Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post 99 and counting....

A few things- obviously I have a new header! =) WOO hoo... who loves it? I DO!!! anyone else? I think Addie over here digs it too. She should she delt with my nonsense back and forth getting it together. So I will be doing some tweaking on my columns in the next few days so look for more pictures, ect!=) She also just made-over Mrs. GI Joe's bloggy too! Isn't she great? aww...

So I have a whole whopping *1* question so far for my 100th post. That'll be exciting! Wooo. =) Thank's Crazy Shenanigans! This is my last post (obviously) before my 100th... so dig deep peoples what do you really wanna know bout me. Maybe you're curious about my Coach glasses (from the pic in my new header)?? ha ha... maybe not. All the same, if I don't get more questions it's only going to be more of the same! And really, truly, who wants that? :-p

This lil' beauty is the Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote! You might remember my post a few months back about how Brody (grrrr) ate the remotes to our surround-sound and Bluray player?! Well, after that me and the hubs desided to invest in a good remote. This currently retails for $225 (give or take, based on the site) we got it off Craigslist for $90!!!! Woooo, talk about a STEAL! Anyway, I LOVE IT! It does everything! it's ridiculous really, it would (if I cared to located the model # and manufacturer) operate the ceiling fan! If you are in the market I highly recommend it! Yes, I am SUPER excited about this... it's the little things in life people. =)

Other than that, just as soon as I am finished blogging away. I have to complete an application for the Broadmoor. They are hiring for a Spa Concierge. This is by no means ideal but I'm hoping for a great discount! =) If you are unfamiliar with the Broadmoor this is a 5 Star Resort/Hotel here in Colorado Springs; The Pres. usually crashes here when he comes through.
Have a great day peoples! =)


Megan said...

That's a nice remote. If my husband saw it he would HAVE to have it. I have some questions!

What are your favorite (and least favorite) things about living at Fort Carson? That is one of the two places we are hoping for once we leave Germany.

Also, what would be your dream job? And why?

Has your husband ever tried to convince you to join the Army? (My husband has and I know a lot of wives who have had that conversation with theirs. haha)

Allison said...

Thanks for the shout-out ;)

Here are 2 questions for you:
If you could be on any reality tv show, which would you choose and why?

If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be?

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

Yes- I'm going to comment myself! I'm lovin' these questions... This is gonna be insightful to how DEEP I am really not... you guys will laugh and giggle! Woooo- Keep em' comin' ladies.

Lauren B. said...

no we aren't on post but we don't live too far away from carson. do you live on post? do you have facebook or myspace? if so, you should add me (lauren billings).

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I noticed your new layout! I like it alot!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Love Love LOVE the new header! I know I've said it before but your beautiful girl! You and Kevin look adorable together:p Okay! So my questions are:

Tell us about a time that sticks out in thought where you felt abnormaly full of life, joy and laughter? Other then your wedding:p I love dwelling on the moments I feel this and am curious about what makes others feel so alive:)

Who was your teenage crush:p

Moments before you took the walk down that isle, what was your thoughts?

If you could be a pro at one thing, what would it be?

And lastly, the dreaded.....If you were stranded on an island and could only take one thing with you, what would it be...BWAH HA HA HA! I always hated this question because I need so much more then one thing!

Laura said...

Hello!! THank you for stopping by my blog! I'm trying to catch up with your last entries. From what I gather is that your hubby is deployed? I hope all is well on your end. Oh, and no we're not in Virginia, we're in Texas. I look forward to reading more of you.

Paula said...

I love the new look of your blog. I may have to join the 20th century and learn how to blog. How the Broadmoor job works out
love you