Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Missing our pup today

I think Brody is going to really LOVE his new home. I know he's going to love the pool. But I know as much as he's going to love it there, we're going to miss him more! 
He was our first baby. It's hard getting used to him not being there... even getting used to him being in the way  and being under foot.

We picked up a huge bone to distract Brody. He loved that one too!! Getting Brody over to San Diego was a huge step toward leaving. It kind of brought the leaving aspect of this PCS to the forefront. Just a little while ago I was talking to my sister and she said it breaks her heart that Brody is gone because it just means that leaving is getting closer. I told her I try not to think about it. It's true too. I try to avoid the leaving aspect and thinking about the "Good-byes" to come. Thats the part I'm looking forward to the least. It's sort of pre-deployment-esque. The build-up is there yet I just want to get it started.... tear off the band aid, if you will. 

In other news I'm considering a Going Away Party. I had some ideas which lead to my finding out that my homies were going to plan me a Surprise Going Away Party.... maybe letting someone else plan it and host it would be a great idea after all. hmmm.


Angie said...

Aww!! I'm sure Brody misses you too! But at least you know when you come back he'll be waiting for you

Erin said...

That is really tough. It's so hard to leave a beloved furry child behind. I'm sure Brody will miss you too, but hopefully he will be happy in his new home.

And just think how happy he will be to see you when you return!

Erin said...

Dude, that Dog looks like he has the life out there!