Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beep, Beep... Back the Truck Up!

As previously stated I've been M.I.A. lately and there's been a TON going on. Such as:

Veteran's Day with my soldier. Kevin and I watched Taking Chance together. He didn't seem overly touched by it on any level but it touched me, deeply. I felt so lucky to have my husband and soldier home safe and unscaved. I know that I am truly blessed to have him return home to me. On the other hand I did very much miss Levi. We do every day.

Happy Veteran's Day to all our Vet's out there.


Tomorrow I start my new job! Yes, that's right all after a year of being unemployed a great opportunity has come my way! I am so grateful and excited to start this new position. It's a job that I'm familiar with; a skill that I have and if the company likes me it will be a very nice pay raise. So wish me luck! After I attend Traffic court tomorrow morning I will have half-a-day at my new job!! :)

PS: Traffic Court SUCKS!


Today is the final chapter of my relationship with Qwest. They suck. I'll be moving on. ASAP.


My sister can feel the baby move on the outside of her belly now. Nathan felt her move last night and was SOOO excited!


My BFF is PREGNANT! Yup, she's about 8 weeks along now. Due in July! Yes, you guessed it everyone around me is pregnant... but me of course.


Kevin and I have been talking a lot about what comes next for us. What we want to do next and where we want to be. Kevin and I agreed that we would both love to be stationed in Germany. We think it would be a great adventure for us. But we are still kind of in a holding pattern with Kevin's Warrant Officer application process. He has completed the Flight Physical and we are waiting for word back on that; whether or not he is "fit for flight". Fingers crossed!!!


Thankfully, I think that's all I had to catch people up on. No no... I do have to mention the release of New Moon next Friday. We are a whopping 8 days away! Yeah, I'm a loser... and I've definitely made peace with that.



Samantha the ArmyWife said...

Oh Crap! AND I forgot to mention I've received a few awards over the course of my hiatus. Sorry I wasn't around to participate but I still very much appreciate the LOVE! :)

high heels said...

Eff New Moon! I hate that shizzle.

Hannah Noel said...

Can't wait for New Moon!! :) I'm a loser too, appartently.

Congrats on the job!

Lauren B. said...

thanks for the happy vets day!

awwww i'm sp happy for your sis! feeling hannah move was the best thing ever!