly, the dreaded.....If you were stranded on an island and could only take one thing with you, what would it be:
Depends on the island. If it was the island like on LOST I'd bring a weapon! lol
Otherwise I think I'd bring my ipod! I need that noise to help pass the days you know? Would make it seem like you're not as alone if you have another human voice!
Ok peoples. I LOVED the questions. Thanks so much for reading and stickin' it out through the ups-and-downs of my blog thus far!
Have a fantastic day. I have to get going but I do have some things to share with you all, a little bit later!


Paula said...

Great idea to answer questions. I lve getting to know you even better

Lauren B. said...

i really like your new background

Teresa said...

Fort Carlson is the best?! haha ;)

Happy 100 now 100 more :)

Megan said...

Great post. I totally feel ya on the whole family thing. Since we have moved things have been a lot easier with ours. Sometimes distance is better for everyone. Thanks for answering all the questions!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

HA HA HA! I loved it all! What a great post...Totally laughed out loud at the "is he gonna show remark" Lord I bet you were sweating bullets as well as he! Too funny:p

jlc said...

Ohhh I SOOOO wannabe at Fort Carson! So so jealous!!

We get stuck with Tejas. :(