Saturday, December 19, 2009

I found it.... I ruined it...

I finally found non-stick stainless steel pots and pans. This was surprisingly a difficult feat. All the same here's what I've decided on:

Isn't it pretty?
Tonight began two weeks of leave for Kevin. After getting settled he tells me he wants to rent the most recent installment of Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince. You can read about our first attempt at seeing this movie here. But guess what? I bought this for Kevin for Christmas. Kevin is really big on gifts being surprises. He's a big baby about it but deep down he doesn't want to know what he's getting. All the same... after he says he wants to go rent HP he goes on and on about "maybe we shouldn't rent it.... if i'm getting it as a gift in the near future." I did a fairly good job at playing it off-- like I hadn't gotten this for him as a gift. But I knew he would want to watch it, regardless and really this afternoon I was thinking I'd like to watch some HP too. Not necessarily Half Blood Prince (he has all the other movies) but since I was on board with the HP watching I decided Kevin could have his gift early.
Unfortunately he wasn't on the same page. He was happy to have it so that we could watch it. BUT he wasn't so happy that I ruined the surprise. It isn't Christmas yet, afterall!
Now I feel like I have to replace this gift but I have no ideas or thoughts on what to get him. :(
Any ideas?
What are you getting your hubs'???
Please share I need all the help I can get, especially with only 6 shopping days until the BIG day!

In other news, while watching some HP I proceeded to whoop Kevin's ass at some Dominoes!
Wow... I can't believe I just admitted we're that boring... hmm!


Lin said...

Ha ha, my hubs is like this too. I ended up getting him this Gerber knife w/a screwdriver head & bottle opener on it cause he kept saying how much he wanted it. Today we went to the store & he's like 'since we're here we should just pick it up' & I totally tried to ignore him but he kept at it. I finally told him I had already bought it & then he got all upset because I told him. I swear, I can never win.

I also bought him Inglorious Basterds & The Hangover (which is HILARIOUS!). Both great picks if your hubs is a movie buff. Good luck!

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

Lin: My friend Nikki (who lives across the street) just bought both of those exact movies the other day when they were released. I just found it ironic that you also chose them. Hmmm maybe I should get on board too??
THANKS for the ideas!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I got the first season of Boston Legal on dvd....I heard its a good show so hopefully he'll like it.

Erin said...

Don't worry...we are that boring too! Add in a glass of wine, and you just described a Friday night for us.

I got D a set of whiskey glasses with a decanter and I am getting him the new Call of Duty.

Kellee Lyn said...

My hubs is deployed and coming home for R&R about a week after Christmas...I got him a SUPER nice electric razor (Black Friday find) cause he complains about his all the time...also got him a pile of DVD's and new PSP games since he's beat all of his a million times being over there since July...

My friend turned me onto your blog and just wanted to say I enjoy reading some of your older posts and also keeping up with things now! :-)

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

Welcome Kelle! thanks for following along. :)