Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My sister is having a baby. You all know that because I've told you. Multiple times. I told you here about the day we found out my sister was having a baby girl, then Madisyn Hope. Her name has since been changed to MaKenna. Well that was until today!

Thankfully Since I didn't have to work today I was able to accompany my sister to her 3D Ultrasound. We got a few nice shots of the baby's face in 3D, until I ask Harriet jokingly "We're still having a girl, right?"




Harriet does some looking around and BAM! Clear as day she see's and then I see it. A penis! But girls don't have penis'. Right? Pretty sure. I stand up out of my chair, over Harriet's shoulder and GASP! "Ugh" I say ever-so-eloquently. Then my sister catches on to what's happening and we burst into laughter.


I just couldn't believe it. We were both disheveled for hours. There is another baby boy in our future! Wooo hoo! No more baby MaKenna. We must start searching for boy names now.


Tonight my hubby is at the hospital with two soldiers. They were in a car accident this evening at the end of the day. Hopefully they are okay and Kevin can come home sooner rather than later.

Long days make him grumpy.


Lauren B. said...

OMG! I hope she didn't buy a ton of girl stuff already!!!! At least she got a laugh out of it...I probably would've cried b/c by the time I had my 3D done Han's room was ready!

I hope the soldiers are you need to come over before Hil leaves!

Lin said...

Ha ha, that's so funny! Congrats to your sister, I hope she kept receipts so she can exchange anything she bought she in pink.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow!! I hope she hadn't already started getting stuff for a baby dresses lol.