Thursday, June 17, 2010

When Your Husband...

Cooks dinner it makes things allllll better!

Kevin doesn't cook. Period. Well, not quite that "period." He does make macaroni and cheese. Since I started working again I've been pretty beat/exhausted/lazy/useless in the evenings. Somehow I'm also more hungry throughout the day. This using your brain business is no joke. Anywho, today I text Kevin about 4 p.m. and asked him if he would mind starting dinner because I was super hungry. To my surprise Kevin agreed. Once I (finally) made my way home he had the grill heated up, steak on, and rice-a-roni started! All I had to do was make the corn! 

Gotta say I don't think there are too many things that comin' home to that wouldn't fix. 

My friend and her husband are doing okay. Last I heard he's still in Kuwait awaiting transport to Germany. He broke two vertebra near the top of his back. He's up walking around and they don't think he'll need surgery. All in all he seems to have been pretty lucky. Thanks for all the support and prayers! 

In other Solider/Army related news, all the NCO's met with the new Sergeant Major today. Evidently he's a very family orientated guy and will be contacting the parents of all the soldiers. You know.... just to say Hi. While I think this is great.... I'm wondering why he isn't contacting the spouses of the married soldiers and parents of the unmarried guys? 
Any thoughts??

Oh.... last but not least (although I wish I didn't have to talk about this at all) the hubs will be gearing up for his fourth deployment this fall -- the gearing up part is in the fall. The Deployment part I'm not sure... but my best guess is in the Spring (2011). 

So for "I Want it Wednesday" I want another Wednesday... 
That doesn't include conversations about injured soldiers
or deploying husbands. 


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh I am so glad your friend's hubby is going to be okay. I was telling Mr. Superman about it last night and we were both just so concerned for him. It looks like we may both be dealing with the big D in spring 2011. We'll find out if Mr. Superman is going in November though. Yay for hubbs cooking! What a treat :)

Renee said...

You husband rocks the grill, it sounds like! Great for you! My husband did about 55% of the cooking before deployment...without him I eat a lot of cereal!
I'm happy to hear that your friend's husband will recover!

Take care..we are all at some level of deployment and the support here is awesome!

Jen said...

to your SGM's plan to contact PARENTS, i have the same thoughts. the MAJ that my hubs was deployed with sent letters to his parents and i was totally peaved about that. i'm the one who was here at home, pregnant and taking care of 2 kids under 4, and his parents were getting letters with news about what he was doing and how proud they should be of him. i was getting nothing. it still makes my skin crawl!

A Soldier's Princess said...

Hi!! I'm a new follower! I really like your blog. =) That's so sweet of the hubby to cook dinner! My hubby doesn't cook much at all! He tries to help but it's more work having to explain every step to him. It would be worth it if he remember the next time but he doesn't! Lol. He tries tho ;)
I agree! I would be pissed if my husbands parents got letters and I didn't. His mom isn't even supportive when it comes to the army.
My hubbs just finished up all his 'gearing up' and is about to deploy soon. It's his second delpoyment and our first as a married couple. I see you went through it already. Wish me luck! =)

ens said...

that's really sweet of him to cook dinner for you. All my fiance can make is spaghetti which he would happily eat 3 meals/day... blegh.

I'm glad to hear your friends husband is well. What a blessing.

Taht's odd about the guy contacting parents... i don't know if i'll ever understand any of this stuff.

jenn said...

what a great hubby to cook dinner...=)

so glad your friends hubby is going to be ok.

sorry about the ever 'looming' it true the length is only 9 months now???

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Booo for Kevin deploying again! That's so sweet of him to start dinner though!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is assumming the FRG/other group is taking care of keeping the spouses informed?

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog and love it! It's too cute. Home cooked dinners by someone else are the best!

New follower and just wanted to say hi! Happy day to you!