Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mornings are for cleaning poops off walls!

First, I've still been M.I.A..... I know this. It's officially been a week since Kevin returned home I really shouldn't be neglecting my blogging responsibilities this way! I suck. Get over it. I'm working on it people!!! (;

Second, I'd like to now (on Thursday) do my "I Want it Wednesday" (you know since I was MIA yesterday):

I Want my dog not to be sick anymore (stay tuned).
I Want portraits of the Hubs and myself.
I Want a robot to rinse dishes, clean them AND put them away! I know you're saying:

"Hasn't this broad ever heard of a dish-washer? DUH!"

Well I HATE the dish-washer! Really, I have no problem with it; in fact I love what it was designed to do. I just HATE emptying the dishwasher. This is just a chore I detest and put off at all costs. So the "Dishwasher" is not the magical-robot I've been yearning for, since it doesn't actually put away my clean dishes!

Yes, it appears Brody is ill! He hasn't had much of an appetite the last 2-3 days and he has puked 2-3 times. Dogs puke, sometimes. It happens. I was planning on calling the Vet this morning anyways. Now it is absolutely essential!

Picture it:

0430: Alarm goes off -- can someone please tell me why {people --- bc I know it isn't just my hubs that does this} "people" set their alarms to go off multiple times versus just setting it for when you have to actually be awake and actively getting ready to leave the house and proceed about your day?

0445-ish: Hubby is out of bed showering, shaving ect...

0500: Hear Hubby open bedroom door.

0500 and 10 seconds: Hear hubby make noise= girly gag! "Ugh.." Implying "yucky/gross".

0500 and 30 seconds: "Babe, I'm going to need you to get up."

NO!!! -- i don't WANNA...! Ni ni... peaceful sigh

0501: I get out of bed, walk over to the door and BAM! It reeks of puke/poop... nasty smell wafting through the air!

0501 and 30 seconds: I think to myself "maybe if I vomit, he'll just take care of it?!"

0501 and 41 seconds: I decide that even if I were to vomit he'd make me clean it anyway.
I have since decided that while it did initially smell like puke that Brody had, in fact had some diarrhea issues last night (in his kennel). Guess what happened??? Brody LEAPED from his kennel (approx 0500 and 12 seconds) and ran downstairs.... tracking poop all over my house, including the WALLS. Good news {sarcasm} is that we just had Brody groomed on Monday! :)

So, yes in case you're wondering Thursday Mornings are for cleaning poop off of the walls!

While I am bitter for waking up entirely TOO early (for someone whose been unemployed for almost a year) and having to scrub poop out of my (also recently professionally cleaned) carpets and walls, I am also concerned about Brody! The Vet doesn't open until 0730 and considering I'm about done with this blog post I'll be showering and getting ready for the day then calling them. One way or the other Brody will get to a Doc today... no worries people.


High Heels & Combat Boots said...

Sorry about your dog. But I did kinda sorta laugh

Rachel said...

Aw I hope your dog is ok! That is a really sucky way to wake up haha.

Mrs R said...

Gross. I guess that's all part of being a doggy's mommy. Hope he gets better soon.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Uh oh. I think the hubs needs to get off Iraq time! 500 am...that blows!

Hope the dog feels better!

Erin said...

Hope your puppy feels better. Be sure to blog about the vet to let us know how he is doing.