Monday, November 8, 2010

So much crap- so little time!

I've been busy. Just the other day I was saying that I wished I just had nothing to do. I keep reminding myself that at least we have the means to get things accomplished and that's more than some; I'm We're lucky.

Moving on, LB made me two camera straps for my Cannon. I <3 her! Spent too much time in Target (really it started to feel claustrophobic... yeah... was there too long)... thanks to LB and Erin. They don't blog much (lately), as you can see because they're busy spending time with yours truly and planning my surprise going away party (I say again, surprise, lol)!

My mother made a good point the other day (as she often does): I'm giving up practically everything I've ever owed for the new adventure of moving to (and living in) Germany. So far, I'm down one dog (={) and one house (bouncing around in spare rooms). As of tomorrow I'll be down my car! I'm good with saving the money but I sorta hate my husbands Jetta; it's not comfortable and it's far too low to the ground (especially in comparison to my SUV). Again... gotta remind myself we are so lucky to have two cars, some people don't have one... suck it up Sam!

The hubs is trying to talk me into getting a new computer. I'm torn. Maybe now isn't the time? But we went and look at Best Buy to see what's up. I've only blogged, virtually begged for a MacBook for AGES. But I'm having a hard time lately justifying the cost. After speaking with very knowledgeable Matt (at Best Buy) for a messily two hours I'm stuck between these two:
(14" display, 4GB Memory, 500GB Hard Drive)

(13.3" display, 4GB Memory, 256GB Hard Drive)

My new buddy Matt recommended the MacBook Pro because of my new affection for picture-taking, for it's editing capabilities (which come installed). You may think, if you're problem is the cost of the Mac's... go for the all-white MacBook and not the Pro. Well, our buddies at Best Buy offer/honor a military discount on Mac's (not on the Sony) which would amount to $100 off the Pro, bringing it down from $1200 to 1100- the MacBook is at $1000. The Pro is made of aluminum versus the plastic on the MacBook and you get 2 more GB's of Memory on the Pro... so it's worth the extra $100. But is the Pro at $1100 worth it, in comparison to the Sony at $800? 

Decisions.... Decisions... 

Incase I forgot to mention it in the last 14 paragraphs the hubs is out to the field for the next week -- his last week in the shop and he's out in the field. Next Monday he starts clearing! Ekk! 


Expat Girl said...

Wow things are changing and happening fast for you guys! Can you promise one thing though? Please and thank you? Dont leave us! No matter how hectic it gets, keep us updated, I would miss you too much!

Erin said...

For the record, we were trying to surprise you!!

Nina said...

Hey there, I found your blog a little while ago, and wanted to say hi. As well as comment on your computer dilemma.
I would definitely go with Mac; it is definitely worth extra money, comes with the iLife software package that includes iPhoto for very basic photo editing. Macs also tend to have less problems compared to PC's.
You may want to check the prices also at the PX as well as Apple's government store.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I recommend the Macbook. Over time the extra money is completely worth it. I've had mine since 2007 and haven't had any problems what so ever!