Monday, November 23, 2009

Such a busy life i lead

See updates: I finally pried Kev's computer from his hands so that I can blog/edit. :)

First; my laptop is screwed 8 ways from Sunday. Within 1 minute of turning it on I have countless virus warnings informing me that my computer is infected with this Trojan or that virus. It's bad.S o right now I'm updating from my Blackberry.
I've had quite the hectic week: getting situated at the job, acclimating to the schedule, ect. Friday I go into the office and they tell me that the girl who had given notice and was going to quit has changed her mind. Old girl was staying so I was out on my keester. Within minutes of being axed (from a job too far from home anyway, staffed by the oddest bunch of weirdos on the planet) I find out Kevin passed his flight physical and is fit for flight!!!!! Such a bitter sweet day. I'm so happy and proud for Kevin!
After that we hit New Moon at 1030 AM on Saturday morning. Here I was thinking I was smarter than the average bear; "we'll go Saturday AM beause its Saturday, no one will be awake and functioning for the 1st showing of the day and its a way better idea than attenpting to go Friday night" I said. Ppshhhh! Imagine my surprise pulling up to the theater at 930AM (on a Saturday) and found a line of oh, 100 people!!!! Waiting to get into the teather theater lobby then make their way to the correct theater and find a seat. It was craziness. I've never seen such a thing before! It was hilarious. I thought it was overkill that I was there an hour early. Evidently, not early enough! All the same we followed the hoards of tweens into the theater and settled in for New Moon.
I was thoroughly excited to see it but somehow the theater full of over-the-top giggy giddy teen-age girls ruined the experience for me. They were slightly too cheesy for my liking. I mean, really they applauded the movie when the Summit logo appeared on screen. UGH! Gag. The squeeling squealing girls aside I did enjoy the movie. I don't know about you but I'm glad they got rid of the first director and her blue screen. New Moon was much easier to look at! :)
Ok, so far: I got fired, killed my computer, found out Kevin is physically able to fly and joined 100's of horny-tweens to swoon over fictional vampires and werewolves.

Next; pre-thanksgiving, Thanksgiving dinner at my Dads. On Thursday I'll be at Mile High Stadium watching the Giants battle the Broncos with my dad, his GF and the Hubs. Yea, look for me. I'll be the one freezing my sweet-lil ass off in the nose-bleeds! Wooop woop! Sounds like Thanksgiving to me!! I'm excited. T-day is one of the biggest football days of the year and I'll be there with my 2 favorite men!
So, today we had turkey and all the trimmings at my father's. It was yummmy! I'm stoke about open-faced sandwhiches sandwiches as left-overs tomorrow.

Alright, I'm getting the carpol-tunnel from this lil keyboard. I have to rest up to ensure I get everything accomplished this coming (short) week that built up while I was working. Ha! The workin' man's a sucker!" at least that's what they taught me in A Bronx Tale. ;)

Caio Ciao now, brown cow!

Welcome Fox Family!!! I'll never mind that you stalk me read my blog for hours on end! ;) Seriously, that's why I write my non-sensical ramblings down, for other's to read and giggle at! Email me I'm curious about where you live, what unit your hubs is in, stalking you, ect... :)

LB- You are SOOO right! Tomorrow I have a ton to do but Tuesday I wanna come see Miss Hannah!! :)


hmb said...

sorry about the job :(
you'll find something better!

Lauren B. said...

work is over-rated anyway.

Fox Family said...

I had the same issue when the Husband and I went out to see the movie. it was frustrating, but in the end I liked it far more than Twilight...I hope you do not mind, I stumbled across your blog, and I have been reading it for hours. Funny part is that we are also stationed in Colorado Springs, and everything you wrote I was going threw at that time!(My Husband was deplayed with 2-4ID) Small world... I am excited to read your blog!

JG said...

Ha, yes, I went to the midnight show with some TwiMoms, and we had fun - mostly laughing at the teenyboppers who squealed when the lights went down.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm sorry that you lost your job but it wasn't like it was a barrel of fun either. SO maybe it's a good thing! Have fun at the game!!! Check your email because I'm sending you one!