Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding Bells

First: It occured to me that it would be easier to upload all pictures than add captions and text! I'm a friggin' genius sometimes! bwahahaha

OK so our wedding: We were married in Portland, aboard the Sternwheeler Rose! I feel blessed to have had a unique wedding. I haven't heard of anyone else getting married on a river boat. =) It was great too. The cruise was only 2 1/2 hours... This turned out to be the PERFECT amount of time to board sail down (or was it up? Anywhozle..) river and let the captian idle the boat infront of downtown Portland, have the ceremony, take a ridiculous amount of pictures, eat, mingle, Father/Daughter dance and our first dance... then we were docking and getting the hell out of there! OH! and of course we had cake... yummm!

Something unique I really wanted to incorporate into our wedding was my Brother-in-law, Levi who was unfortunately deployed at the time. So my sister and I fashioned yellow ribbons and everyone in attendance wore one. He was very missed on that day. When we were having cake and giving everyone thanks for being there with us on that special day, I wanted to explain the ribbons' purpose.. .but really I just broke down and balled like a baby. Thankfully Kevin took over for me and completed my explination.

Here's a few pictures:

Love this one: See us down there on the back of the boat?
Well funny story: getting out there was quite a royal pain in the ass. But getting back to the dock almost caused a huge calamity; Kevin turned toward the dock and started walking. I started to follow with my flowers and heels but slipped! GASP! I shout "KEVIN!" he turns you know ever- slowly and looks at me like "what is your problem?" I say "Can I get a little help please!!?" His response was to take my flowers and continue off the boat onto the dock! GRRR... what a wonderful impression he makes as a new Husband... All's well that ends well, I suppose. I didn't fall off into the yucky water and we got an awesome picture out of the ordeal! =)

(kissy kissy)

(kissy kissy)

(my hubs- CHEESIN!)

(My sister and I; pre-wedding)

Okay, so thats my wedding story, engagement, wedding, and honeymoon! =)


jlc said...

That is so romantic!!!

I LOVEEEEE that it was on a boat! You two are beautiful together!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

That is romantic! You are so pretty Samantha! You should post pictures of that face more often:)I had wanted to get married on the river boat in Nashville but the hubs and his mom get motion sickness on boats so I didn't want to chance it...Thanks for sharing your wedding day story!

Megan said...

Aww you were a beautiful bride!! Great pictures!!

High Heels & Combat Boots said...

such a pretty bride you were!! your sis looks a lot like you!

Lauren B. said...

awwww i love weddings! if i could go back and relive mine over and over i would! you looked gorgeous!

Nikki said...

Love it! Love the pic of you guys on the front of the boat! And your dress is so purdy.

Stinking cute couple I might add!

Lauren B. said...

you can find out the gender at 15 weeks, but the army won't do it until 19....

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw! I love that you got married on a steam boat!

ABW said...

Beautiful pictures and a great story. I would have lost it with explaining the yellow ribbons too!