Monday, March 14, 2011

Troops work without PAY...?

First reaction to this story: O.M.G!!

I've seen it all over Facebook for days now.... Yes, it's scary to think about my mans down range not being funded and volunteering (as in, not getting paid) because I'm pretty sure I'm still unemployed (whole other conversation right there) and I'm pretty JP Morgan/Chase is expecting our mortgage on 1 Apr regardless of whether or not Congress pulls their heads out of their collective ass, and stops with the posturing and pissing contests. It's ridiculous really.... We may be kind of behind on the news over here in Germany (not an excuse with the internet, but silly me I find everything in the world kind of depressing so I don't do much to in the way of searching it out anymore... when I see it on a commercial then I'll watch) but what I gather is the Demo's presented a plan to cut like $8 Billion and the Repub's offered up a plan to cut some $61 Billion from the budget. The commentary on AFN was saying both sides are on complete opposites of the spectrum only to get their political bases fired up then will ultimately come together and compromise.

I say why not cut out the bull-shit and just compromise?? Seems like a much better use of our tax dollars, having them all in Washington and actually doing something constructive.... egh, maybe that's wishful thinking but, hell a girl can dream.

Lets also recall (milfolks) that in the 90's when the government shut down, this effected the civilians our military was still paid and life went on. My mother on the other hand (GS worker for over 20 years) may not be paid, hell may even be furloughed but such is life... right?

Lets remember with all the posturing going on for the Presidential race no one wants to be this close to any election with troops downrange and NOT fund the military. It'll never happen (my prediction). I mean... lets hope not, because I'm pretty sure come the 1st, those JP Morgan/Chase folks are going to want their money regardless.

Personally, I'm not going to bogged down in the politics and banter.


KelleeLyn said...

Can I just say that I appreciate that even though you talk about politics you are always respectful while giving your opinion. Very well said, yet again!

I hope that you are enjoying Germany even without the hubs! Colorado Springs is same ol same ol hahaha

redheadchick said...

Seriously right? I cannot believe the immaturity from Congress and all I can say is if they decide to shutdown the government because they still cannot come up for a budget that was due in October 2010 then THEY shall not receive pay either. I can only hope that the American public will wake up to this soon.

Kate said...

I totally agree with you, on all of it. It's crap that they creating so much stress in the military world with this situation. And I'm not really worried about it either. Everyone wants re-elected and no one wants the military community on their bad side.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

When I heard about this, I said exactly the same thing! OMG!