Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I haven't been sleeping all that well. Friday night: 6.5 hrs. Saturday night: 7 hrs (from 11pm-6am) another 1.5 hrs (6am- 8:30 am). You might be thinking "That sounds like PLENTY of sleep." Nope. Not after only 6.5 hrs the previous night. I'm sorry but 6 hrs is not enough for me. I don't function properly unless I get AT LEAST 9 hrs. It sounds like a lot I know. We're all different. That's what works for me. Well, last night I only got 7 hrs and was up at 6am. Last time I was up that early was when Brody got his business all over the house. UGH! It's going to take some getting used to.

Moral of the story is I'm EXHAUSTED! How I Met Your Mother (down/done) on to House. Then BED!!!

PS: I'm still not connecting with my co-workers. OH well.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Don't worry, you'll connect! You're uber fabulous! Why wouldn't they love you?!?!?

Lauren B. said...

i don't feel sorry for you. thats nothing compared to having a newborn baby! just wait....you will see what i'm talking about one day!

sweet dreams!

jenn said...

when i wasn't sleeping when the hubs was deployed.
i drank a glass of wine about an hour before i wanted to sleep.
it helped me relax and get sleepy.
worked some of the time....

your co-workers should love you -- you are FABULOUS!!