Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I REALLY Want it Wednesday...

Truly... tell me because I want to know. Help me understand... as an American. I need and I deserve to know!

Case and point. Yes, lets repeal the healthcare bill... Please. Because doing nothing with the old system sounds like a much better idea. At least it's not "change". People are scared of Change. Naturally. Will it work? What will it cost, ect and so forth... At least people can go back to bitching about the health care system not working and it being too expensive-- that is at least a gripe they're used to.

Yes, please, lets "reduce the size of government and continue our fight for a smaller, less costly, more accountable government." (Boehner) OH, The glory days of President Bush. Less costly: hmmm, that's not true to the record. Lets be real when President Clinton left office he left the national budget with a SURPLUS people. After two Bush terms we were left with (how many billions of dollars borrowed from China?) and a huge deficit. So the Republicans being less costly is laughable.

Also, for those who want to "reduce the size of government and continue our fight for a smaller, less costly, more accountable government." as Boehner said have you heard him mention how he'll accomplish it? Talk is cheap.

What I heard during the press conference was "We're going to do exactly what you want." But they failed to mention how. We the people (evidently) want a repeal on the Health Care Bill. But when asked about it he said he'd address it in the coming months and see what happens in January. That's not proof of anything.

Honestly I doubt anything will come from this Republican controlled House/Senate Combo. Only because President Obama has publicly asked Republicans for their ideas and contributions (specifically in regards to Health Care) multiple times; during one State of the Union and he hosted a Summit on Health Care February 7th, where party leaders (including John McCain) spent the unprecedented time with the President name-calling and boasting about their favorite colors... well this is obviously a distortion of the truth... they spent the day discussion nothing. When they could have actually pitched their on brilliant thoughts and ideas on the subject. They did nothing.

Lastly: All Politicians Lie. Change Takes Time. If your excited for the change that Republicans promise... brace yourself it's not likely to come in less than 18 months... Shocking.

On a personal note. As an American, I'm PISSED. My mail-in Ballot is M.I.A! My right, afforded to me by the 19th Amendment was not extended to me. Pissed, I say, PISSED!

I am genuinely curious about the outcome if you can help me to understand and still, as always remain respectful I am so willing to hear you out. Because what I know tells me this makes no sense... none at all.


Erin said...

And this my friend, is why I hate politics! Too much talk, too little action.

Radiant Readhead said...

honestly, i wish every house and senate seat had been filled with the new person! We need totally new people who are going to fight for the citizens, and not their own agendas. Honestly, i consider myself republican, but do not vote down the party side, I vote for the candidate, but i found it hard because all i heard was bickering and mudslinging. it was really sad! I hate the fact that most politicians are lawyers....why!?!?!? i thought the majority of people didn't like lawyers, so why do we continuously vote them into office? Unfortunately, I think it will e a long time before we see things get back "normal", if ever, and as we are fighting amongst our parties, instead of working together, China is just biding its time to collect on all the loans they have given, making them the new super power of the world....sad:( why can't they all just work together and get a long, the division between the parties has become so bad it is sickening, and sad!
Lets just pray that the changes will be positive...don't hold your breath, lol, but we can hope and pray.

Erin said...

I also did not see my ballot this year, or the last three years. I live in WA and have updated my voter registration within the legally required time, twice a year, every year, for the last three years (ever since I moved) and WA state has yet to update my voter registration. GRRRR!!!

I feel as frustrated as you at being denied my right to vote in such a crucial election...

Hopefully next time this will have been remedied for both of us.

hmb said...

yo...I think this whole absentee ballot thing is a conspiracy. Just throwing it out there :)

Key said...

talking politics piss me off because its so much to discuss in so little time and nothing gets done #fail. love your blog!!