Sunday, March 13, 2011

German Wine

Friday night I had just settled in for the night (aka took my bra off already), made peace with the fact that I'd be chillin' by my lonesome and was going through the process of picking out some chick-flick to keep me busy until bed time... when a new friend M, invited me over for some wine with a couple of other girls. Usually I limit myself to 2 drinks, I don't like to get buzzed or tipsy, or (God-forbid) Drunk... no no, that's just not my style. However, M and I were sipping our glasses of wine, as a lady should as soon as I stood up after my 2 drink limit to hit the little girls room I was already buzzed. EEkkk... this 30% wine is no joke people. I proceeded to have another 2 glasses (I think) and some bread (carbs are a must when one drinks, right?) (does that mean this evening with friends, wine and bread counts as Communion? Just saying...). Needless to say good times were had by all!

I've been lucky enough to speak with Kevin quite a bit since he's been gone. He finally met up with his company and is getting to know the guys on his maintenance team. Seems like there's less structure with this group of guys than the team he was on in Colorado- time will tell though.

Other than alllll of that exciting news there isn't too much to report. Still waiting to hear back on that job. I think the hiring official with the contractor was out of the office the end of last week. GRRrr. I love waiting. It's my favorite.

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Erin said...

Shut your face!!! I have never seen you drink more than 2 glasses!!!