Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Want it Wednesday... Part II

I wanted... to get out of the house.
I did.
I should have trusted when it told me it felt like -15 degrees with windchill and stayed in the MOTHER-LOVIN' house!
For those of you who didn't experience this frigid cold... it gets in your bones and takes route! It sticks with you. Drinking anything cold it out of the question. It only makes it worse. I'll have hot chocolate and/or tea.
PS: Add the Coffee Mate Gingerbread creamer to plain-jane Lipton tea. It's delish!

I wanted... to start my Christmas shopping.
I did.
Guess what? Completing some Christmas shopping required my leaving the house, venturing out into the FRIGID, frigid cold.
Have I mentioned it takes route in your bones?
Hmmm, still cold. But thankfully I did get my mother's gift and few lil' things for my hubbin! Wooop Woop!
PS: Kevin called me and wanted to get my MAC (that I've been wanting for quiet a while now) and a netbook (for transporting to and fro from work) at the PX... He loves his StarCard. I calmly explained to him that more debt is not the answer. And that I'd prefer new slippers.
We'll see if he got the message.

Happy Hump Day, people! :)

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! That was super responsible on the computer! I'm sure you'll get it one day!