Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Day; Vortex of Non-Sense (x2); Can't Sleep.

It's 1:30 AM. I can't sleep.


Today was my first day at my new job! It was good- overall. The other ladies I'm working with in the Proposal's department are all very nice. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that we have too terribly much in common. I haven't completely written them off but so far- nothing in common. Boo. The only other issue I'm having is this generaly feeling uneasy. I think it's because of where my cube is; the direction is faces; my back is not to a wall. It creeps me out. I don't like people coming up behind me.. under any circumstances. Also, I'm one of these people that if you don't address me- get my attention (ie. call my name) I am not going to pay attention to what is coming out of your mouth. So today I missed out on a few chuckles...

Maybe I'll ask for a new cube on Monday. My boss "H" (from here on shall be own as H) is so far pretty flexible and understanding. Which is great in a supervisor. I am looking forward to Monday and getting to know my co-workers better.


Ok, so I can't sleep and Kevin passed out at oh, 7:45. Seriously. He's been exhausted in the evenings lately. Anyway. He's been sleeping for HOURS and I'm (obviously) awake (at 1:36 am) still.... :(  So I took to shopping online for household things.

Kevin and I very intentionally bought a new home versus a fixer-upper. As fun as it may be to plan renovations, carrying them out is a bit different. We didn't want the hastle. Recently we've been sucked into the vortex of non-sense that is HGTV!. Urg! Even though our home is new and doesn't require any major work, I've found myself looking for things to up-grade or change. I know, it's stupid. Just this morning it occured to me that I can up-grade the bathrooms for fairly cheap. New faucets, framed mirrors, ect.. I'm excited about it.

Back to being up in the middle of the night: I was scanning through some light fixtures at (PS: Lowes offers 10% Military Discount-- but you HAVE to ask for it... even if you go in Uniform you still have to ASK for it!) I click to the next page, where I'm met with this:

To serve you better, we are currently performing maintenance on

Please check back with us soon.

Yea, Lowe's let me down. Here I was scrolling through 1000's of lights (flush mounts for the hallway, chandellier for over the dining table, lights for the bathrooms) and BAM... Lowe's goes to bed! If Lowe's can do it, so can I. I'll dig out the Tylenol PM.
I'll pay for this lack of sleep tomorrow. :(


jenn said...

i was thinking about you today starting your new job :o)

i hope you find somethings in common w/your co workers & you get to have a new cubicle. :o)

JG said...

When Lowe's goes to bed, you are officially up too late.

Hannah Noel said...

I hate when I can't sleep! I hope you were able to get some shut-eye!

Lauren B. said...

yay for the new job!

there are about a million things that i want to do to my house too lol

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's great about the job!!!